Attention NC airborne.
There is a young blood airborne partooper up there going to do his 500th jump this weekend at Raeford-- He was bragging about how he had ducked his pieieng around you folks at 100. Said s...

Do you have an Adventure web site?
Do you have an Adventure web site? Add your link for free. Visit Links to the best adventures, adventure travel and adven...

Cowbells things
This cowbell thing... I don't know how it "really" started,, But,, i wwill say,, One of the funniest "lurking: skydives i've had, is watching somebody come at "dat dude" wi...

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Too Funny

used Birdman GTi wanted
Looking for a used GTi, most any color except green. I'm 6'2" and 178 lbs. If this is close I can send more measurements. Thanks, Mike -- "When I die, I want to go pea...

Jumping in motorcycle boots.
In about 5 days, on the 29th of June I will be doing my 2nd jump. First was a tadem in 97. This will be an AFF. The DZ is about two and half hour ride. I am riding my sportbike. I always tr...

Can a really old parachute be used?
Don't worry, I am not planning on using it even it is safe; just curious. At a garage sale I bought a "National 26 Back" made in 1980. According to the log it has been inspected and re...

demo jump question
jumpers, i have 54 jumps now and feel pretty confident about a proposal i had from the owner of my local golf course. he has asked if i would like to make a skydive for his ann...

Rigminder is here!
Ever wish for a better way to keep track of your rig due dates? How about a way to keep track of serial numbers in case your rig is stolen? What about a place to enter gear as stolen and h...

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 11:33:16 GMT St...

Complete Rig for sale $4100
Javelin (black with green tie dye) Perfect condition. Must see with articulated harness. Velocity 103 (black and green) 350 jumps, new lines PD 126 Reserve (never used) Cypress 5 y...

Ejection Disc?
I'm a little hesitant to post on this group 'cause you folks are a kind of mean at times. But, I guess I'll take my chances. I am a glider pilot. I have never used a parachute. I proba...

First time!
Hi there, I'm looking to make my first ever jump this summer. One thing I was curious to know, is if people have worn adult diapers on their first (or more) jumps? Seems like an...

Samsung SC-X105L Video Camera
Anyone have any freefall experience with the Samsung SC-X105L?

Chris Martin memorial June 18
HAYYYYYYY ASSSS HOLESSSSSSSSSSS We going to party again for our buddy Chris-- JUST like the last time... We got the stinking "challis of chris" from Louie-- WEEEE...

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 13 Jun 2005 07:15:51 GMT St...

What is a typical glide angle?
I seem to remember that a good sailplane will have a glide angle of 100:1 or some such. What about a human body? Unassisted, no parachute deployed, no webbed arms, etc, just a ju...

Skydive World - new design and many more links
Finally we got the time to re-design and update Skydive World. I didn't count, but there are way over 1000 links, sorted in categories. If...

Bad Lippspringe Swoop Pond
The new enlarged swoop pond is filling right now! The finished article is 85m long by 10m wide and 1.2m deep and we believe this is the largest swoop pond in Europe, and certainly the ...

Is sex during skydiving possible ???
I want to fuck my boyfriend during skydiving and cum into his asshole. Do you think it is possible ?

In Memorium For Rosco Magee
7 June 2003 There are a billion or more people on this planet, but in the course of your lifetime, there will probably only be a few who make a difference in your life. The pote...

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 06 Jun 2005 07:25:57 GMT St...

Employment at Bodyflight Bedford (UK).
Hi everyone. Just a reminder that we're still recruiting full and part-time staff for the role of Flight Instructor at Bodyflight Bedford (UK). We're lucky enough to have the larg...

Skydiving Fatalities - News Clip
Body of Canadian skydiver recovered Saturday, June 04, 2005 SAN JOSE, Costa Rica -- Costa Rican searchers found a fifth body in the Pacific Ocean Saturday, accounting for e...

Lightning ?
Has this ever happened to you? The old lady been bitching and wineing about lightning coming in through the dishwasher, When I wasn't home making a loud pop and sound with lightni...

Canopy flying in NY state or tristate
Hello, Does anyone know any good places for advanced (speed) Canopy flying instruction near NYC (NY/NJ/CT) Thanks, Alex

Cleaning grease off a canopy
If anyone has any experience or expertise in cleaning minging sticky industrial grease from F111 material can you get in contact please? Or post any advice here. Thanks,

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