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Who makes those Helmets? Steve N

Some oldies...... but goodies :-)
YOU KNOW YOU'RE A SKYDIVER WHEN... -On cloudy/windy days you go to the drop zone anyway and bitch about the weather. -On cloudy/windy days you pull out your parachute and...

does anyone have a website that sells creepers? Ray, D-25447 [email protected] or the webmaster on my website http://www.southwixart.com

Mike Turoff withdraws from USPA BOD election process
Despite having thought I submitted more than enough signatures and thinking that I had verified them against the USPA database properly, and even after re-checking the Group Membership datab...

Besides BiggyJim
Jerry cheats on his logbook too /BIG TIME-----on top of that he lurks formations then takes credit for medals rreal take a grip skydivers won.........Biggyjim ain't looking so bad after al...

heh heh heh
Got me a computer- now I kin go back to breaking sheep of bad modern habits.....don't have to slip around borrowing computer time in town This artta start the USPA2000 skygods to praying fo...

Update on Sam Bussey's Memorial
Last weekend, a group of friends of Sam Bussey gathered at Skydive Palatka to share their memories of Sam and his many and eclectic interests. The memorial jump for Sam, however, was postpon...

Florida DZ's
What is the status of the major DZ's in Florida? I assume that Lake Wales is finished after three hurricane strikes. = = Ron http://hometown.aol.com/christskyd/index.html ...

DC, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church
Hartwood Virginia October 2-3 $10.00 Twin Otter jumps, 13,500 maybe higher. Organizers for RW and Freefly. At the I-95 Garrisonvill exit your 15 minutes from the DZ. Faster i...

Big Boy Rig FS
Great Deal!!Eclipse -----DOM-6/97 Main-Spectra-210(40 total jumps)---- purple/white/blue DOM-9/2000 Reserve-PD 253 --- DOM-1/95 $2000 obo

Halloween thing at WestPoint Virginia.
Oct. 29-30-31, the legendary Hedonistic Halloween thing at WestPoint Virginia. Aircraft: CASA and Super Twin Otter. Load Organizing by Former Golden Knight Chris Wagner and The ...

cheaper jumps at hartwoor
Well the turn out was better this last week end but not what I was hoping for. Lets try $10 jumps from 13,500 and see how that goes. Do you need directions? Call the DZ 540-752 -4784. Close...

ProTrack for Sale
ProTrack for Sale Brand New In the box and complete with batteries, manual, ect. Never been used. Selling for an army bud who's about to go over seas and ne...

Selling Gear-Question
I've been out of the sport since 1998. I still have a Dolphin D2 (10/95), Raven1 (11/95, 1 ride), and a Stilletto 135 (6/96, ~400-500 jumps). I just don't think I'm going to be able to get...

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 27 Sep 2004 09:40:10 GMT St...

cypres fire, on ground, at night.
last week at a skydiving camp someone had a cypres fire, at night, while he was in bed. it was a cyprus 1, '98 model, and had been through one service. both he and the dzso are in conta...

Looking for footage...
Hey all. I'm putting together a TV show for Fox TV and I'm looking to license some funny skydiving/base jumping footage. I'm not looking for people getting seriously injured or anything but ...

Cirque Du Soleil in Washington DC
Saw Cirque Du Soleil last night at RFK Stadium. It was great, I recommend it. They have some moves Freeflyers will love. Maybe even try. Not all the performers are French and the ...

Book for Prospective Skydiving Students
Knowledge is power. There are hundreds of drop zones in the United States, and it's often difficult for a beginner to select the best school for training. Knowledge drives the dec...

Artistic Skydiving results
---------------------------------------------------------------- Sport: Parachuting - Artistic Skydiving Title: 5th FAI World Artistic Skydiving Championships Type : World Date:...

Total control AU customer service sucks!
I recently ordered a tshirt and pair of goggles from Total Control in Australia and was ripped off for 58$ shipping for 58$ worth of merchandise. After writing to them 3 times I have receive...

Sam Bussey
For those who may not know, Sam Bussey, an old Palatka Paracenter jumper, died over the weekend in an auto wreck. Sam's ashes will be scattered on Saturday at Skydive Palatka. Sam...

Just fussin
Hey! I'm pretty fair at golf and while I don't play every week...when I do want to play, I can usually get an invite to a foursome. I also hunt with a group of like minded men that really ...

New World Record claimed
------------------------------------------------------ FAI has received the following Class G (Parachuting) record claim : ===================================================== Claim nu...

9-11 and Kevins"truss theory"
So Kevin offered the "truss theory" as to why the World Trade Center Towers collapsed so symmetrically. It's a real nice theory. There is no physical evidence to back that "...

Just fly-by to say Blue Skies!
Dear All, I have a nice surprise to you!!! Check Out!!! http://www.meryrose.com/flash1.html (inglÍs) Mery Rose FAI - E 611

Looking for old friend
Hi, In 1993 I spent two weeks at Eloy and had a great time skydiving and met a guy called Joseph Kahill (I think that's how you spell his last name) and I would like to get back...

SDU/USPA Coach course, CrossKeys, this 09/24-26/04
The new SDU/USPA Level #1 program is a coaches course for those who want to make a difference. The program provides the candidates with more useful coaching tools and information to help yo...

Just arrived here at Hartwood...one word AWESOME!!!!!
This place is just the shit!!!! Its so freaking cozy....reminds me of my home DZ in Toledo Washington :-) I will be hanging out for the week (including the weekend yee-haa) specially si...

cheap jumps at hartwood
I just got the word $15 to 13,000ft. Come and enjoy what we have to offer. What do we have you ask? We have cheap jumps out the otter, bunk house(not the grave yard)w/ac,hot and cold runnig ...

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