skydive northern va
We had another good day of jumping at Hartwood and plan on jumping more tomarrow. Feel free to come on out and have some fun during the week! We are the closest dz to dc so burn off some of ...

2 Rigs for Sale
Northern Lite Infinity (Size Spryte 3) S/N 4936 (Mfg. 8/96) Tempo 120 S/N 162171 (Mfg. 5/97) 1996 vinetage CYPRES (4-year check 4/04) Owner needs to raise 2 screaming kids. A...

Hercules 2004 photos
Hi all, my Hercules 2004 photos online: Br, Goose

At Kevin O'Connell's suggestion....Repack Cycle Help.
Apparently, Kevin felt that I was telling people to sit down and shut up. I was not saying this, merely asking them to be patient for things in the works. As to what you as a jumper o...

The more things change, the more they stay the same
Arrests made at Skydive Chicago By DAN CHURNEY For The Times-Press DAYTON Two south suburban men are each charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute after ...

Jump suit, big guy. wingeeeee
Hi You,all I grew up jumping heavy wt, wingeeeeeee jumpsuits. I'm looking for something like that for sale on the used market. 6'1" about 215. Anything laying around, let me know.(ke...

CASA at Skydive Peronne (near Paris)
Hi, Over the next 2 week end there will be a CASA 212 at skydive Peronne plus our pilatus porter. The dropzone is open from 8h30 to sunset and has a 1000m2 packing area, ...
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Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 30 Aug 2004 07:32:16 GMT St...

FS Sky Jump Pinball Machine in Il.
Hi, I have a 1974 Gottlieb Sky Jump Pinball Machine for sale. It has been fully reconditioned and plays great. Feel free to email me for pictures and details. I live in Streator Illinois....

Skydiving embroidery graphic
I'm looking into getting the "ticker tape" or computer file for a gook skydiving embrodiery graphic. I know you can send any place a picture and they "set" it up by digitising it $100 fee b...

new hip week 10
Well , after having had a second surgery on my hip...just today i'm starting to feel better. I'll tell you folks this...if you ever get into a position that hip replacement is an optio...

Greene County..labor day weekend?
anyone on here going to be at Greene County for the labor day weekend boogie?

Spectre120 for sale 600 obo

somebody checking on pappy?
I aint seen my old man in a while,, anybody from houston checking on him? getting kinda worried now-- tell him i screwed mamma or something

hey shawn,
I hope you understand by now that yer de only pig we can pick on with a good sense of humor-- most pigs hate me,,, they don't understand me,,, And I just cant understand WHYYYY-- ...

Kit 4 sale
KIT 4 SALE CONTAINER Black Racer Elite Medium Harness Brand new pilotchute/BOC Pocket/Kill-Line Type 17 Risers 350 cu Main Tray for 120/135 DOM 10/93

rig 4 sale
J2 black and blue container, 135sq ft Diablo main (50 jumps) / tempo reserve / RSL equiped / hack throwout. Just inspected and ready to jump. $1,400 contact [email protected]

Treetops current GPS Coordinates
Anybody got them? The Polk County Regulators have slacked off hanging criminals that fall through the court systems cracks and been given a Government contract to defend the Const...

nice bumpersticker
If life is a waste of time, and time is a waste of life, then let's all get wasted together and have the time of our lives. -- Regards, Mart ...

LQQKING for 3 matching canopies to rent for a shoot
3 matching canopies for a commercial shoot to rent. In the conservative area. Spectre, Sabre 170 - 190 size. Will be used for a Honda commercial. Please contact me immediately.

Cessna 182B For Sale
1958 Cessna 182B for sale. 3656TT airframe, 1833TT SMOH. Good compression runs strong. Basic radios, Loran C, lexan roll up jump door, jump step, with seat belts for 4 + pilot. Need's annaua...

wpc 2004
hey people! i am proud because World parachute championship 2004 is taking place in CROATIA, my country!

Caribbean or Mexico Anyone?
I still have one deal left on approximately half price travel to anywhere in the US, Mexico, or the Caribbean; possibly some South American destinations for two people (or two deals for one ...

Skydive suit
Hi everyone. I'm a student going to buy his first RW suit. A look to the internet showed me a lot of manifacturers and all their stuff look good so I'm a little in doubt. I've seen...

Need Camera Helmet Bag
I'm looking for a camera helmet bag. I want something that I can store the camera still on the side mount helmet.

Richmond Boogie Who's Going? Whats it like?
My question is whats the Richmond Boogie Like and how many people are planing on going this year? I heard last year it was kindoff small?

Jan Davis Remembered
I was just setting here at work trying to look busy starring at my computer screen, and came across this web site still up and running, and it kind of brought a smile to my face, and thought...

3 sets of new risers
I have 3 sets of brand new type 8 risers (they have less than 6 jumps on each) with stainless steel hardware, paid $150 each, asking $100 each

Washington DC Area Skydivers
Hartwood, Virginia is reorganized with improvements. A permanent Twin Otter. 14000' is no problem with Air Traffic Control.

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