Rig For Sale - Javelin RS Complete System
Complete Rig for Sale This has been a back-up rig and hardly used in the past year. Only 650 jumps on main and container total. Javelin RS - DOM 10/2000 C-17 Yoke Fully...

Safire 144ft² For Sale
Safire 144 ft² ZP and semi-elliptical canopy. Blue, black, blue, blue, blue, blue, blue, black, blue and white ribs. Manufactured late 2000, approx 500 jumps and good condition. A...

Thanks, Ranch!
Had a fine visit to New York last week; Saw family & friends, and topped off the trip with a few jumps at the Ranch. My son enjoyed the constant Otter traffic (after the clouds broke on Satu...

Skydive Lost Prairie Boogie: No more party crashers!
In order to keep the Skydive Lost Prairie Boogie experience pleasant for the skydivers and in an attempt to control the "local party crashers", this year, a Security Service has been hired f...

Good LA Times article
This is a pretty good article today in the LA Times. The writers email (at the end of the piece), is [email protected] The void calls Why are some people compelled ...

Article in the LA Times
This is a pretty good article today in the LA Times. The reporter's email (at the end of the piece), is [email protected] The void calls Why are some people compelled to...

Wanted Velocity 103
Have $$$$ want Velocity 103

AFF Age requirements
Hey- The USPA site says: "Minors who are at least 16 years of age and have notarized parental or guardian consent may be allowed to participate in some training programs at s...

Vector II Tandem Freebag needed
If you have any spares, let me know. I need a couple asap. Thanks, Fred

FOR SALE: Javelin J-1 / PDR 143 / Stiletto 135 / Cypres
Javelin, 1996, Black with Jade Ribs, C-18 Harness, Small brush burn on back, 750 jumps on it. Recently cleaned. Javelin bridal mod (pocket instead of Velcro). PDR 143: 7 deployments sub t...

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 28 Jun 2004 07:08:34 GMT St...

Rig for sale
I thought I lost this post, and I want to sell this rig. Javelin J5 , Date of Manufacture 12/98, 700 plus jumps. PD 218 reserve never used. due for repack. Cypress dom 12/98 , s...

UFOs Nine Years Apart
Photos of two similar craft - nine years apart 1942 to 1951 During an evening of review in my vast archives of photos and stores. I have come across two stories that may or may n...

new frappe hats for sale
i have a few brand new navy blue frappe hats for sale.all leather in navy blue with 6 navy blue arrows.sizes small,medium,large and extra large.$55 each ,i pay shipping in the U.S.

Gulf Region Director Position
Well, it turns out that I am apparently the only person who filed for the position before the June 1 deadline, therefore I will be the only one eligible to be formally placed on the ballot i...

July's Free Wildlife Gifts
Our July Photo Contest is geared toward Wildlife, with the winner receiving some very nice prizes! The free Camping Grill is still up for grabs in our June Contest...hurry if you would ...

aero-domains for skydivers
It is not well known, that also skydivers can get aero-domains. If they have an own website or send a document, they can get a domain name at .aero and at the official subdomains, which have...

Just read your post on Rec. Ready to play when you are. I'll take the wings off too! What comes after the donut?? KM

TD Camp Format
BASIC FORMAT OF THE TD CAMP - by Alan Gutshall and Jon Sikorsky after 28 jumps from 13.5 we were pleased to see that folks were now able to top-dock accurately and pilot to some extent...

New hip week two
This new hip deal has been pretty painful but its lessening everyday. I'm finally seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. Had my first post-surgery Dr visit today...he took the staples o...

Stilletto 107 2000+ jumps videographer main
date of manufacture 11/95. Never malfunctioned. Needs to be relined. Has several patched (all done by manufacturer). 2000+ jumps, used by tandem videographer, well worn, but always packed in...

Cool & Groovy TIMEOUT Battery
what kind of battery does a TIMEOUT take? I was given one, but it had no battery in it. Thanks - Jack [email protected]

Tandem/ Instructors Wanted
Midwest DZ is looking for more staff. Vector tandem instructors and U.S.P.A. Instructors needed. Please e-mail if interested or call (816) 524-JUMP Thanks Chris Hall Skydive Kansas Ctiy Inc....

Skydive Lost Prairie Boogie in 30 days
Only a month to go. See you, -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 37th Annual Skydive Lost Prairie, Montana, Boogie ...

Where to jump near Augusta, GA?
Hey folks... I'll be travelling into Augusta for about a week and a half and wondering if there were any DZ's in the area? Maybe weekday evenings? weekends etc?? Any in...

Our Marine Corp
Where-as the mainstream media and many conservative "Ex-Corps" radio talk show hosts have led you to believe that Marines are just "bad to the bone" let me educate you. For the most...

Mr Spurgeon, are you scared of Ghosts too?
Hey Mike, Before the war you related to me how scared you were of Saddam Hussein and his Weapons of Mass Destruction(tm) . So now that we know that there were no Weapons of Mas...

muff brothers at blue sky adventures in st george s.c.
yahoo the muff brothers hope you can join in the fun at blue sky adventures in st .george s.c. this comeing weekend june 25-26-27 . it should be a fun time for sure so come join in you will ...

hay pappy, Herr Rudolph
He said he cant get a fair trial in North Carolina. They brought him home to fellow heart of dixie rebels in Alabama. They ropped off the entire county square today, and let no car traff...

I have been assimilated...
Jay Stokes was at our DZ most of last week and through the weekend. He left town this morning but not before giving me and two other guys these little patches that say "USPA Accelerated Fre...

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