Skydiving Dog Collar on Ebay
New Black Nylon Dog Collar that looks like a Parachute Riser made for sport skydiving. &sspagename=STRK%...

Happy Sabath
Outta hea for the weekend. Advantage of being a Jew. Start our weekend early :) -- Mart the Krow Life should not be a journey to the grave with the in...

Cross Keys
Heard that some one got burned during some after hours activities. Is it true? The person who rumored it to me couldn't remember the persons name.If it is how is he doing? I have a bunch of...

Sky Diving will be banned soon
Sorry, it┤s too dangerous and nobody likes to clean the streets if an "aciident" happens, I mean nobody likes to collect body parts and brain pieces. This kills valuable working slaves ...

Rigging Innovations Voodoo Complete Rig For Sale
Rigging Innovations Voodoo Container size V2: S/N #11995, DOM: Jan 26, 2001 Icarus Canopies Crossfire size 129: S/N: #96613033, DOM: Jan. 2001. Complies with service bulletin #20011025 ...

Vector for sale on Ebay - 2 hours to go!
Vector I Student Container Size - V-9. Will hold 550-700 CU. IN. Main and a 425 - 530 CU. IN. Reserve DOM 8/87 Adjustable Main Lift Web to accommodate a wide range of students. B...

Maqtada al-Sadr
Well the die is cast, if they come out of there without killing that sumbitch the very angels shall weep. Capture is a option but I wouldn't waste one extra man bringing that about...He's a ...

Rhome it ain't over etc/now screwing with Mart
Ya know, actually yawl are a secular nation...a nation of immigrants just like the US...Got a party system but their are so many partys its a wonder you can get anything done...I rukun you p...

cat pissed on main
you may remember my post a couple of months ago. I wrote that my fiancÚ's cat pissed on my main that I left on the floor like a dumbass. I cleaned it well, I presume. Now, who do I send t...

WFFC message board
The World Free Fall Convention web page has been updated with a new message board. The new board will hold more messages, so there will be a file on hand of old discussions, and also as peop...

Got back from 3 days there last night. Not much party jumping there. It's either fly your slot or watch from the ground.

Leather Frap hat F/S
Large Black frap hat $45 E-me for PIC Rhett

hercules boogie
anybody know of any package tours going over that walk you through the process of getting there, accomodations, rental cars, etc?

Attn Fellow Skydivers: This is Kim Turner, wife of Scott Rhodes and good friend of Paul. My husband was up there with Paul when the incident took place. Here is what happened:

Paul Rafferty Update
Attn Fellow Skydivers: This is Kim Turner, wife of Scott Rhodes and good friend of Paul. My husband was up there with Paul when the incident took place. Here is what happened: ...

Stats rec.skydiving (last 7 days)
"Caveat: Quantity is not necessarily a measure of Quality" Newsgroup.................: rec.skydiving Stats Were Taken..........: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 07:12:20 GMT St...

Sony DCR-PC10 camera for sale
SONY DIGITAL VIDEO CAMCORDER DCR-PC10 I am selling my digital camera I have never used CONTENTS INCLUDES: -Original Box -Sony PC10 Camcorder -Composite A/V Cable -...

Newbie: Questions...
I went on my first tandem yesterday afternoon. I wasn't afraid until the door opened. We jumped at 13000 feet. I had a problem fact a day later I am having some p...

Fort Campbell Parachute Activity ? ?
What is the current status of the Fort Campbell Parachute Club? The last I heard they were no longer jumping on-post and wasn't using military aircraft. I am now curious to know if any ...

TSA selling locks. I feel safer already.

New Gear Bag on Ebay

Roger Nelson's DEA File Available
Roger W. Nelson's 131 page DEA File is available upon request. Nelson was an influential jumper, drop zone owner, national skydiving team captain, and USPA director who helped advance ...

Portable Outhouses For Sale

Skydive Lost Prairie Boogie in 90 days
Hope to see you this year. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 37th Annual Skydive Lost Prairie, Montana, Boogie July 24 th...

Skysurf board wanted [europe only please]
Hello boys and girls, I would kindly ask anyone who has an intermediate skysurf board to sell (preferably surflite or TS board) to contact me at [email protected] (remove one extra f fro...

Pete Hill
I'm pretty sure that Pete, through no fault of his own, could successfully land a plane in without spilling breakfast anywhere on the ...

Texas state record 2000 photos?
A friend of mine from Germany was part of the 120-way Texas state record attempts in 2000 and is desperately looking for photos or videos of that event. Can anybody help and point me the rig...

Lost Prairie Montana/OK Canada's next
Ruckun if I lived up there we would soon find the Treaty markers had been moved and half of Canada was actually in the United States Bwooooohahahahaha damn

Pro Dytter on e bay, cheap too!
Item number: 3673647744

check this out
A Florida sex law: If you're a single, divorced, or widowed woman, you can't parachute on Sunday afternoons.

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