Bullshit stories
Hey ya'll, If its gonna be bs I'd would rather hear bullshit skydive stories than non SD crap now lets hear about everyones great weekend at the DZ some of us can't jump rig...

Is it manditory to have these units chamber tested during the repack cycle?

Bonehead for sale

Reduced prices on used gear!!!
Prices have been reduced! P.D. 126 Reserve, mfd 1999, no jumps, $500.00 P.D. Sabre 135, mfd 1997, 350-400 jumps, new lines, comes w/ new collapsible pilot chute, $400...

Tandem World Record?
Does anyone know how many tandems 1 tandem instructor has done in a day?? Bryan Wolford 800 598 JUMP

"France: rolling countrysides, sprawling vineyards, quaint cafes. France: home to the world's greatest painters, chefs, and anti-semites. The French: cowardly, yet opinionated; arrog...

Pilot Chute with bridle for sale, non-collapsable
Black F-111 pilot chute with bridle, non-collapsable, with plastic handle for sale. Excellent condition. To see pics and bid go to: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&cate...

Beware of stinking clouds
If you skydive into a stinking cloud , a cloud made of pure fart - gases , you may choke to death ! All the farts from all the human and animal-arses form large stinking clouds of...

hard landing incident
Only 15 jumps? Where are your JM's? Not all of them can teach.... How come their not kicking you in the ass breaking these bad wuffo habits? Talk to the JM/I about getting a more experi...

Status report on Paul Bliss Friday 4:00 PM EDT
I didn't get a call last night as everyone got home late. I did get to talk to Paul today for a couple of minutes. He is really short of breath because of the fluid buildup in his lungs from...

Zappa and the rec
Was starting to lose faith in the rec. until all you Zappa fans came out His voice is missed he was great at keepin the religious pompous assholes at bay along with them dumb...

Companionship Wanted
Seeking double-jointed supermodel who owns a brewery and grows her own pot. Access to backstage concert passes is a plus, as is having an open minded twin sister. -- E...

M Jackson was seen at Wal-Mart yesterday..... He heard boy's pants were half off!!!

Another Hard Landing
Our Aussie came flying around a corner and took out my Wife....she blamed it on ME I told her she either needs to put on some weight or learn how to PLF.....howd I do?

Status report on Paul Bliss 10:30 PM EDT
Finally got a phone call from Jim about Paul's day today. They had him sitting up at 60 degrees most of the day and had him holding himself up at 90 degrees for awhile taking Xrays, etc. He ...

CRW-dogs at work
http://skydivelakewales.com/new/gallery_crwrecord.htm They are up to a 64-way WR.

Thanks to everyone for all your support and humour and advice and whatnot, both here at wreck and at the DZ. We should do well to never forget that we have a special community, a precious b...

Happy T-Day
Happy Thanksgiving to all. And David, "boning" the turkey is not what you think it is. Have Mercy.

Hawaii Skydiving
Hey, Just arrived on Oahu and looking for info on the DZ out here. I knwo there a few tandem factories up at Dillingham, but wanted to get the real scoop on where the locals/experienced cr...

Birdman Suit Questions
I am looking into getting in the birdman suits. Can someone with some experience in this issue explain the four different suits? I'm going to a DZ soon were I can demo these suits but I wo...

OT: Very useful freeware program
Someone recently turned me on to this spyware elimination program, Spybot Search & Destroy, which has so far proven that it kicks ass. Like Ad Aware, this is freeware, except that S&D's des...

hard landing accident
Hi, I am relatively new to this sport and did my 15th jump last Sunday. I had a hard landing which caused a serious fracture to my right wrist. I was in hospital for five days. I ...

Killer prices on used gear!!
Prices have been reduced! P.D. 126 Reserve, mfd 1999, no jumps, $500.00 P.D. Sabre 135, mfd 1997, 350-400 jumps, new lines, comes w/ new collapsible pilot chute, $400...

There I was
at the dropzone yesterday....asked to join in on a tenway hybrid. All the jumpers had many hundreds of jumps and a few of us that had several thousand. There was one guy..an older big guy......

Skydiving Stuff for sale
on ebay http://cgi6.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewSellersOtherItems&userid=d9181&i nclude=0&since=-1&sort=3&rows=50

Going Going...... Bite Switch on ebay

Famous Drop Zone's
Are there any famous drop zone's ? thanks Matt

Thanksgiving Toss-A-Turkey Boogie
West Tennessee Skydiving will be holding a Thanksgiving Toss-A-Turkey Boogie on Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 28, 29, 30. Jumping will start Friday at Noon. First place...

Spring loaded pilot chutes for sale
Box of 9 or 10 we have not used in years since going to BOC. pay $20 and shipping and they are yours. TK Hayes Skydive City 800-404-9399

X-210-R reserve needed - unairworthy OK
I am looking for one of these for a rigger course training aid. As stated, it doesn't need to be airworthy any more. Thanks, Fred DPRE

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