Lost Prairie Montana 20 Acres for Sale
Skydive Lost Prairie, Montana 20-acre prime land meadow/wooded. Split 2 ten acre parcels. Well, power access and underground cable. $100,000 for all 20 acres. 10% down, will carry through E...

Super deal on Triatholon 150 complete rig
For Sale: Reflex complete system, Tempo 150 reserve, 150 triathlon, expert cypress, 23 actual jumps on the main, 0 jumps on the reserve, whole rig is in mint condition. $2700. ...

Hey tree
To bad we didn't make a clean sweep of the middle east...that way you, noelle and the UN cudda got all mad and whiney just once and got it over with... now every time the US go's back to kic...

Perris 124-way Sequentials 9/25/03 - 9/28/03
I have some photos to look at from this last weekend. http://www.shutterfly.com/pro/FutureCam/Skydive Enjoy.

Kit for sale
Teardrop SF DOM 12-99 with PDF techno 128 reserve DOM 10-99 Can be supplied with a Stiletto 135 (400 jumps relined by PD) Or Stiletto 150 (800 jumps 0 since reline by PD) 1350 wi...

Brand new Velocity 120 below dealer cost!
Brand new Velo 120, never out of bag. Ordered wrong size, must sell for $1400. Dealer cost is $1500. Canopy is blackberry with a tangerine end. Billy Andrews (407) 617-2361

What's happening at Rome?
Does anyone know what's happening at Rome? (I know I could just call Sandor, but he's probably going nuts with phone calls right now...) My son & I waited nearly an hour Friday evening for s...

Nina needs this Holiday
Dear Friends, Since 2001 Nina Markx has had no vacation taking care of me after I broke my spine. Now is the moment to send her for a scuba diving holiday. She is a ** warm ...

Rig for sale
Wings W-3 (hip rings, kil line PC, type 17 risers, freestyle handle) Cobalt 135sqft (white/jade) Quick 135 sqft (never used) Rig has 51 jumps, excellent condition. 3000 euro...

hey comrad tree
do you have the count on innocent camels the US killed in Iraq? Now dont'cha be giving me no git away camels used after pulling a robbery or to haul weapons and move SAM sights around!...

Complete Rig for Sale...
TNJ Javelin - Black with Purple - 40 jumps Spectre 120 Blue with White inside - relined - 1000 jumps PD113 Reserve - Never used Cypress- 6 years old - 4 year service - Never used ...

Gear for sale
Container DOM Oct 98 440 Jumps (one previous owner). Reserve Techno 155 DOM Oct 98 1 Jump repack due 22 oct. Cypress DOM Oct 98 Service and batteries April 2003. I am 6ft and 13.5 st...

Why Are A Lot Of The Topics (URLS) Invisible/Unaccessable? Steeeeeerrrrraaaannnngggggeeee........
dyu fellers finally get a moderater? i figured with ol' fancy lad camera flyer and the ole retired cowger, it wouldn't be long before someone would start locking some of this shite up. ewe f...

Rigging Tools for Sale
A variety of stuff, all of it in excellent condition. I'm not even sure what all I've got. Anyone interested in rigging tools should contact me, and I'll go through my box and provide...

Slider for Sale
Purple Slider -- 0 jumps. "V-style" kill-line. Stainless Steel #8 grommets. This thing is brand-spankin' new. I'm asking $40. I'll pay shipping.

Jumpsuit for Sale
Old School Flite Suit Red, White, and Mostly Blue Snug in the body (I'm 5'10 and 165 lbs.), and very baggy in the arms and legs. This suit is perfect for tandem ...

hey pappy,
i missed de thread on my drugs, but LLLL,.. when i get drugs dat good,, i'll Quit Jumping.

hey arkansaw
Goood game,,, hogs suck tears,, many tears.

Carl Boenish movies, Play Ground in the Sky, El Cap etc
Does anyone know where I can get hold of some of the original Carl Boenish movies?? I'm particularly looking for 'Playground in the Sky' and 'El Cap'. DVD or VHS not bothered. Th...

Looking for WOJO
Hello, Can anyone tell me where I can find Jason Wojo Wojtecczko of the Air Force. Last I spoke with him, was about 8 or 9 months ago in Kansas??? Have him drop me a line. ...

help please
Hi I am new to posting here. I posted a couple of thing on the 26 of Sept. I have recieved several e-mails about them, but I can't find them on here. it is like there isn't enough postin...

Hey tree
one kid from Ga. and three from Ala died aboard the Stark...update 37 total dead/17 wounded...you say we killed 10,000 inocent Iraqui's? Well at least 30,000 French Nationals should die to m...

re the real truth about direct line attachment
thievery of ideas runs rampant in this industry.it is reported that the 3 ring release was actually invented in the 30s or 40s as some sort of release for gas or hot air balloons. also the h...

Skydive Morris Ill. Hello
Hi, Skydive Morris IL was a fun place to skydive. Has it gone out of bussiness. And if yes would someone from their write to me. My husband Roy use to Skydive their. He drove a big gree...

Gear for Sale
Hi everyone, A friend of mine said that this is a good place to post a list of the skydiving equipment that we have for sale. My husband has been skydiving for 10 years and last year we bo...

for Noelle Nagle; others please disregarded
Sorry, this is off topic. Hi Noelle, Your yahoo email box appears to be full. I sent a message to two of your other email accounts, but the bounce messages indica...

Hi Time for another apology. I cocked up the link that I sent out. Should have been http://www.justgiving.com/skydive4asthma I know, I'm a numpty. Thanks for all ...

Bobo' story
The October 2003 Readers Digest has Bobo's story in it. It's a very nicely written piece. Peace

Ranch Rookie Challenge #3
Rookie Challenge #3 is scheduled for Saturday October 4. Open to anyone with less than 250 RW jumps (regardless of total jump numbers), it's a great way to get free coaching and win some rea...

Skydiving for the National Asthma Campaign
Hi First an apology.I'm not a skydiver. I know that I am posting to a newsgroup for skydivers but I'm trying to raise some money for the National Asthma Campaign by doing a tande...

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