Please be the summer stay longer.
To make me jump more times before the winter comes. Because I hate cold weather. I made a jump today afternoon here in Toronto. Oh man, the temperature dropped in the air and I h...

Cypres' Needed
I am looking for a couple used Cypres'. Please send me an email if you have one (or more) for sale. [email protected] -Joe

Attn: New Jumpers
Get your license(s) now before the requirements go up. Study Guide for USPA License Exams

Tired of Diamonds?
Fellow CReWdogs, 25 years ago it was stacks & planes --the bigger the better. 15 years ago it was diamonds --bigger the better again. Today its creative breaks --out of diamonds. ...

Attention fat puffy boyx
Buy my giant javelin J2 complete with 218 reserve and cypres. Save your fat ass. Only 750 american

TV Show Wants Funny Skydive Bloopers
Dear Skydivers, Happy Labor Day! My name is Mike Burns and I'm working on a new clip show for The Outdoor Life Network called "Outdoor Outtakes." The show is a comedy clips...

Da Kine Rags
Is this company still active or what? I have heard that the doors are closed. Also that they may be re-opening but doing other things then skydiving clothing. Their web site is all but shut...

Sweden Herc Boogie question
The Sweden Herc Boogie is just over and won't be again until 2004. Can anyone give me some information if you have attended on the cost ...

OT (blackout sat photo)
Someone sent me this a while ago. I cannot attest to its veracity but it is pretty damn impressive: -- YOP... ...

Aerodyne, great service as always.
Just got my old Triathlon relined by the mfr, Aerodyne. Really quick turnaround, beautiful workmanship, reasonable price and they even put on a brand new slider for at no extra charge!!! The...

Best Freefall Video Camera
Hey, Looking for the best camera to buy for freefall video, all opinions appreciated! Thanks! ~Jeff

hay pappy, sl, iad roll call
I was noticing the sheduled courses that USPA is offering- up- Boy ,, there sure is a lot of Coach and AFF courses going. WHERE, is the old SL IAD guys, who can offer these cours...

SDU Coach Course/Cross Keys/Sept. 11-14
A Skydive University Coach course will be held at the Cross Keys drop zone Sept. 11 through Sept 14. Completion of the course will also qualify you for the USPA coach rating. Anyone intere...

Labor Day Luau at Skydive Dallas
Hi Everybody! BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR! It's time again for the ANNUAL LABOR DAY LUAU at Skydive Dallas! Labor Day weekend is 8/30-9/1.) You'll want to mark your calendar and come...

Brand New Altimaster III For Sale...CHEAP
I've got a brand new Alimaster III Galaxy for sale. Brand new, never left the factory packaging. Color is purple. $125.00 obo mailto:[email protected]

muff muff muff
yahoo one and all just a note to let you all know if you jumped with the muff bros at rantoul and did not get your muff card coatact me and i will get it in the mail to you you can reach me ...

Sam Thistle's west coast friends
I would like to try to put together a little west coast celebration on behalf of Sam, for those of us that missed out on the NC deal. I'm sure most everyone would like to do it at a drop zon...

JONATHON 150,What are they?
Has anybody ever jumped a jonathon parachute?who made them?Are they good parachutes?How do they open,fly,and land?I am short of money and can not afford a new parachute and somebody is tryin...

Brand new Velo 120 CHEAP!
Brand new PD Velocity 120, still in bag Dark purple & orange Ordered wrong size, must sell for $1500! (407) 617-2361 [email protected]

Geeeeee zus...
you guys [ tooyt, jerryk, *[email protected]] sure to post a lot.... even on this temp set up - i'm gonna have to kill file you off....

My aching balls
My teabag keeps gittin a squished tween my leg strap on opening. So theys as big as eggplants. If I tighten the straps to much it hurts :o( Help

Casa Boogie @ ASC Cedartown Georgia (Oct 3rd , 4th & 5th)
Hi all here I am again..... Atlanta Skydiving Center here in Cedartown will have Fayards Casa here Friday, October 3rd, 4th and 5th. Bruno from Sunpath will be here with lots of Javeli...

60 Way Seq. Oct. 18 & 19 Lodi Ca.Guest organizer Gareth Holder
FFI Contact Bill Shipley at 925 383 6074 [email protected] or [email protected] 916 608 9141.Our Goal is a two point 60 - 64 Three Super Otters. Two day comitment. Charlie D 7...

HEY J dink & yew other momma's boys
Ya kin't fool me, the Navy sent me to a lotta schools, some as long as 18 months other as short as two weeks...Take SERE it was called CI/SERE and 9 weeks long in my day, not 3 or 5 day...

ranch "gong show"
this saturday night complete with a cheezy set, stupid human tricks and the occasional legitamate act (but don't count on it). yours truly, chuck berris

Ballunar Liftoff Report
The event was a blast, we didn't get the normal and expected afternoon thunderstorms, and all the loads went! We had the CASA from altitude, all the spots were entirely doable - if
This website is only new and still has alot of work to be done, but keep checking the progress at:

Labor Day Boogie - West Plains Skydiving
Since the boogie in Stevensville has been canceled, West Plains has booked the Caravan. From the DZO, Rex Menke: ?"Well, it stinks that Mont can't do their boogie, so, we ...

Texas State Record Pics
Texas State Record photo's now available on line check out Blue 1's Kevin

question for the crw dogs
I saw a guy almost loose a main in a corn field the other weekend. so if you guys function right out the door at 14,000. do you chop it right away? and how do you find one that you chop that...

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