Off to Rantoul and the WFFC
In a short time I will be leaving for the World Freefall Convention. Anyone who is going to be there that I have not met, please come by the load organizer area and say "Hi". Maybe talk...

Capital Counterpoint
Did ya read this months "Capital Commentary"? First thing that came to mind was "lipstick on a pig". As much as various members 'round here probably find that as a useful weekend pursuit, ...

Skydiver in record Channel flight

Capewell Service Bulletin
It's Test 1 that calls for 15 pounds.Test 2 calls for 11 pounds of force.It's relatively easy to bend these pins.

Re:Capewell Service Bulletin
It's test 1 that calls for 15 pounds.Test 2 calls for 11 pounds.

Horsing Around
I did the wedding last year for scotty and beth with the horse and carriage. If anyone wants to take a break or just do something different, I can give rides with the Clydsdale horse n carri...

Cat C Dive Flow
Hey all, I am a newbie to skydiving and so far I absolutely love it. I am wondering if anyone can tell what to expect from my 3rd dive (Cat C). I hate waiting until shortly bef...

Cypres needed! (single pin)
I need an affordable, airworthy Cypres NOT needing a 4 or 8 yr check. Must be able to install and use asap. Contact Larry @ 208-377-8111 or respond by e-mail. Larry Shumard...

Rantoul ride
I am flying into Champaign about 2200 hrs 7-31-03 and renting a car. Anybody going to be there about the same time need a ride to R? Email me. Tr...

Ten Reasons Todays Skydivers Won't BASE Jump
Ten Reasons todays skydivers don't BASE jump 10. They might fall down 9. The canopy might open hard. 8. The gear might get dirt on it. 7. They might s...

looking for a 143 Lightning
Looking for a 143 CReW Lightning. Good condition or better. Not fussd about colour. Get in touch.

Keith's WFFC 2003 Diary is UP (url)
As of today, my annual diary of the World Freefall convention is posted and running ; you can stay in touch with what's going on in Rantoul !. The link is on the wffc homepage, but here it ...

OT: Netscape 4.7 news group filters?
Anyone out there know the trick to successfully setting up news group filters? I have followed the dialog boxes and created the file "mailfilt.log" but the senders on the block list still se...

Guy Wright at Jumptown, Orange, Mass
Hello everyone, Just a reminder that Gary Pond, Boxman, Joe Trinko and Tom McLaughlin and myself will be organizing the new Mass. 100 way record, Aug 16-19 at Jumptown in Mass.

Snuffy - Irish or American?
Lets resolve it once and for all. I challenge you to answer a number of questions which any Irish person would know without even having to think about it. I challenge you to do so on the hon...

psst, pappy
BTW,, her "aim" was pretty good,, so therefore,, im thinking on passing her on skydiving "spirit", and FU JM ability-- I mean,, the objective is,,, can they handle pressure and pull...

The Real Reason Terry Goode Moved to Greener Pastures.
Ref: Parachutist, August 2003, page 77 "AFF instructor Terry Goode, D-11622, receives his 6,000-jump Penta-Diamond Wings from his wife Cheryl, baby Emma, and Gulf Regional Director Don...

Moving to F-111... possibly.
Hey , all! Looking for a recommendation or ten... I've outgrown my rig and need to buy a new one. I've gained about 30 lbs. since I started jumping seven years ago. I have been jump...

New Jumper???
Get your license(s) now before the requirements go up. Study Guide for USPA License Exams -- Jan...

Flying across the English Channel
Best of luck to Felix Baumgarten. He plans on exiting at 30,000' over England and hopes to land in France. Are those rigid wings he's using a self made job, or have others used t...

"French Kiss?"
What is the origin of the expression "French Kiss?" Yes,--I know the answer. Hint: #1 First World War United States Army and Marine Corps. Hint: #2 Another reason (Ot...

Ranch Pond Swoop Meet
The Ranch Pond Swoop Meet for 2003 is slated for August 23 & 24. Please be warned that this is a different event than it has been in the past. Already people are complaining. Go to the Ranch...

123 xyz ABC The World Famous Tink. (I never heard of you either!!) AA #2069 ASA#33 POPS# 8808 EAC Chairman, Division of Skydiving and Sushi consumption.

Psycho Netkook Alan Erskine
About Alan Erskine <[email protected]> Alan Erskine is a well known Australian netkook, psychopath, and pedophile who lives in Melbourne. He usually stalks and harasse...

Capewell Service Bulletin
Has anyone noticed in Capewell's Test 1 specification that 3/16" is NOT equal to 8mm?

sore but smiling
what a great weekend i had at was hot but the skys were blue and i finally got a chance to get in the air and find out what it is about for myself..I did 5 static line jumps,,am a ...

Talon 2 Complete System for Sale
Check out the excellent rig up for bid on Ebay: Talon 2 system. All items date of manufacture 199...

alaska skydiving center big way
What happened-- Who was there-- Inquiring and nosey minds want to know--

digital camera for skydiving
Hi, I would like to buy digital camera to use it on my camera helmet, but just for fun - not for professional using. I'm not going to pay more than $700-$800 so professional bodys...

New England 100 Way- Jumptown- Orange, MA
The CASA will be arriving at Jumptown on Friday, August 15th through Tuesday, August 19th. As usual, our very own Spankin' Otter will be there as well. So will Guy Wright, Boxman, Joe Trin...

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