28 Feb 2004 15:51:03
Capt. hook
The problem in USPA2000 & word changes as I see it.

~The ignorance of youth~
and the
~Willingness of a middle aged BOD to take advantage of it~

There's a old country saying; "Don't throw the baby out with the bath water!"

History notes a period called the Dark age's sometimes between the fall of the
Roman Empire and the Renaissance...Much was lost, a few running the feudal
system such as the Bishops of the Church and certain Barons and Dukes tried to
keep the majority in ignorance...If it were not for a few men willing to die
seeking knowedge and the ungodly Sacrens habit of collecting manuscripts and
scroll's from the west much would not have been preserved. You must open up yer
eye's and minds-----the USPA is entering the Dark ages. Much will be lost and
have to be relearned TAKE BACK THE POWER, take back the power my children :(

"Fit Via Vi"