Newbie question - on the flat
I'm a beginning boarder, with four days under my belt. I can get down the blue slopes (Eastern) with wide turns side-to-side, staying on alternating edges most of the time, but I have a pro...

Jacket Recommendation
Hello, I am going to Heavenly Resort in Lake Tahoe to try out snowboarding. I have read there are North Face, Burton and Quicksilver shops near Heavenly and I was thinking of buyi...

Fixe Axis Manufacturing - Which Boards Do They Make?
I recently bought a custom board from Five Axis Manufacturing (http://, and soon came to realize there isn't much info available about that outfit. I understand they desi...

Anybody seen the line up for Snowbombing 2007?
If you're into your snow sports and your music, checkout Snowbombin 2007. . . . '[image:] (

Gooft Stance - Right Big Toe Hurts
Hello, Somehow whenever I snowboard in the goofy stance my right big toe hurts because its being pushed more into the front of my boots more. The more i "open" (placing the bindin...

boots for people with foot problems
hey now, I have a newbie friend coming up to visit.. he boarded a couple days last year and wants to punish himself again :) He wants to pick up a pair of boots so he doesn...

Demon Snow Shield High Impact Vest
Hi there Does anyone know of a store with these in stock for mail order? I've spent the last hour looking around on line and they all appear to be sold out.. Cheers <...

Step-in bindings...
I currently use flow bindings, but I heard there were now step in bindings similar to flow that could be tightened once the boot was in place. Is this right? If so, what are they called? <...

Sock advice?
I've been boarding 6+ years, and have always had a few problems with blisters, though my boots feel comfortable. I bought some decent boarding socks with padding, but I think I ac...

Sock advice?
I've been boarding 6+ years, and have always had a few problems with blisters, though my boots feel comfortable. I bought some decent boarding socks with padding, but I think I ac...

Waxing Frequency question
Got back from a border cross competition where the board that was used was run three (3) times (second place, first place, second place thank you). It had been waxed "thin to win" using a ...

Mission binding parts, where to get ?
I have some sort of mission bindings that I bought last year. I'm not sure what model. What happened is that on the lift as you get on the snow was deep enough so that the binding caug...

K-2 Access vs Burton Clash ?
Considering a new board , I currently ride a 146 Burton Motion , weigh about 160 , 5'5" or so tall . Looking for a new board to help making turns on blue runs at speed . Considering a...

Travelling BC
I took a trip around BC recently and visited:- Apex Mountain Big White Kicking Horse Mt Norquay Panorama Silver Star Sun Peaks Apex and Norquay are ...

Heel lift wedge under binding?
I'd like to try putting a wedge under my back binding to lift my heel a bit. Does anyone know of a company still making such a thing for a soft boot setup?

All you heathen snowboarders in the great Northeast bow down before ULLR! The National Weather Service in Burlington continues the Heavy Snow Warning from 1 am Wednesday to ...

Can anyone describe how a libtech feels? crazy question? Rode a gnu years ago and it just felt odd, plastic? Been riding burtons and i like them because they feel like wood, very predictable...

new boots
wow this board is quiet this year! have had some good riding here in VT the past 3 weeks, just hope it stays cold and we can finally get some real dumps instead of dancing for 3"!

Burton C60
Thought I'd also give an upgrade on my Burton C60 bindings. They are wicked light (3.7 lbs... that might be less than one of my old Catek FR bindings), nice and stiff, but not too stiff (did...

Snowboard bag - leave bindings attached?
I'm going over to France for a week on Sunday, flying over with a new board (I've never owned one myself before). The board is a Yukon Ride163 and the bag is quite a basic burton one to ac...

sick snowboard crash vid
3/4 down this page titled 'line to megalaunch' the one right below it 'big mountain wreck' is pretty insane too p

Board Reviews
Well, I was looking at the forum and noticed that the two most popular threads were "How to tell what time it is" and "How do you tell if you are regular or goofy" and figured I should chip ...

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