Tahoe resorts
I'm travelling to the US in Feb 2007. I've got 4 days in Mammoth, then I travel to South Lake Tahoe on Thursday 15th Feb for 4 nights with 3 days boarding. I'll be boarding...

Solitude - good deal when backcountry skiing?
Me and some friends are going to SLC around 20. December for 2-3 weeks for skiing/snowboarding. As we wanna do some off-piste/backcountry skiing (is there a difference btw? Is o...

Nidecker Boards
Hi there, I am looking for a 2006 Nidecker Blade board. What are your suggestions? Should I buy it? Is Nidecker a good brand? I am a beginner-intermediate boarder. An universal/fr...

Attention Dallas Snowboarders!
http://DallasSnowboarders.com That is all...

Snowboarder Starts New Hardcore Sports Company - Airstoke
Hello! I'm excited to announce the arrival of a new hardcore sports company, "Airstoke!" The idea is that it is for enthusiasts and admirers of extreme sports, and particularly one...

Water repellent refresh?
Standing outside in my Burton jacket today, smoking in the rain. Noticed that it really isn't repelling water at ALL anymore, as when I was done, the inside of the jacket was slightly moist....

Snowboarding in Korea #2
It's getting colder in Korea. The snow season is coming. It doesn't snow a lot in South Korea, but I think it's enough to enjoy snowboarding. These are the sites' links of representativ...

Good webpage for Colorado ski resorts
Shows the resort locations with links to their homepages, in relation to the mountains, cities and road systems. http://home.earthlink.net/~colorado_hiking/1_Hiking_topics/ski-r...

Help in choosing gear for a new boarder
I have been reading a lot online recently about what equipment is recommended in terms of boards, bindings, boots, etc. but the problem is that I am based in Japan and there tends to be a lo...

Val D'Isere compared to 3 Valleys?
Hi all! <cheery smile and wave to denote approaching season enthusiasm> We're thinking about Val D'Isere in January, but as we're addicted to the 3 Valleys (usually pitch up in M...

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new 2 snowboarding
hi. one of my friends wants to take me snowboarding and i have no gear and i rather not spend money on rentals. any advice on what to get for the best women's boards boots bindings etc? than...

new 2 snowboarding
hi. one of my friends wants to take me snowboarding and i have no gear and i rather not spend money on rentals. any advice on what to get for the best women's boards boots bindings etc? than...

Turnstyle board? Balance board?
So I decided to buy a balance board. Kinda pricy, so I was just looking at Ebay & Craigslist. I wasn't sure if I wanted the kind with the hemisphere or the roller. I use the form...

Looking for info on cat or heli-skiing in Whistler
Hi, I am going to Whistler in January and am really hoping to get a day of Heli-boarding in. I have heard from others that it is less expensive in BC. All of the outfits I am seeing on-line ...

Best resort French Alps???
Me and some buddies are going in the French Alps this winter and are wondering whats the best place to ride powder and big snowparks??? Thanks in advance for your advices! ...

binding suggestions for Salomon Malamute Boots
I am trying to decide which bindings to buy. I have the Salomon Malamute boots and am considering the following bindings: Salomon SPX 90 Burton P1 or C02 Flow NXT FR or At ...

Looking to purchase new Snowboard / Boots & Bindings
Hi, I'm from the UK and have planned a trip to Winter Park, Colorado in February. I've snowboarded at least twice a year from the age of 16 (23 now) and still have my original snowboard (B...

Snowboarding in Korea
1988 Olympic, 2002 Worldcup... And now... 2014 Winter Olympic is going to be held in South Korea. Snowboarding has never been more popular in Korea. It has already become a trend...

Too much board for me?
I started snowboarding at the end of the 2004/05 season, and I loved it so much I bought a cheaper board to learn on at an end of season sale: a men's 2003 - 156 K2 spitfire. It comes up...

UK based Snowboard site
Face Plant over at www.face-plant.co.uk The forums are kinda like this news group but without the spam :)

The Metro Ski & Snowboard Show
This is for anyone in the UK, mainly those near London. If you are wanting to go but havent got tickets yet then head over to www.face-plant.co.uk as there at 5 pairs to be given away. ...

Face Plant Community Project Snowboard DVD
www.face-plant.co.uk Now is your time to shine as we'd like to see what you can all do on the slopes and what you get up to afterwards. So grab your camera (still or camcorder) an...

Lo all am off to banff with a few m8s on jan 3rd can anyway 1 tell me what the snow conditions are like at that time of year? Thanks.

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