Snowboard for Sasquatch
Having already ordered my snowboarding fundamentals I'm having second thoughts about my choice of snowboards. I'm 6'9" (205 cm) tall. 265 lbs. (120. kilo) and wear a size 14.5 US Men (49 ...

On line shop for protection...
I'm looking for somewhere that has a good range of wrist, knee and elbow protectors on line - I specifically want to get some wrist protectors that are flexible and cover some of the forearm...

Burton C60's!
I finally blew a hole in my wallet and sprung for the Burton C60 bindings. The most expensive in the line, but totally worth it. They are super stiff and light, and on my Never Summer T5 an...

choppy on heelside
Hi, Just got back from a terrific 10-day trip in BC (Fernie and Sunshine) this weekend. Conditions were great, and we had a killer time. I was using my new Burton Custom 158, whic...

children skiing and snowboarding
Does anyone have any tips for bringing children skiing or snowboarding? I'm writing a book on this subject and would appreciate any input you have. (Can't pay you for it, but will send you...

extruded/sintered base
What are the differences between sintered and extruded base? As i have noticed more expensive boards usally have sintered base. tnx.

Cinch / Flow users: Stepping in on hills???
Octessence Wrote: > ...I mostly used to stand facing uphill and dig my > heel egde in. Thanks bro, this was the winning technique for me this last time out.

Osin, fish, malolo, or something else
I you were getting a board for deep powder days and tree runs what would it be? --Matt

Fixation types
Hi, Some years ago, I started snowboard with a kind of boots directly clip on the board. Today, I'm looking for similar fixations in sport shops and on the web, but when crawling ...

Bryant Gumbel Admits That Many Blacks Suck At Winter Sports
It's possible that the only people who were pleased by Bryant Gumbel's rather startling rant against the Winter Olympics recently were Gumbel's old colleagues at NBC. With Michelle Kwan sitt...

Which is faster---snowboard or skis?
Watching the Olympics snowboard GS has started a debate with my skiing buddies (I snowboard). I wonder who would win if you had Olympic-class skiers racing Olympic-class snowboarders on t...

company s?
Which company s are really manufacturing boards and who outsources them and how is it done? Do they purchase the tech from the outsourcing firm or bring their own to have fabricated?

Plate bindings.
Does anybody freeride with hardboots anymore? Remember the blond kid with the pornstar wife doing backflips in a pink jumpsuit ?what was his name?anyway if anybodys done it (hardboots) what ...

looking for a second board
Currently, I do most of my riding on the Donek Phoenix 163w. I love the board and it treats me really well, but I know it is intended as a park board, and I use it exclusively for freer...

What kind of bindings are they using for the slolam in Torino. They don't look like anything I've seen bofore. They seem to put the rider up higher and some sort of angle. Also what length b...

Need bindings for 32 boots....
I just recently bought a pair of 32 NIU BOA boots and I love them bu the only problem is I have to find bindings to fit. I know 32 isn't a popular a brand as some but could anyone giv...

FS: Burton Indie - no reserve on ebay!
taking a chance and selling my beloved burton with no reserve on ebay. Starting price =A30.01!

Attention: Body Miller - This Buds for you
Eh, he, he he you did'nt get the butterball turkey! He, he, he, he, he, he

Stance angles for powder in the trees?
Hey gang, This season I'm spending more time in the trees when powder is around and I was wondering what would be the best stance angles to make better sharp turns when the ...

Olympics: Where the slalom at?
Seen it listed on the olympics schedule for today and tomorrow. Haven't seen/heard any promo or even mention of it at all on TV. Even this evening, the moment when it's scheduled to be o...

molding liners?
hey now, I have in my possession a new pair of boots and they have moldable liners. Looking on the net I see general procedures on how to do this myself at home, but they are all ...

Cinch / Flow users: Stepping in on hills???
Octessence Wrote: > Face up hill, with the board parallel to the slope and the front foot > in. Lift the board up and dig your heel into the snow as you would to > make a...

Burton custom bindings
Anyone knwo of a link online to burton custom bindings manual. Just bought some online and they're way more adjustable than my old bindings, but didn't come with any instructions for set...

Two Buddha question
Are you a cock sucker? Or a cock offerer? --

Made in china??
Topic...How do borders feel about buying boards that are made in china? for example K2 now produce boards there and yes i no boots, binding are produced are already manufactured there b...

Drake bindings in London
Does anyone know of retail outlets for Drake bindings in London, UK? Also, could someone recommend which model to get? Just got a Palmer Honeycircle and have done about 10 weeks freeri...

SnowboarderCross Where?
Watching snowboardercross Olympics got me to wondering: Where are places in the US that have courses set up for this? Seems like it would be fun to try. But I've yet to see a course set ...

Learning how to ski/snowboard; NYC
Hi all. How are all of you? This is my first posting. I am dieing to learn how to snowboard and also ski (I'm more keen on snowboarding though but would like to do both (I used to sk...

Weak ancles or bad boots?
Just started snowboarding a few days ago, and it has far surpassed my expectations; the only problem is that I tend to experience moderate pain in my front ankle while doing toeside turns. <...

Anyone watching? Thoughts? Shaun White remains the man. I've still never seen anyone as consistently smooth. Good that he challenged himself with a fall in the quals, and overcame...

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