Oakley lens color choices?
I'm looking at buying another pair of Oakley goggles and am trying to decide on what color lens to get. Right now I have a pair of A Frame Fire Iridium lenses and while they look cool, they...

Ride SPI's vs Burton Mission
Anyone have any experience of these bindings. I am about an intermediate level boarder, sticking mainly to the slopes. Would the Burton bindings be a better match for my Burton Driver...

686 Smarty Gear SUCKS!!!
Paid over $500 for 686 Jacket and pants...wore one weekend of boarding and had zipper malfunctions all over the place. Zippers bind up and won't work. The liner in the jacket does not atta...

Buy bindings online or wait till I get there
Am heading off to Morzine in France in a few weeks, and need new bindings. All the shops here in Ireland charge rip off prices for boarding gear. Wondering if anyone knows much about ...

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Anyone using Forum Kicker Boots?
I'm a freerider on packed, groomed and whenever possible powder. I've been using the 2001 Burton Driver boots for about 4 years now and am looking for a softer, more comfortable boot. The ...

Re-molding Thirty Two liners
Hi guys, I bought a pair of Thirty Two Minon boots a couple of years ago, and had the intuition liners heat molded to my feet. Unfortunately they were too big for me and only got ...

Salomon F20?
Hi all, I want to buy a pair of F20's size 10, new. Where's the best place, online or otherwise, to buy these. I have tried on a pair at a local store in London, Ontario but ...

32 lashed with stiffener or 32 305 boots?
So I bought a new pair of boots last week. I recently developed a pinched nerve from my 03/04 Nitro Team boots, and wanted a replacement. A guy at the local shop had me try 32 Lashed, said i...

What gets your attention?
I am currently taking an Advertising class and my current assignement is to design an advertisment for a snowboard only mountain. As I am reletively new the the sport I wanted to get some in...

How do you apply a butterfly insert?
I recently got a "butterfly" insert for my boot to help with heal lift, but I'm not sure how to apply them. Does anyone have a link/site that shows how to do this?

What's with the pants?
After watching some snowboarding on ESPN, I was very surprised to see many of the guys boarding with their pants 3/4 the way down on their asses. It's as though they are wigger snowboarder'...

WTB: Tremblant Lift Passes
This is a multi-part message in MIME format. ------=_NextPart_000_0026_01C624B8.9419F7B0 Content-Type: text/plain; charset="iso-8859-1" Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-pri...

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new to this sport, want to buy some gear
i am only got into this sport recently. I want to buy some gear. i am only a snowboarder who snowboards about 3 times a year. So i dont want any fancy snowboard that costs a lot of money....

new to this sport, want to buy some gear
i am looking to buy some gear, i only snowboard about 3 times a year, so i don't want some expensive and fancy snowboard package that costs a a lot. I am looking at a package under 250. do...

Snowboading, New England
Hi NG, Where would you recommend to go for some snowboarding in the New England region (US)? Park-facilities are not all that important - rather great off-piste boarding! I have h...

Flow Bindings and Boards
Hi, Sorry if this is a dumb question, but am I right in thinking that Flow bindings will attach to any board i.e. just like any other binding? I thought it was the case but saw...

'06 Grand Pric vid clips...amazing footy..
sick! these just in from the halfpipe and slopestyle. See Shaun White and all the boys and girls wrap up their Olympic qualifiers. http://broadbandsports.com/taxonomy/term/1...

Ride Fleetwood 161 vs. Ride Decade 162 Wide?
Hello, Anyone with experience or comparison information between those 2 boards (model 2005)? Basically I want to replace my GNU Danny Kass 158. My main problem with it ...

1 Ski and 1 Snowboard website For Sale - - - CHEAP
Hello, I have a couple fully developed websites I am offering for sale. They are: http://FranceSkiReport.com and http://FranceSnowboardReport.com ...

SkiStar Lift Passes - Where can you use them or equivalents?
Just got back from a week in Are, Sweden[1] - first time I've been on real snow for a while. They use a credit-card liftpass that you pop in a pocket and it gets read by the reade...

Salomon Link - Any users? How is it in Pow?
Looking for a freeride only board for a novice. All advise is welcome.

Newbie need help - binding screw spacing on old board
One of my kids has been happily using an old Morrow board but one of the bindings has broken. I had a spare set of bindings but when I went to mount them, the screws don't match up. The brok...

Snowboarding equipment
Hello, I went snowboarding in Vail in December and I had a blast. I am now buying snowboarding equipment and I had some questions. I am 5' 8.5" tall, weigh 158 naked, and ...

Bevel Angles?
Hi All, This is my first season boarding. I did my first tail grab yesterday - just giving you some perspective on my ability. So far this year has been very icy and groomed c...

dumb question re viewing messages
I've subscribed to this group for years. Suddenly, I can only view posts dating back to 1/17/06 (recently installed PDA software, but doubt that's the prob). Even if I do a search and spec...

Half Freeride, Half Freestyle: What boots are good?
I'm an intermediate rider with small feet (size 7-7.5) and narrow heels. I do half my riding on the slope and half on the park. The slopes I go to (Mid Atlantic region)are usually...

triple eight web site
Hallo, Does anyone know the web site of triple eight spoerts? Thanks for answers. -- Michal 'saruman' Strzezik [email protected]

Flow baseplate thinckness now vs 2001?
I've not been boarding as much as i'd have liked over the past few years and when i have i've been hiring gear, this year though i promised myself a shiney new Donek and i figure i might as ...

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