Cant find right board!
Anyone give a guy some advice?lookin for a free ride but would rather ride powder, but always seem to get the wrong board(to stiff,long) I am 5 foot 7 and a bit and 132 pounds and looking at...

Bonfire - 06 quality
Had a bonfire jacket for 4 years that I love but now looking to replace it . It's not worn out, I got fat :( I'd like another Bonfire but I've heard the quality has slipped over the

Evening snowboard maintenance?
For the first time I've got my own snowboard and so I won't be hiring. So all of a sudden I care about the board! What sort of maintenance do people do each evening back in the hotel? ...

mailing a board
hey now, getting ready to ebay one of my boards and am seeking shipping advice. I last did this about 3 years ago and it was a freaking PITA finding (more like making) a box that ...

Gloves for wet riding
Have much luck with your gloves/mittens when riding in the rain? Got truly waterproof gloves? How do you dry your gloves when they get soaked inside? It was pouring last week when...

issue tracking on flats
As you might remember I've moved from duck to 39/30. I really like things, but I noticed a slight problem. When riding on flats I need to put heelside pressure on my rear foot to keep the bo...

Need a Binding Recommendation
Hello~ ^^^ I have Burton ruller boots(size 8.5US) and Nitro T2. I need binding... but, I don't know what is good binding for me. I have naver been half-pipe, but...

Head Intelligence i.CT board
All the best in '06 to all, Did anyone tried Head Intelligence i.CT board? Opinions... Thanks, D' -- ____________________________ >...

Trip Western USA or maybe Canada 2 weeks from now
I'm planning a trip for week of Jan 1 and was interested in any suggestions based on knowledge of current conditions and likely weather. I've been to Colorado, Breckenridge, Vail, Copper,...

Canada & USA Road Trip
hi, me and my wife are arriving in Vancouver at the end of January for a 10 week road trip finishing in LA. we aim to spend at least the first 4 weeks in Canada ... probably a co...

powder stance
hey now, Any of you change your binding angles for powder over a foot? Wondering if lower might be worth a go in addition to setting things back. mike

do i really need a wide board
i'm 6'3 180lbs. i've rented a few times and never had any problem dragging a toe or a heal. is it worth it? any people with big feet have experience with this?

Best Northshore Beginner Snowboard Resort
First, thanks for the great discussion (Beginner advice). Tomorrow's the big day! Can't wait! Options: Sugar Bowl Homewood Squaw Northstar What are th...

Extreme snowboarding
Check this out: :))

Snowboard equipment for tall/heavy/bigfeet
Hi! I am new rider thinking to buy snowboard equipment. At 90Kgs and 1.95cm I am considering to buy the Burton Cruzer 164 wide (actually this is the only wide Burton board I can find in...

FYI about snow chains
I just purchased a set of Cobra Jr. cable chains from Big O Tires in Berkeley, CA. I used them this past weekend in Tahoe an they worked perfectly. I had these on a 2wd Toyota Tacoma btw...

wrist protection advice
Hello, I need suggestions about which brand of wrist protection to purchase. I have reviewed all of the old postings (from about four years ago) on this newsgroup, but things have chang...

where to shop online
Hey , I'm looking for a new jacket but having a hard time finding a warm pullover type. I've got a older Giadora Custom Rider , great but after7 years getting a mite tattered. Any info on so...

Beginner Advice and
Going to the snow! I will be taking a 14 year old who skis well (in the intermediate range), but still a little intimidated, mostly by other reckless skiiers/snowboarders. ...

Les Arcs (France) in April
I'm considering going to Les Arcs (France) on 15th April 2006 and was looking for some guidance as to what the snow coverage may be in an average year at this time of year. I've...

Funny Christmas Pictures
Great Christmas pictures/cartoons at Vickey

Fatbob - is this a good board?
I picked up a $20 unused K2 Fatbob, thinking it would be good for deep snow, and maybe for keeping me from "toeing out" on packed runs. I would appreciate opinions on this board - what it is...

Has anyone been to Banff during the month of Jan? How are the conditions usually? I heard a rumor that if its - 15 C, that there will be more ice on the slopes. Is this true or is the ...

2006 Salomon Maiden board plus bindings?
GF just ordered one of these and was wondering if any of you had any comments about it. Good/bad experiences...please share. Also, what kind of bindings would you recommend? Skill is begin...

finally tried forward angles, but need some help...
When I learned to snowboard I started out at 15,0. At the end of my first season I tried 21,6 but couldn't do anything with it so I went back to 15,0. About half way through last season I tr...

Recommendations for my next board
Sup, I've been riding a Sims quest 155 that's probably 5 or 6 years old now. It's still great but I'm keeping an eye out for my next board. There are some demo days coming up loca...

Burton binding capstraps for Salomon bindings?
Would it work? I have Salomon spx4 bindings and was wondering if I could install the Burton capstraps on them. Any ideas? Thanks

Bindings w/ adjustable heel cup
Which bindings on the market offer a heel cup with a good range of adjustment, for balancing the boot for equal heel/toe overhang? My wife and I both have Salomon bidnings with no such a...

Where to buy? UK or France?
Hi All, I've decided to get myself some snowboarding boots for this season - previously I've rented, and found none of the boots fit quite right, and it's a bit gross wearing 2/3/4...

Never Summer Premier - Help
In thinking about purchasing a Never Summer Premier snowboard but I can't decide on the right board length. My current board is a 155cm rossignol which I''ve been riding for the past 5 year...

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