Conditions at Stevens Pass?
I'll be going up this coming weekend. Has anyone been up recently? How is the snow coverage? Many rocks? Should I use my good board yet? Bob

I've been hearing about down-unweighting for performing some advance turns, but I don't really understand the concept. I find th definition as "sinking down by compressing your leggs ...

Ischgl over new year
Hi All, Anyone been to Ischgl? My girlfriend and I are beginners. Basically we just want to go somewhere with decent snow, and a bit of a nightlife. Unfortunately the dates we have...

Shorter board
I want to carve through steep and narrow sections and I am thinking of getting a shorter board. I have in mind a 162 board. The problem is I am (well...) fat at 90kg (200lbs) while the boa...

snowboard boot suggestions
Hello all! I have been skiing and snowboarding a couple of times. I am going to Colorado this winter and have commited to buying my own setup. I have purchased a K2 Luna snowboard and...

snowboard boots
Hello all! I have been skiing and snowboarding a couple of times. I am going this winter and have commited to buying my own setup. I have a K2 Luna snowboard adn Ride VXN bindings both 20...

Detuning? Waxing?
Newbie questions: My brand new Burton Canyon '04 (168) came with very sharp edges. A good friend suggested I get them "detuned". I got one of those little $7 DaKine st...

Salomon Ivy Technology Changing?
Has the construction of the women's Salomon Ivy changed at all over the last 4-5 years? I've recently tried the 05/06 season board (and loved it) and am wondering if the 2001's only differen...

big feet == wide board?
Hi Guys, I've got reasonably large feet (UK 12). I'm wondering is it worth me getting a wide board? Is it usually possible to rent these? Do you generally have to ask specifically ...

New Boots, New Gear - Any advice from the pros?
Evening all. I've been skiing and boarding a few times, but this winter is my first trip abroad with my own kit. I got a board (burton motion, recently serviced), boots and bindi...

Europe 27th Dec - 3rd Jan 06
Hi Guys, I just got told that I have to take this week off work - I can't find any hotels with availability. Basically I just want something warm with a decent bed and bathroom, oh...

Wax for the correct temperature??
How do I chose the correct wax for the temperature? Spring conditions are obvious; warm weather wax. But what about your average winter day? Is it better to buy a warmer weather wax than a ...

Heating liners?
I am stoked! Just bought my first setup after a few years of ...yuck...renting. Thirty-Two "Lashed" boots size 13 168 Burton "Canyon" board w/ Burton bindings I am 6'3"...

Arbor ...Glissade Experiences?
Sup Y'all, I'm finally in the market for a new stick and I have my sights on and Arbor A-Frame 170 or Glissade Big Gun 175 or Brosif 168. I have read many reviews praising the ...

Brand New 2000 K2 Zeppelin - What is a fair value?
I found a brand new K2 Zeppelin (year 2000) for $100. Is that a fair deal? I went and looked at the newer ones and they are running almost $500. This board is VERY nice but I wanted to make ...

Thoughts about Thule Roof Carrier?
Hi again everyone! This group has been so helpful to me and I am so thankful to everyone who has replied to my questions!!! One last question... I have a SUV but ...

How do I maintain my snowboard?
Hi all! Well I posted here a few weeks ago about debating to purchase a new board. I finally did and wow am I excited to start going again in 2 weeks! If anyone would l...

Snowboard suggestions for heavy guys?
Greetings, Getting ready for my first full season of snowboarding - I started when a friend took me late last season, and kept going. I was able to make 7-8 days on the slopes be...

FA:North Face Himalayan mitts - New is $99 US - Reserve set at 1/2 price Thanks for looking

Bataleon snowboard
hello my name is lorenzo, from italy. i would ask u if someone know something or tried any Bataleon snowboard. As i can understand, most of u are from USA, but not often u talk about ...

Tips on visiting BIG BEAR, Calif.
Hello All, I'd greatly appreciate if someone can: 1) Provide guidance/comments on the average January skiing conditions on the Big Bear Mountain, CA 2) Provide ti...

Flow Amp 9 Binding: Should I?
Hello Folks, I'm a relatively experienced rider, 4 seasons under my belt. I'm a big guy (210lbs) with big feet (12-13) that easily get uncomfortable. I'm a Freerider (?), don't ve...

Need a job?
>From the Summit Daily News General. Terrain Park Designer Must have a minimum of one-year grooming experience in a Snow Cat along with a strong mechanical aptitude and terrain...

Goggle advice please?
Can anybody advise me on how to select goggles? I got into snowboarding last winter after about 15 years of not doing it and was ok with sunglasses while reacquainting my butt with the bunn...

consiglio acquisto tavola- thanx!!
Ciao a tutti sto per cambiare tavola ed ho un budget limitato.... sono interessato ad una Nidecker Axis wide 158 2005 vedi

Information needed on Limited Edition Salomon ERA (03-04)
Hi, A couple of months ago, I bought a used Limited Edition Salomon ER (03-04 size 156) from a local board shop. I've been trying to get som information and find spec for t...

Next Day Health - Don't ski w/o it. * Don't Ski without Health Insurance ($20,000 for broken ... anything ) * Californians Only are eligible. See brochure for complete eligibility

Early season at Bachelor?
Mt Bachelor should open soon, and I'm thinking about going next week. I don't remember ever going there right around opening, and don't know what to expect. It seems like the PNW is off to a...

Snowboard FAQ
ljudi su se stvarno dobro potrudili oko FAQ-a... Silvano

flow binding size
i just got new boots that are noticeably larger than my last and now they dont fit my flow pro-11FR bindings very well, i think i need the next size up. Do i need a whole new binding or is ...

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