Help with union suit / one piece base layer
I'd like to get a one-piece base layer this year, but I'm not finding many options. I've heard good things about the tech fabrics like polypropylene and coolmax, and I did find two polyprop...

Colorado Snow Forecast
I was talking with a guy from the forest service this weekend. According to their long range weather forecast there is going to be a ridge of high prerssure over Colorado which will cause ma...

Vail & Breckenridge 2006
January 14-21 (Vail) & February 4-11 (Breckenridge) Join us for group discounted lodging, lift tickets, and other trip components during these dates at Vail & Breckenridge. We curren...

snowboard for sale!! brand new!!
Beautiful "Flaming" red and black Fury LTD snowboard for sale. Bought month ago, never used. In pristine, perfect condition. Selling because wasn't able to get the pass for Mont ...

Any page with opinions?
I'm looking for a page with boards/boots/bindings opinions. Maybe we can share any links? I've already found: ...

Who's here - any lurkers?
I starting reading this group a few weeks ago and it doesn't seem to active. Are there any lurkers around? Just wondering where people are from and where you snowboard. I'm 28, ...

snowboarding alaska
Hello everyone! Next season my friends and me want to go snowboarding on that other continent... :-) on the other end of the Atlantic.... we were discussing about Canada or somewhere i...

CE EN1077 / CE EN1078 Helmet Specs
I'm looking at getting a new helmet. Looking at the Giro range some models meet the CE EN1077 and some meet the CE EN1078 standard. Does anybody know what the difference between these 2 stan...

Local Colorado Riders 303/719/970/720 Style - Join my yahoo group!
Hey boarders! Are you getting ready for another stellar season? I certainly hope so because I know I am! I just wanted to drop in and promote my yahoo snowboard group that I created last s...

Snowboard Opinions.....??
I am looking at getting a new board this year. I am an intermediate rider. I rode for three years when I was about 14-17, and started again last season after about 7 years of not riding....

need snowboarding buddy in colorado
looking for snowboarding buddies, male or female. I generally board at cooper or monarch,,colorado Todd

Snowboarding with blown ACL and brace... Possible?
Hi! I have a blown ACL in my left knee (I'm regular) and I was told I couldn't get surgery until next spring. Right now I can skateboard with a DonJoy Defiance brace and it's fine...

Kimberley, British Columbia
Kimberley, BC... A hidden mountain paradise surrounded by an undisturbed combination of wildlife and natural serenity. Nestled in the heart of the Ro...

Thompson Pass/Valdez, AK
Going touring (2 of us) on Thompson Pass end of February '06. Never been there before. Staying (at undecided location)in Valdez prior to and afterwards. Also want to ice climb in the area a...

when to upgrade?
My current setup is about 5 years old, its a 99 morrow master 169, with old, old flow bindings. Now i decided to splurge a little already and have ordered a pair of new flow pro-11 bindings...

Beginner's setup
Hi All, I'm about 6'2", I've been boarding a few times, and I was considering getting some of my own gear for the season. I have no idea what I should be looking for, and at a rece...

Swao Ski/Board Online
I just found a cool place to buy and sell outdoor gear called . Geartrade is an online outdoor gear swap. There's a bunch of used gear, but most of the gear on ...

Sierra Ski News - Advertisers, stories wanted
Hello all...this will be my first and last post of the year. My ski newspaper - Sierra Ski News - has grown by leaps and bounds this year, but we are still in need of the following:

Donek skis I'm not sure what to think of inserts on skis... Nice looking skis though.

Snowboarding weekends...
Hi All, I'm after going snowboarding over a few weekends this season. The problem is I can't get any time off work. Ideally I'd like to get the train or plane from London on Friday...

Where did the Burton Indie come from?
I'm curious to know if anyone knows the history of the Burton Indie. Is it comparable to another Burton? But given different skin for retail purposes? I'm finding his board being offered a...

Snowboarding in the US
Hi, I'm going to move to NYC in one month, for a year. I currently live in the alps and like snowboarding very much (one or two days a week, mainly freestyle). How are the riding ...

Salomon Link?
Can anyone give me a personal review of the Salomon Link? I have an opportunity to pick up last year's model at about 30% of retail. Intermediate free rider, no park terrain. Is it uber ...

I was thinking of checking it out this year. When I was snowboarding in Colorado and Tahoe last year, I met many folks who said this place should definitely be checked out. ...

Freestyle Board Brand/Model Suggestions??
I'm primarily a freerider, but the last few seasons I've been honing my park skills. Now it has come time for me to get a freestyle board, my freeriding board is too stiff for the park. Who ...

New Ski Patrol glove
Hi all, we just got in our new ski patrol gloves that go with red and white cross jackets and packs, if you would like to see one email me at [email protected] for more info..

Greek Peak Ski Swap 2005
For those who are interested, whether you're buying or selling... Greek Peak is within driving distance from NYC, Philadephia and other cities in the Northeast region. This swap...

Board recommendations?
Hey all, you probably get this all the time. I like to carve a lot and jump a lot and am not really into speed - the more you carve and the slower you go means more time on the slopes ...

A few non-FAQ's
Hi all, With the winter season drawing in and trying to keep a lid on my excitement as I sit at my desk in work and trying not to get too bored I have a formulated a few questions...

Mammoth ski resort sells controlling interest

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