new board time?
Hi folks, Just finished up a great season, my 4th with a Salomon Fastback 163. I've been riding for about 6 years, and reasonably advanced. I've been toying with the idea of getting a n...

How does Tahoe measure up?
Being from the Bay Area, I've been lucky to live within driving distance of Tahoe. I've been told by a few people that Tahoe blue runs are comparable to black runs in a lot of other place...

Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw [results & photos]
Red Bull Monstairs in Warsaw; 23.04.2005 results & about 100 photos Look:

FS: SkiDoo Trailer, Ottawa
Older double skidoo tilt trailer with flat bed it is 6'x8' and in good shape. $450.00 or best offer Please email if you want pictures. Thanks, Bill bill...

new forums
hey guys, ive just set up a new forum especially for boarders to come and talk about the boarding lifestyle and interests and i like you all to come and have a look. pl...

Greetings, I'm going on a business trip to Sweden next weekend and I wanted to see if I could squeeze in a day of riding. What's the best resort as close to Stockholm as pos...

I recently have bought a few things off of eBay. I bought an mp3 player and a pair of dragon opticals. The mp3 player came and its awesome and the goggles haven't arrived yet, but I was wo...

help me pick bindings for my Donek Phoenix
Bleh, Now I am stuck buying on-line after the folks failed to hold the bindings for me, and I one to name names so be wary of Any Mountain in San Jose Ca. I have already asked this in a...

flow bindings
I have a pair of Flow Pro's(new this year) and until last Sat loved them. I was at Mt Tremblant riding,when going over a kicker my back foot came out the binding. Landed on one foot ,lost...

Industry standard hole pattern EXACT dimensions
I have looked for a week RE this info, but the great google does not reveal its secrets to me. Does anyone know what the exact dimensions are for an "Industry Standard" bolt pattern and the ...

Old Donek Twin on eBay
This isn't my auction, I just thought it might be interesting to some of the Donek fans and/or collectors that hang out here.

Need advice on free skiing newsgroups - or twin tip ski lengths
I need some advice on ski length for a 13 yr old who wants Line ' Twelve sixty ' skis. He is 165 cm tall 46 kgs ( 100 lbs ) Any suggestions where to look on the net / ne...

Buying first set of Hardboots
I am struggling to work out how to buy the right set of hard boots. I am currently UK based and there doesn't seem to be a store I can simply go in and try a bunch for fit. ...

Winter Park trip followup
No helicopters. A British invasion. And powder. I had impatiently waited a year to board untracked, fresh powder, and Colorado delivered 6"-8" on Tuesday, April 5, while I was there. I...

tree sap
Anybody have any suggestions on how to minimize your base picking up sap? My rock board is just a freaking magnet for the stuff.. it makes it feel like you are riding a bike with the ...

Board spec question and the Burton Baron
I am looking for a new board for east coast riding. I usually ride about 30 days a year. My current board: 2002 Ride Mountain Length: 163 Waist width: 272 ...

Portal, który z dniem 1 czerwca 2005 r. ujrzy swiatlo dzienne - "" Szuka redaktorów do dzialow takich jak : -nurkowanie -windsurfing, kite surfing/boarding ...

got a video to discuss
Okay I finally figured out how to compress a video to get the size down to something reasonable. Mainly my goal is to solicit comments about technique and learn something, I'm sure there are...

how to read weather reports for snow?rain and determin if it's good condition?
I have few question about the following 5 day forcast for tahoe and reading weather reports to determine snow conditions in general. today Mostly Clear High: 56=B0 Low: 33=B0 tomo...

Burton Feelgood specs
Does anyone have a Burton catalog from 1999-2000? I would like the specs on the Feelgood 155 from that year - in particular, sidecut radius, running length, effective edge, and waist wid...

New Website -
FreeSport is an online community for people involved in sport to communicate with each other in a hope of getting together for events sharing news. The website is just starting out and curre...

Burton boot size 14 & 15 no more?
Hello all, I've been riding on burton boots for 5 years. I've gone through 3 pairs. Burton always had size 15 in all models. Browsing their online shop only 10 minutes ago, I was ...

Tuckerman Tips
My buddy and I are planning a trip to Tuckerman's Ravine this year. I'm an advanced boarder and he's an expert skier. Would love to hear from some Tuck veterans the tricks and tips you'd adv...

Intruder Alert - Alta - 04/01/05
Yesterday, at Alta, this guy came ripping down one of the Baldy Chutes into the Ballroom area, and then disappeared down the mountain. I guess it was his idea of an "April Fools" joke,...

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