trying to determine a good board for my needs
I'm a new boarder (I've only been a couple times), but I think I know what sort of riding I want to do. I'm more interested in freeride then anything else. I am a rather large fellow: 6'3" 2...

O'Sin 4807 review
I finally got a chance to ride my O'Sin 4807 yesterday, finally got a good snowfall where there was enough coverage to take out a new board! Mine is a 178 that is "new old stock" from...

How do you measure the board's length?
I recently bought a Nitro Atlas 164 but when I measured it I noticed that it's 5 cm shorter than that. I have 3 other snowboards in the house and all are 5-6 cm shorter than the lengt...

Conditions in Quebec
Hey, anyone been to Tremblant in the last week? Mt St Anne? Massif?Need to know to figure out where to go for our last kick at the can. Later Richard

See how many friends Skiers & Boarders have out there, count the
Why not a separate Snowboarder Group for 2005-6 so skiers can bypass the endless board discussions unrelated to ski eqpt, clothing, terrain, techniques, resorts, etc. ? Have you s...

Bindings ... any tips
I currently have a pair of Ride bindings and have used them for about 2 seasons now and they seem to be getting pretty flimsy with the buckle (it's loose so it just flaps there); does anyone...

Any truely waterproof gloves out there?
So, I found out this weekend that my new North Face Goretex gloves aren't even close to waterproof. Both of them leaked through the tip of the thumb very quickly and the other fingers were s...

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

The Greatest News Ever! << The Greatest News Ever!

Best Snow in Alberta and BC this year?
Hi, I was wondering for those who've been to the mountains in BC (Panorama, Kicking Horse) and Alberta (Marmot, Lake Louise, Sunshine)... which places have the best snow?! ...

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link we did it to the semifinals
Hi there, does anybody know the european amateurvideocontest filmup? it is a possibility to show selfmadevideos to the public. and this year we did it to the semifinals in m...

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(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

(",) Do You Want To Know For Sure You Are Going To Heaven? << Click On Link

end of season closet clearing (FA stuff)
Got some time to list all the equipment I'm not using anymore. Items that might interest folks here are: - Oxygen Spectrum snowboard hardboots 27.5 new - Palmer Channel Titanium 1...

Weekend outlook- vail area
Ive never been riding on an Easter weekend so I thought I'd ask- Is it usually busy/packed on this holiday weekend? If so, is it more packed on a friday before or on the following monday. I...

Snowboarding Community
Has anyone seen If you snowboard it's worth checking out.

Russian Heliboard video
If you're not sick of it all now, I've uploaded a short "trailer" of the video I'm making of my Russian heliboarding trip. Seems to have been fairly popular too. Use the link b...

Option Sansalone - opinions?
Hi, I've current got a burton custom 158 but I've been offerred an option sansalone quite cheap. I've been looking for something a bit better suited for jumps and the pipe and I...

tahoe lift coupons or discounts
anyone know of any? want to do heavenly, squaw or kirkwood

OT: Got Skills?
Check Out

Wyoming (Montana) Trip Roundup
hey now, Just got back Friday from a few days out west and just want to toss this out for the archives: Reference: The original idea was 3 days at Grand Targhee a...

Indoor surfing?
What do you guys think about indoor surfing? I'm majoring in entrepreneurship at the University of Southern California and doing a feasibility study on indoor surfing. If you guys want to gi...

Wanted: guide for Winter Park
I'll be in Winter Park, CO, April 3-5. I'd like to make maximum use of the short time I'll be there. Since the local hills are bumps with straight-line runs and no off-piste anything, I'd li...

Burton File Guide kit
I wanted to buy a Burton file guide kit but I noticed that it' is for 90-95 angle. I looked at some other models from Toko... and they are from 86-90 angle. Why is only the burt...

video to compensate for the upcoming dry months
I read about in a ski magazine. It's a company that makes and sells a DVD with resort reviews. I purchased a copy, which was promptly delivered. I have no connection with s...

Snb in NY or Quebec
Hi I want to go snowboarding anywhere in Quebeck province or New York state. Can anyone recomend sny good ski resorts in those areas that might be worth visiting in late march? I am t...

heat molding Salomon liners
Can anyone either give me instructions or direct me to a place with instructions on how to heat mold Salomon liners yourself? I have a new pair of Malamutes and don't want to take them in to...

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