What's in your flask?
So there I was, Googling the rec.skiing.snowboard archives for some mogul-riding advice when I wondered if flask contents had been discussed in this group before. Lots of good advice/tech...

Snowboard Forums
I need a link to snowboarding forums that have more visitors than this newsgroup.

Pain on Top of Front Foot in Straps Binding
I am repeatedly having problems with a pain that almost becomes unbearable on the top of my front foot in a 2-straps binding. The pain almost becomes unbearable at times, requiring me to lo...

Need replacement for Silence Dave England
Hi, After a 7 year absence, I'm going to start riding again this year. I'd like to get a new board, but I've been totally out of touch so have no idea what to look at. The last board I ...

Advice for a board
I found these snowboards by researching on the net and these ones seems to be good for me. I need a wide snowboard because of my feet (12us 46eu and duck stance). I'm an intermediate p...

Illuminati Snowboards
he Ill23 Board shop in Jackson Hole is now open. We are now carrying Mission Six, Monix, Allyance, Illuminati Snowboards, Bluebird, Demon, ISDesign, Technine, I Am Clothing, Coal, ...

Smith Goggle Lens Color
Can anyone tell me how the Red Mirror and Rose Platinum Smith Goggle lens do in partly cloudy and shady conditions? I know those lenses are meant for sunnier days, but wonder if these ...

Tree Well?
What's a tree well?

Intermediate's Board
I've been boarding for 4 years and now I'm on an intermediate-advanced level. I think it's time for a new board, because when I bought my last board I didn't look at any specs and I d...

Begginer's board
I need some suggestions on what boots, bindings and board should i use and that is not too expensive and that has quality that i need. I boarded for few times but my intent is to borad more....

FA: Vintage 1985 Burton Backhill w/ bindings
good condition, first year for multi-color graphics on Burton Backhills! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7130658092&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

FA: Vintage 1985 Burton Backhill w/ bindings
good condition, first year for multi-color graphics on Burton Backhills! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7130658092&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT

Beginning Skiing at Tahoe
My boyfriend and I will be meeting friends in Tahoe for a week of skiing. Neither one of us have ever skied, therefore, do not have any equipment. I was going to rent the skies and boots. ...

shop story
hey now, Wrong wax on board, needed edges. dropped it off at a place I've trusted in the past. Next day pick up board and breakfast stuff. Hour later I'm about to bust out the

Sims snowboard boots for sale
Sims "Revolver" Mens SIZE 11 snowboard boots. 4 seasons old. Asking $100.00 OBO. Please email me if you live in TORONTO, flyingdutchman AT mailingaddress.org

Lake Tahoe Beginner Resort
My son wants to switch from skis to board this year. :( What are the best Lake Tahoe resorts for a 12 year old who wants to switch from skis to board? He'll need lessons since I can't...

noob question: which is nose/tail?
just bought my first snowboard + bindings + boots. ive ridden the past couple of years so I am excited to have my own stuff. but i am at a loss for which side is the nose or tail. the screw ...

Bindings for size 8 and board suggestions
After taking ski lessons last year and now this year trying snowboardin two weeks ago, I decided that I would like to get into snowboarding. I found a pair of leftover demo North...

Good Mogul board?
What would be a good board for Moguls? They make mogul skis, but you don't hear about mogul boards since most boarders avoid the bumps and stick to the park instead. However, I'm ...

what to do during long drives to the mountain
I'm going on a day trip with a friend that I don't know well. just want to know what people do during long drives up to the mountain and back. 4 hours of awkward silence to and from the moun...

Artic Challenge
Hi all you boarders out there, a little hello from Tromsø, Norway, where Terje Håkonsen had his Artic Challenge 2004. Is it possible to post pictures and avi movies here? If so, and s...

Advice needed: Ortovox Top Rider
Does anyone have any experience with the Ortovox Top Rider backpack: http://www.ortovox.com/en/produkte/detail.php?DADCODE=1214 If you own one, are you satisfied or dissatisfied? ...

HELP Real meaning of Words
Where can I find a Help file or a web page to find out what the terms (stiff, big mountain...) are exactly? example: stiff boards turn harder, freestyle is bad for speeds... I want to ...

Val Thorens...
All, Am off boarding to Val Thorens on Feb 5th for a week. Can anybody point me in the right direction of good slopes across the 3 Valleys to save me wasting valuable time....

Whistler conditions?
Yes, I've checked the web site, but I'd prefer a personal report. Has anyone here been to Whistler in the last week or so? Dean

Beginning tree riding?
hey now, looking for pointers on beginning tree riding. Hard to believe I've only done it once out at Brighton, but I'm not sure that really qualified as tree riding.. they ...

test message rec.skiing.snowboard
Just a quick test post for the sole purpose of spreading this email address. Only some random garbage below. Nothing for you to see here, please move along :) --- > rejec...

FS: 2 Boards and etc...
Selling a few items because bought newers ones this year. Salomon Substance 156 cm snowboard. It is an all-mountain board which is good for those who do a bit of everything. Bought it last J...

FS: Salomon Fastback Snowboard *BRAND NEW*
Hi, I have a brand new, still in the plastic Solomon Fastback snowboard for sale. Its 163cm, and of course in perfect condition. This is the ultimate free ride / powder board. Cli...

career as a ski lift operator
hello, my son who is a pretty good skier want to go Colorado mountain college for 2 years to study Ski Area operations. I know nothing about the field and wonder what is a job sit...

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