147 or 150 Ride Kashmir?
I currently have a 143 K2 Luna which chatters and vibrates. So I figure it's time for a stiffer board and decided to get a Kashmir. Which size should I get, a 147 or 150? I want an o...

base cleaner
Regretfully, it's been a few years since I read this newsgroup, or boarded for that matter. I seem to remember someone recommended to use Rossingnol Lighter Fluid as a base cleaner. Is t...

CASI or PSIA instructor manuals
Hello again :) In order to educate myself a little more about how the professionals teach as well as hopefully correct some of my own lazy habits that I may have got into, I am co...

why am I not out there! sounds like its going to be a mighty sweet weekend

K2 Wisdom board?
I have a chance on getting a K2 wisdom board, 1 year old , in very good shape for around 150 Euros. Is this a good chance? LittleMe

Rock the piste!
A new forums has been set up @ www.rockthpiste.co.uk/forums www.rockthepiste.co.uk & www.huckfest.co.uk

Rock the piste!
A new forums has been set up at www.rockthepiste.co.uk/forums www.rockthepiste.co.uk

salomon forcast 156
I am looking at a 03/04 salomon forecast brand new. I am looking to get the most for my money and a board that will last me. I mostly enjoy the freeride, pow but will hit the park if ...

i need to some 1 to tell me how to snowboard
ive skied before but never snowboard and i dont know ne one to teach me just tell me the basics plz ?

i need to learn how to snowboard
i need to know the basics to snowboarding i dont know nev one that knows how to teach me ive skied before but thats it so can some 1 plz tell me how?

how can i learn to snowboard
ive skied before but ive never snowboarded and i dont know ne one to teach me the basics thats all i need ive looked on like a million sites but it dont tell how so can somebody plz help me ...

Any shops in SLC haveing good deals on boards?
Anyone know of any SLC or surronding areas that are having good deals (after christmas sales or something). Thanks!

Burton Custom X okay for a beginner?
My buddy can get me a Burton Custom X for a crazy cheap price. I'm a beginner, still trying to master how to link turns. He could also get me a Custom but for a little more I figured why not...

snowboarding trousers
I am looking to buy some trousers for snowboarding. What is the deal with the prices. I looked at www.boardwise.com and they are like =A3120 starting frice for a half decent pair. But I als...

Mammoth lodging
What's the best place to stay in Mammoth mid-week, budget is around $80/night? Also how tough is the drive from San Diego? -- Jason G "This isn't a matter of bei...

Proper way to teach snowboarders?
Hello everybody. This is my first post here so please go gentle! Since first learning to snowboard 6 years ago, I have gone boarding with friends every winter. Each year, t...

Can't ollie :-(
This is my third season snowboarding and would like to learn some tricks. I tried to ollie but it seems I'm not doing it the right way, I can jump but I think I'm not at all using the flex ...

Help me choose: Burton Cruzer, Ride Cue or Control, or GNU Carbon High Beam
I'm trying to decide between these 4 boards. Which would be the best board for a beginner? I'm looking for an upgrade to my Lamar board which I learned on. I won't be doing the park or pip...

Firefly vs. LTD
I'm shopping for a brand new snowboard. Two brands are on sale right now at my local sports store. They are Firefly and LTD. Around $250 to $400 for a package complete with bindings and b...

Can't ollie
This is my third season snowboarding and would like to learn some tricks. I tried to ollie but it seems I'm not doing it the right way, I can jump but I think I'm not at all using the flex ...

Do I need a wide board?
I'm in the process of buying my first board. I already bought a pair of size 10 Flow Apex boots and a set of Large Flow Pro 11-FR bindings. 5'7" weight averages 160-165

End of the world as I know it ...
The end is near. My son, my skiing buddy for the last 5 years, wants to cross over to the dark side. He wants to learn how to snowboard! I swear to god, if his grades drop, if he sta...

board cleaner before waxing?
So, I started waxing my own gear last year. Long overdue. Great results. Enjoy doing. Etc. Etc. Some of the tuning gear I bought came with this citrus based cleaner that works...

Boot liner packing in, heel lifting in boots.
My last year's Nitro Team boots seem to fit really well. At least at first. By the time I've walked from the car to buy lift tickets, I typically have some heel lift. I'll usually ta...

To Detune or Not to Detune, that is the question
A couple of us are arguing the question on detuning edges. Is it truly necessary? I can see where it would be an issue on a different surface, one that does not give. But considering that...

whistler: when is the best time
thinking of going to whistler, I hear that rain is a problem due to the low elevation so I was wondering is there a best time of year to go to avoid this problem. When is the best powder se...

Snowboarding in Japan
Hi, I live in a place very close to major ski resorts. And I might have an opportunity to live in Japan (Sendai) for a year. I tried to make some research on Google, ...

Boarding science
from the more than you needed to know dept. : just a quote out of one of the geek mags I read from a short piece on friction in sports - "Skiiers and snowboarders often wax ...

New Era: all irons have steam holes
I went to walmart and target over the weekend and discover that even the cheapest iron in walmart ($6) has steam functionality. (of course, all the other irons have steam functionalty too) <...

Job vacancies - French Alps
Hi ! If you are looking for a job during the winter season in France, you will find each week new opportunities on www.ski.euro.st By a network of corresponding members, we'...

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