Anybody been up yet this year, our ski lease starts this weekend and wondering how the mtns. look? Rockboard still?

spring in whistler
hey all, looking for opinions from those who frequent whistler. i'm trying to put together a spring riding trip with some buddies, and wondering how late conditions at whistler s...

Burton Custom too much for a newbie?
Hey Guys, I know you're probably sick of new guys asking questions about which board to buy, but it really is a confusing thrasher world out there. I'm new to snowboarding but have be...

gear for women?
Hi all, I was wondering if people had opinions about women-specific gear.... like is it recommended for women to buy these products? or is it just marketing? I'm new to sno...

Beginner looking for gear
Guys, I'll be asking the same question that all the other newbies around here ask. What size/type of board should a newbie (never rode before) buy? I'm looking to buy used, ...

Big White
I am heading to Big White, down by Kelowna, this year for new years. Does anybody know what the conditions are like, or what they predict they will be like?

bid for xmas
1 bedroom appt at xmas bid here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=2290072292&ssPageName=ADME:B:LC:UK:1 -- Cheers Nic & Karen www.accommodationintheal...

Sad Veteran
So, I've been boarding on and off for 5 years and STILL can't get my front/back and back/front down right. I either catch an edge or go wide during my transitions. Any ideas? Should I bre...

opinions on Giants Stadium sale: Meadowlands, NJ
hey all, I am looking to buy snowboarding equipment (board, boots, binding, the works) this season and heard there is a big sale that takes place at Giants Stadium in Medowlands, NJ (its on ...

Boots on a Budget
Hello, I have pruchased a Rome Solution '05 and Burton Mission '05 Bindings but I still need to get my first pair of boots and I'm on a bit of a budget. I would describe my riding...

Anyone Know Where To Get Area Gear?
Hi, Trying to find out where to get hold of Area Gear designer sportswear / skiwear. Can't seem to find a website for them or any stockists. It is supposed to be top quality stuff...

Looking for Free Riding Big Mountain videos
After the last few years of more ads than snowboarders, my friends and I have said 'To hell with Warren Miller.' (Begin Rant)I mean, who wants to pay $15 bucks to see a movie that's basicall...

got a four person appt in la tania for 400 if anyone wants it -- nic

Detuning edges for rails
Do people reckon to detune edges before hitting rails? I usually keep mine as sharp as possible as we have a lot of ice but I saw the guys competing in a rail jam the other week hacking aw...

Flow Pro C-XFR Opinions
I am looking for any opinions on Flow bindings in the freeride/all-mountain crowd. I have been riding for 10 years or so...the majority of which was on alpine boards. I made the switch...

Burton racing?
Doesn't Burton make racingboards anymore? I can't find any on their site?

snowboards on offer in Europe
Howdy, I'm fairly new to snowboarding and completely new to the group, but am absolutely in love with the sport. I'm now looking to have my own board, boots, and bindings, but her...

AUDIO helmet options?
The only audio helmet options I have seen are for GIRO helmets. That's fine, but I happan to like Boeri, or other brands. They all seem to have a blank cavity in the ear flaps these days, ...

How's Whistler looking?
I'm going to be Vancouver this weekend and a bit into next week. I've been watching the Whistler site for info on the conditions, but as a Midwesterner I'm not sure how to interpret early se...

This is the addres of my auction: http://www.allegro.pl/show_item.php?item=35805967 .....come and see what I have for you. This is grerat complet....

Best places to board in the NE this long weekend?
Kil, Okemo, Snow, JP, Sugarbush, Stowe..etc...anyone have any thoughts? looks like Stowe will be the most promising..but the most irritating to board :)

first upgrade
I just rode the first day of my fourth season yesterday. I'm wearing my first boot upgrade, Salomon F24's. After wearing out my low-end Northwaves, I decided I wanted to go straight to the...

other active snowboard forums?
Any other forums worth visiting that are pretty active and unbiased? (not hosted by a manufacturer) r.s.s. is good, but with less people even knowing what usenet is, it likely la...

Opinions on Ride Fuse boots and Ride EX bindings
Ive got a line on getting a pair of Last years Ride Fuse boots and This years Ride EX bindings at a realy sweet price. But before I commit I wondered if anybody had any expirience or opini...

FS - Snowboard Equip Canada
Ride - Profile snowboard 160 Flow bindings Ride Vapour boots size 9.5 Used once $650.00 Montreal area If interested contact; Eric

instructional and fun DVDs?
I'm looking to buy a couple of snowboarding DVDs. One that is instructional so I can refocus the night before a trip on good form and technique. The other on tricks so I can think about ...

Quebec condo rental..recommondations
Can anyone recommend a good condo rental to go to in Quebec near the hills? Planning to take the family boarding/sking in January/February....on a fairly tight budget. All comments appr...

Scott Aurora Board and big feet
Hi guys, i bought a Scott Aurora Board some time ago, was on snow with it for about 3 times. For the upcoming season I'll need to buy bigger boots.. The Problem is that I already...

Which binding is bomb proof
Over the years I've had inconvenient breakages on 2 sets of Burton bindings (one buckle, one highback) and 1 Drake (highback). How do you rate the Salomon SPXs? I was looking at the SPX7 -...

The continued quest for ideal STEP-IN technology...
Well, this year we have at least two new step-in options on the market; one by Burton and the other K2- http://www.burton.com/burton/gear/products.asp?productID=40 "...The &...

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