Donek Boards
So, seeing as most of you guys own Donek boards, what do you think of the various topsheets? I can't decide whether to go for a solid colour one, or a metallic one, or possibly on...

What age do you recommend that kids should start boarding?

Stonegrind in Bellingham, WA
I'm in need of a grind, but have so far only found folks with belt sanders in the area. Anybody know of a place that has a grindstone for boards in Bellingham?

OT - Winter tires in Germany
Hi all, I am going on a snowboarding trip to Austria during Christmas and will rent a car from Munich airport, Germany. I want snow tires but they charge an extra 15/day for win...

Precision Mountainwear
Is anyone familiar with this company? Do they make good gear. I know you can't go wrong with Burton and they do put out some really nice gear but they just can't be the only show in ...

Line Oestvald dead
Line Oestvald, kick-ass Norwegian BX-er (world ladies champ IIRC) died of head injuries in training. Peace to her, condolances to her family. See details: - Amateur Skateboarding Magazine
hi, go check out a new website, it's devoted entirely to coverage of amateur skateboarding with no posers and no professionals. it's brand new. register...

FS: 2 new Nidecker Advanced 04/05 boards
I've got a pair of Nideckers up on ebay (Buy It Now only) that I though might interest someone in this group. 04/05 Nidecker Advanced 157:

Snowboarding In whistler Early Season?
My firends and I are booked a vacation to Whistler for Dec.1st , does anybody knows what are the conditions there normally on novmber and early december. What portion of the mountain is...

shared accomodation whistler?
Want it or have it to offer? Go to Vancouver Forums & post it.

Recommendations for Women's Board ?
My wife currently rides an Ivy 143, it's been her board for about 5 years, and is looking to get a new board. We went to the local shop and the Ivy is still being made and looks l...

Fox jackets
Anyone have experance with Fox jackets?

Flow Bindings
I've been thinking of buying a pair of Flow Pro-11 FR bindings. Can anyone think of a good reason why I shouldn't? I mostly bomb about the mountain, with the occasional bit of of...

Atomic Snowboards
Hey, does anybody have any experience made with an Atomic Snowboard? Especially the "Kung Pow" from last year 2003/2004? Later, Saim -- ---...

Comparing an Arbor Woodie to a Donek
Greetings, I've been riding about three years: Freeride with occasional jaunts into the trees, and I want to buy a new board. I'm leaning toward a Donek, for any number of reasons...

how to remove stomp pad
Hello, I want to relocate the stomp pad. It is a hard spiked plastic w/peel ply adhesive backed. Heat gun ok? Laquer thinner ok? Thanks

Boarding in Europe? Where is best and cheapest November?
I'm looking at doing a boarding trip to Europe, I am currently in London and keen as to go for November 2004 for around 7 days, anybody got any ideas?? Cheers Rob

Have you been in an avalanche? Interviewees needed
I'm working on an article for a major newspaper about avalanches and avalanche forecasting. I'd like to interview someone who's been caught in one (ideally on public land) to get a firsthand...

Adult Winter Snowboard Camp
I was just wondering if anyone has any recommendations/comments about adult winter snowboard camps. I've seen some old posts on the subject, but was interested on hearing some new experience...

Where can I go riding NOW!!
In the USA where can I go riding now !

Snowboard Tuning
I finally bought a snowboard and a season pass, and to save money, I was planning on tuning and (hopefully not too much) repairing the board myself. What equipment would you recomend??I have...

water ramp in Quebec city
just spent a week there incredible place going back this week....look at Paul

Red Bull RailStorm
Anyone managed to get ticks for the urban rail ting in Glasgow later this month? Should be good for a kodak moment or 2 - you ever seem a pro mugged mid board slide? DB ...

Snowboarding site relaunched
In case any of you haven't seen it, check out, its a great snowboarding site and its just been relaunched. Forums, reviews, galleries etc. all you need to ...

Val D'isere My First Time
I have only been snowboarding a few times in the UK - dry slope in Bath and Milton Keynes was an experience :-) I've now decided to go to Val D'isere (I think) in January. Does anyone have...

they work for your big dawgs
They werk dude, got a friend who has 13's and uses the Palmer risers. Loves not having to ride a wide[poor performance usually] snowboard.

Dealer opportunity: XTC Kites and Kite boards
Attention: Retailers,Dealers,Resellers Kite boarding today is one of the world's fastest growing sports. With the ability to surf on water, snow and dirt, it attracts a large demo...

Dealer opportunity: XTC Kites and Kite boards
Attention: Retailers,Dealers,Resellers Kite boarding today is one of the world's fastest growing sports. With the ability to surf on water, snow and dirt, it attracts a large demo...

sni n grab in Co
Just went to the sni n grab in Utah and didn't quite find the jacket / boots im looking for. I will be in Denver next week. Where is the sni n grab located there? Thanks <...

Has anyone here boarded in Lebanon? I'm vaguely thinking of going there this winter. I've been there before, but not to snowboard, and I wondered if it was worth it, and how easy cheap accom...

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