Flying to Whistler from US and Air Canada's rules
The Air Canada web site says: "A set consists of one snowboard and one pair of boots. This set is considered as one piece of checked baggage and no other item(s) can be carried in...

1 month in Whistler
Hi, Two questions in the same post : - What to do in order to be a snowboarding instructor in the US or in Canada ? Here in France, you need to pass the test of ski

Balance boards for training?
Anyone ever try any of the balance boards (like for off season balance and edge changing training? Thanks, Tim

What boot brand has a small "foot print"?
What I mean is that I have 2 brands of boots both size 10.5 but one brand (Kuu) can fit a pair of Med/Large binding quite nicely. They are a medium width, stubby toe outer shell. While my ...

K2 recon riser
anyone with any personal experience with at K2 Recon Riser? looking at the 165 and 170's, but i'd like to hear from anyone who's been on one...

Help with board selection
I'm looking to buy a board for my boyfriend, and after visiting few local board shops, here are the top recommendations (which are also in stock) of local sales people. I'd love to hear som...

Vans Fargo Boa boot sizing
Anyone know if last years Vans Fargo Boa boot runs true to shoe size? I like the system and want to order boots, but not sure if I should buy my exact shoe size or not. Also, how do the Va...

Step-in bindings questions.
Greetings, Having recently had my first snowboarding experience (see earlier post from me) and loved it, I've started looking at the different types of gear available fr ...

Re: freestyle board for freeriding
Rob wrote: > I have an opportunity to pick up a used Burton Dragon for a good price, > however it is strickly a freestyle board from what I read. I dont think i > wi...

Re: New Snowboard
Take a good look at the Prior All Mountain Freestyle (AMF). You can even call Chris Prior with any questions you might have. I own the Prior Men's Freeride MFR) now (have yet to ride...

New Snowboard
Any advice would be appreciated on this one.. Heres the situation: No problem with Red runs at all. Take Black runs with a bit of caution. Just started to ride switch. M...

freestyle board for freeriding
I have an opportunity to pick up a used Burton Dragon for a good price, however it is strickly a freestyle board from what I read. I dont think i will be going on the pipes anytime soon, do...

Don't stretch: Stretching Impairs Balance and Reaction and Movement Times
Article I just saw , that I thought might be relevant to some of my feelow borders: Stretching Impairs Balance and Reaction and Movement Times CME News Author: Laurie Barclay, MD ...

Working in a ski-resort town (myths and realities?)
Ok, I'm dreaming here. But what's the possibility of somoene who's NOT a local moving to a big ski town (say, Heavenly or Aspen or the like) and getting a job bumping chairs?

Observations/questions from my first snowboarding trip.
Greetings, I've just been in New Zealand, having my first go at snowboarding, so I thought I might post some questions/observations about my experience. This will probab...

great freeriding footage
i am looking for some new vids to add to my collection. i have plenty that offer lot's of freestyle so i am looking specifically for bc heli powder.. what are the good ones? btw, i have tb9,...

Freeride/Park board for Hoss
I am about 6'3"(190cm) and around 250 lbs (113 kg)and have size 14 feet. I am by no means fat and I can probably lose no more than 10 pounds without looking freakishly skinny. I have been s...

Boards for tall/big riders
Hello, my height is 193cm and my weight is 90 Kg. I have a 162cm Board (Hammer) and it seems a bit small for me (the board inserts doesn't allow me to separate my bindings as much as I...

Just found this one Let the pass wars begin
Just found this one Let the pass wars begin PLATTEKILL MOUNTAIN ANNOUNCES $99 "COLLEGE BUDDY PASS" In an unprecented move, Plattekill Mountain in Roxbury, NY has anno...

Hi exciting newsgroup! keep the info coming! Regards Beerent Cornwell Tel. +1 918 403 1726 [email protected] [email protected]

new bindings
Does anybody know of any U.S Snowboard shops that ship to Australia. Im after some Ride Tomcats or Mig's '05

Flux Bindings?
Anyone here have any experience with them? Thanks! Rick

JoyRide Lucinda Snowboard - 161 cm - is it a good board?
Anybody knows if this board is good for a beginer? None of my friends ever heard of Lucinda brand.. Anybody can tell me if the board is worth buing for $160 ? Original price...

Oxygen PIQ de Step-In System - any opinions good/bad?
Does anybody have any experiece with: Oxygen PIQ de Step-In System

Snowcat boarding
I sent this out earlier this year but it looks like the group is starting to pick up again. Does anyone have any recommendations for going snowcat boarding. I was looking at Baldface, but th...

Skiing in austria!
Welcome in Taupltz Steiermark in Austria. the next winter is coming soon!

Illuminati Snowboards
Has anyone here checked out Illuminati Snowboards? We have a new program where a rider can become part of the company and sell boards and make some money. If you are interested yo...

Re: My New Prior Men's Freeride !
Jason Watkins wrote: > Just out of curiosity, what's the weight like? I've not gotten a > chance to ride a prior, but just lifting and flexing one of their > alpine board...

Soft boot for wide feet?
My current boots are in dire need of replacement (not to mention that I absolutely hate them for their lack of ankle support). SO I was wondering if all you knowledgable folks out there on r...

$200 Bonus to play POKER
Have you seen poker on TV and want to get in on the action? Do you already play but want a great bonus? The Gaming Club Poker room will give you up to a $200 bonus on just a $20 deposit. T...

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