Anyone going to A-Basin Sunday?
I'll be there in all my newbie goodness falling all over myself. I'll be skiing this time out. I'll start boarding next season. If you see a guy on his face in the snow, head over and say, "...

custom vs custom X
hi, currently have a custom 162 '04 which i'm very happy with, but have been offered a cheap custom X 160 '04. aside from what's on the burton site, what's the difference in...

Good Speed Board?
Can anyone help? I am looking for a good board for Slalom & Giant Slalom events (USASA). I am not interested in a hard boot set-up. Soft boot only! What's a good stable & speedy board for t...

more "universal" powder board
Guys, after an amazing powder Christmas in Mammoth, I started looking for a dedicated powder board. I ride Nitro Shogun 166 right now and it's an amazing board, handles hard pack, holds edge...

Stretching does nothing..
Like I've said for years. Stretching does more harm than good: The study, a review of six decades of research by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, found that stretching ...

A-Basin, SPF 2000, heel pain and thank you
Last week I took my first trip to a real mountain,. Arapahoe Basin in Colorado. I want to thank the people who provided useful information about traveling with a snowboard. A whee...

Got myself a bargain!
Hi I have managed to pick up a new Ride Decade 164 board on the cheap which I was pretty pleased about. One problem though, my shoe size is US 11. If I stand on the board in...

BoostMobileProSnowboarding on FoxSportsNet Starting May 8
Boost Mobile Pro of Snowboarding to Be Telecast on Fox Sports Net Starting May 8 IRVINE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--04/26/2004-- One-Hour Special to Showcase World's Richest S...

Snowboard Journal
Does anywhere in the UK sell The Snowboard Journal? There's no way I'm going to pay $35 for delivery :o( - Ian

Fast freeride?
Hi, My trusty old Gnu Haulin' Oats doesn't have enough base left for another grind, so I need to find a new board... I want something suitable for aggressive freeride (that'...


Need a new wide board - Burton Bullet?
I'm an intermediate boarder that needs to step up to a new board. My current board is my beginner, a 155 Airwalk Match wide. I guess it a pretty soft flex and so was good for me to learn on....

Cost for 1 week skiing in Chile ?
Has anyone here done it ? Just a ball park figure please...I know I'm dreaming, but maybe I can swing it. Also, how long is the flight ? Misc question...

artificial snow surface for the backyard
I would like to practice feature riding (rails, tabletops, etc.) over summer. Since this type of riding doesn't require a lot of pitch, nor a lot of snow (just some in front of the feature, ...

It's snowing someplace...but where?
I'm in Wash. DC and I caught the end of a news report and it was snowing and the news showed snowboarders... all I caught was Mount XXXXX Sounded like Mount Hood or so...

Arbor Snowboards
I was thinking about buying the Arbor Element Wide. Was curious if anyone has heard or ridden these boards...

Heavy Snow Warning
Is that thunder I hear? Bwaaaahaahaaa....ha ha ha... From the SLC NWS: --- WASATCH MOUNTAINS I-80 NORTH-WASATCH MOUNTAINS SOUTH OF I-80- WASATCH MOUNTAINS/ID...

Best place to live and snowboard?
My family is tentatively planning a move. We currently live in Tahoe, and we want to move someplace where there's as much opportunity to snowboard or more at comparable or better ...

moving to Rochester NY
I'm leaving Colorado for Rochester NY in a few months - and recommendations on places to ride up theer? Thanks. -Steve

Question- please help - stance or ...?
Dear friends, recently I switched from freeride/soft boots to alpine carving/hardboots and I find out that my first leg (I am goofy) is under much bigger load than during previous...

Concept communication product
Heyhey, I'm a second year product design student at the University of Dundee's Duncan of Jordanstone Art College in Scotland. The current project undertaken by the class involves...

prior vs illuminati vs ???
Hi, I'm a 5'10, 145 pound guy with size 10 feet. I'm looking at getting either a Prior or illuminati and I was wondering if anyone here has had any experience with either of them? ...

Help us choose a DIY Snowboard Trip in Europe
Here's what we need, if you can offer any advice that would be jolly good. * in europe * for 7-14 days * cheap as possible * suitable for intermediate riders wanting to push ...

What's good at Tahoe right now?
Is there any good snow near Tahoe now? Where? Also what Tahoe locations are typically good over Memorial Day weekend? Thx. David

K2 'Travis Parker' re Sims Fader
Ok, re my last post. I think I'm begginig to narrow the choice down. At a shop (Elis Birgham, Xscape Cas.) I was recommended a Sims Fader based upon my height/weight and what I wanna do. (5'...

Option Sansalone
Has anyone got any experience of and opinions on the Option Sansalone board? I am thinking of getting the 161 Wide version. BraileTrail --

Beyond beginner board?
I've now been boarding for about a month, probably about 20 hours in total, mainly on indoor 'real' snow ( A couple of weeks ago I bought my own board, a K2 'special' ('the...

04 Burton Custom Bandit Bindings mini Review
Just Rode these bindings today and am pretty impressed. Overall they gave me good control and comfort. They look good and are lighter then my Sims Links. They felt good on open mountain , pa...

zardoz notwax on extruded bases
I've been reading a lot about zardoz notwax, and how great it works, but I've got an extruded base on my board, and the only thing I've read is these bases will not absorb the notwax. I wou...

Best places to snowboard in North America
I'm planning on taking a year or so to do nothing but snowboard and I'm wondering where the best places in North America to board are. I live in Colorado, so I've been everywhere here. I'm l...

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