equipment trade-ins in new york metro area?
Hi, Does anyone know of any ski/board stores in the NY metro area (or anywhere within a few hours) that take equipment tradeins? I have some old skis and ski boots that I'd like to t...

I need opinions on this K2
I wanted to get some opinions on this board. I'm just starting (200lb 6ft 1). The owner wants $150 and said it was a (2003) satellite 163 with ride bindings. I can't find this graphic on lin...

lucky guys in Tahoe
So you guys got another big dump! Hope its the really light stuff. Was reading Alpines page yesterday.. what the heck is a powder line? Just a rope? More general questio...

new board for the newbie
Hi, Just wanted to ask yet another variation on the "What board should i get?" theme. I'm a beginner, have ridden about 4 times so far. In terms of ability, i can string a few turns t...

"Women's Boards" or no?
Rode my dad's new Custom 158 for maybe an hour or so yesterday, and if he hadn't been family you'd have had to fight to peel me off it, I loved it! The stance felt a bit wide as he's a few ...

Butt Gear
I smashed up my cocyx (?) bout 7 years ago and snowboarding aggravates my butt. ;-) Any of you got any good butt gear? They all look the same but are different pricey. Some m...

Websites for Snowboard info??
Hi, I'm looking for information about how different aspects of a snowboard affect the ride. Like what does it mean when a board is 160cm long and really wide and is light and ha...

Snowboarding in Italy end of March
Hi all, I'm curently based in Trento in Italy (Monte Bondone is quite ok for weekends). In the last week of March, my girlfriend and I want to go snowboarding in the Italian alps....

I'm new
Salut ! I'm Mike and I live in Poland. I have question: This discusion group is concrete Country ? (USA, Austria ?) or World ? Sorry my English is Bad...

Foot pain issue....
Alright...I've been riding for a couple years now. Since I started, usually at the beginning of the day, my feet ache and cramp something fierce. This sometimes goes away as I warm up...

The Snowboard FAQ
The obligatory ad-hoc posting about the Snowboard FAQ. You can find it here....

Intro and first day on a Donek (looong post)
Been lurking for a month or so now... This is my first season snowboarding. I'm in the Seattle, WA area right now but grew up in the deep south where the only ski I knew was pulled ...

Rome snowboards anyone?
I was at a local board shop just looking around and the salesman started talking up these "new" boards from a company called Rome. Independent company run by some ex-big-name board company ...

New Board
Im riding a 2000/1 Burton Seven at the mo' and like it alot but its falling apart and i prob. need to treat myself to somthing new ;-) Id like somthing similar but not so taxing in the...

noob questions
I've gone snowboarding 3 times now and I am officially hooked. I'm in the process of researching gear and would appreciate suggestions. Obviously a noob so freestyle isn't in my vocabulary...

Buying Snowboard as gift, What Size??
Hi, I am buying a snowboard for my gf. She is 5'3" and weighs 115 pounds. I can't find any info on what size board to get. She is a beginer. Any help would be appreciated.

5'9" 170 lbs....159 board too long?
There having an end of season clearance and they have a Ride Timeless 159 for sale cheap. I'm 5'9", this board a bit long for me? I currently have a board that's 154. I main...

Replacement laces for Salomon boots
I have 2002/2003 Salomon Dialogue boots that need new laces. Every lace that I've tried is either too thick or too soft for the Salomon locking mechanism. Where do I find a lace that works? ...

Powder Mountain
How are the conditions up there? Any freshies in the forecast? -tlf

FS: NICE Burton Toast Jacket, Men's large
Handsome blue Burton Toast snowboard/ski jacket, size men's large. Powder skirt, loads of stash pockets (two on the fly, near the chest). Really nice pile, very warm jacket. (Not a shell, in...

Jump Mechanics?
Ok I'm a total newbie, started this season. I think I want to try some jumps before the season ends though. I think I understand how a jump should go, but can someone spell it out for m...

Ride "Profile" What is this board good for?
I have an opportunity to buy this board, a 164, for $100 with ride bindings. Is this a good board? What type of riding is it for? Would it be suitable for a 165 lb man? Bob ...

When to get a new board? Now!
My dad and I went into the board store today to get mine tuned up (edges are still rusty even after a few days riding, thing probably hasn't been waxed since I bought it) and ask about what ...

Newbie Binding Setup Question
Just got my Lamar board and a set of Flow Pro 19 bindings, and my question is: Am I supposed to set up the bindings slightly rear or forward of center? And is the standard 20" -...

Halfpipe etiquette?
Just started riding the pipe at the local spot, and I had some real dumb questions about the proper way to drop in without pissing people off: *What is "calling your drop in?" - does ...

At work, in mind, I ride. Cold wind whipping by, and watering eyes wide.

Brighton UT; Need a place to stay!!
Anyone have any good places to stay around Brighton UT? I'll be there from March 21st till 25th. Damien

snowboarding stuff for auction
i thought some of you might be interested in getting this stuff cheap. Bakoda Snowboard Skiing Gloves S Br...

K2 Doulbe Wide ?
I have long feet (sz. 14) and am 6ft 1 at 200 lbs - think this board would work for me? i was to...

Wolf Creek and Pagosa in early March
Anyone want to share their experiences skiing at Wolf Creek? We are staying at Pagosa Springs and will have some time away from the slopes (two days) so we are looking for suggestions ...

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