Zell am See
I going to be on a business trip to Zell am See Austria next week. Any recomendation on local places to board? I plan to just brin g my boots and rent the board. I was there for 24 hour...

Snowboarding schools in Tahoe
After being a newbie skier for several years (I typically only go skiing a couple of days a year), I'm interested in learning to snowboard. Any recommendations for the best snowboarding sc...

Hi there I am quite new to snowbaording. Does anybody have any hints on the positioning of the bindings? How to find out the right distance between the bindings? How to...

Hi, I'm looking for an online shop in Europe that sells proper p-tex (not the candles) to repair a snowboard base. Thanks, Matthias

Rossignol butane 2003/2004
Hello, does anybody know about that freeride board? I am looking for informations about that board. Does anybody know the difference to the Rossignol Sultan board ? Man...

Condition in St Anton
Hello, I am headed to St Anton, Austria next Wed. morning. It will be my first time riding in the Austrian alps. Can anybody give me suggestions on the best spots to hit, places...

BC snowboarding in March
Hi riders, I'm planning a snowboarding trip in March for three weeks from Europe to BC and I'm looking for "very good" snow/powder conditions would you suggest me this dates? 6th-21st M...

FA: Boeri Helmet
If anyone is interested in an affordable, comfortable Helmet, check out my Yahoo auction: http://page.auctions.shopping.yahoo.com/auction/84088755?aucview=0x13

Snowboarders threaten to switch flags in cash row
United Arab Emirates? http://www.swissinfo.org/sen/swissinfo.html?siteSect=105&sid=4676326 >> Four leading Swiss snowboarders, including an Olympic champion, are ...

Grasshopper technique questions!
Having grasshopped my way from novice to nutcase last week, I made some major breakthroughs, gradually refining my technique and learning to understand the physics of the board, and my muscl...

A grinning grasshopper returns from Meribel
Wow! My second season was a joy! Thanks to help from people here, I kitted out with Skeletools shorts and top - padding all over! A new lid, and new knee-pads which were superb - ...

FA: Extreme cold weather mittens
http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=2994&item=2885487254& ssPageName=STRK:MESSE:IT

Best wrist brace?
Having just sprained my wrist pretty bad, I plan to buy a brace for when I'm finally all healed. Anyway recommend a good brace that they have used?

FLOW bindings - are they any good?!
has anyone any experience with flow bindings? are they ok and worth buying or just rubbish? thnx.

Latest Letterman sked: Matthew Perry, Harry Connick Jr., Drew Barrymore, snowboarder Tara Dakides
From a CBS press release UPCOMING GUESTS ON THE "LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN" ON THE CBS TELEVISION NETWORK Monday through Friday, 11:35 PM-12:37 AM, ET/PT (*Denotes chang...

So I've been messing with these lately and just looking for some advice. I use to always take-off fakie and land regular i.e. I would land in my regular riding style. I got pretty com...

Burton Mission Greed Binding review
Just want to pass on a review of the Burton Mission Greed bindings which use Burton's new toe cap strap. I was told that all of their high end bindings next year will offer this strap optio...

Stance width?
Hey all, How does one determine proper stance width anyway? Thanks to all and let it snow baby! Bro Bones

asymmetric freestyle boards?
Hi All! ...a bunch of years back, there was a burton board called Asym-Air or something like that... itīs something like 10 years back... it was pretty much a merger between an as...

Waxing a new Board?
Is it necessary to wax a new board. I have not had a new board in such a long time I have forgotten. I will assume that I don't need to touch the rails. Muggsly ...

Wax shelf-life and other tuning questions
A handful of questions: I've had some Dakine wax for about four years (haven't been able to board as much as I'd like to lately). Does wax go "stale"? Same deal with some Red board clea...

Anyone ever been to Hemsedal in Norway for snowboarding? Whats it like? Are there plenty of boarders? Good nightlife? Cheers Max

Which pocket for camcorder?
I want to do some riding with a highly accessible camcorder - my experience with a still camera is that you miss a lot of shots if it's in your backpack. So which pocket should it go ...

boarder-zone HRVATSKA
momentalno radi samo forum, a uskoro bi trebala biti i cijela stranica online.... svi zainteresirani su dobrodosli!!! http://www.boarder-zone.net

Yet Another Donek Question
Yes, I've googled and read many posts to this board about Donek snowboards. My question is this: Would the Donek Incline be a suitable board for me as a relative beginner? I...

marketing vs. actual technological improvement
I was checking out this season's higher end Salomon boots, where the big improvement is "the killer minus one liner," for more "sensitivity and feel." This seems to me to be basically a line...

Big Bear Cabin Rental
Beautiful two bedroom, 1 bath "Cozy Cottage" with STONE fireplace and a great vintage stove that works great. Homey decorations that invite you to stay a little longer and come back. Easy ...

Strap binding durability?
I'm a green rider. If a couple you could help me on this that would be great. Just set myself up with what I thought was a forward-looking midrange board and stuff. First time out a strap on...

Nitro "Spectrum"
Hi, a friend just started boarding this year and now wants to buy his first board. A local dealer offers a Nitro "Spectrum" Board for 190- Ī (240 US$) but I can not fi...

studies in norway
hello, i could have the possibility to study next year in norway, but i would prefer a university where the mountains are not far away. i have the choice between: Norwe...

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