Simple Waxing Question
I just waxed my board for the first time, and I wanted to know if I did it right. I've been reading posts here to find out how to wax the board, and I got some good tips. I got a used boar...

Wrist protection
Hi, What kind of wrist protection, if any, do y'all recommend? I'm quite the newbie, having only a few days under my belt. There, I rode with a borrowed pair of Rollerblade (rolle...

Stance position
Hi, I ride hardboots (not steep angles) and a freeride board. When going straight, after I pickup some speed, the rear of the board starts sliding and does not track straight. It is fine w...

Discount lift tickets?
Hey Everyone. I'm going to Keystone/Breckenridge/Arapahoe Basin/Vail in a coupla weeks. I'm looking for discount lift tickets. Anyone know of any good discounts that I can get? ...

Scott Aurora
Anyone tried a Scott Aurora snowboard? There is one for sale in a shop i know for 100 which for my first board might be adecent purchase cos im a beginner. Thanks

Grasshopper with a silly question
Hello! Last season I bashed my head a couple of times, so this time out I'm buying a lid. Now...I have a shaved dome and thought I'd maybe buy a Red Skullcap to keep my ...

Inexpensive skiing Italy - UK Half term week
We have another trip this year to Italy. It is the week of the UK school half term. Have a look at for details. or email [email protected] This is a good trip for UK...

snowboarding with leg amputation
6 months ago I have lost my left leg because of an accident. Before, snowboarding was one of my favourite sports and now I want to do it again. Has anyone of you experience with snowboarding...

Anyone ridden a Palmer crown? which board next question?
I'm in the market for a new 'all mountain' type board and the Crown seems to be getting great write ups from the people selling them but I can't find any reviews from normal punters. <...

Does anyone use Pro-Tec IPS Hip Pads?
Is it any good?

WANTED - Bails for Switch N-Type Bindings
Does anyone know where I can buy a pair of bails for Switch N-type bindings? I would prefer used, but I'll buy new if you can point me to them. Thanks [email protected]

hello, last week i was for a couple of days snowboarding, and i had the chance to try out the Radical Surf 195 model, which is 195 cm long : ) (their homepage is http://www.radica...

Hi all, does anyone know if there are any snowboard speedometers? Greeeezzz The ultimate radical snowdude

Search Resumes for 3 Utah Snowboarders
By CHRISTIE L. HILL PROVO, Utah (AP) - Rescue dogs joined emergency teams Saturday in the search for three snowboarders feared dead in an avalanche in the backcountry of a norther...

Lift Tickets for Steamboat
I am driving from Chicago to Steamboat end of March. Is there any place along the way where one can get discount lift tickets. I thought I saw that in some of the grocery stores Colorado you...

Snow Skate questions
Note: This question is NOT about the snowboards that you attach your feet to. Onward: Got my 14 yr old son a snow skate, the type that's like a regular skateboard, but with a ski ...

Hello, I moved to a country with snow and mountains and want to learn snowboarding. Unfortunatly if you go to stores and don't know anything they usally try to sell you the most e...

snowboard jacket on ebay =ericchow&sort=3&rows=100&since=-1&rd=1


Grasshopper questions
I'm a grasshopper going into my second snowboarding season, aided by the indoor snow slope at Milton Keynes for a bit of practice. My question for today is, how important is waxing the board...

Trip REport Montgenevre / Caviere / Serre Chevalier
Went out Thurs to Turin - opted for France as opposed to Cervinia / Alagna etc - as had to pick some kit up in Briancon - snow very respectable - opted to stay in Montgenevre (1860) - just r...

secondhand boards in Paris
hello all I'm looking for a good place to buy a secondhand board in Paris, France. I'm gonna go ride soon and I'm broke. thanks for the advice b

Burton Feather
Anyone riding one? I would like you opinions on it. J. Day

hire boots
Im off to laclusaz in january and will be hieing board and boots,this will be my 4th time.I allways get a problem with numb feet after a while,I read a post on here saying that was due to po...

Learning the Pipe
I plan on learning the half-pipe this winter and would be interested in any advice as to how to best accomplish this without busting every bone in my 40 year old body. Are there good ways to...

I personally think this spring action is key to "getting it". Carve, contract, transfer, extend-carve-contract-transfer-extend... You get the idea - the vertical body action is key to hitt...

Riding gear prices
I'm interested in riding and looking buy some gear. I've been advised on the brands, sizes etc of the gear that I should get from friends that are professional riders. I figured that if ...

mountains near Albuquerque?
I'm going to see a friend in ABQ, and was looking for recommendations of mountains nearby. I was originally psyched at the idea of going to Taos, until I realized they don't allow snowboard...

missing the season
I broke my collarbone on a mountainboard in September. Just found out it hasn't joined and will need to be operated on. There'll be no snowboarding for me this season. :-( <...

rossignol swords
Hi All, Does anyone of you own a Rossignolo Swords board? I'm thinking of getting one (my forst board). Any comments/recomandations are more than welcome. Thanx. ...

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