May be dumb, but worth a try?
Im looking to buy some boots online. I know if I don't like em when I get them, I can return them to the store in my town and exchange for a different pair in the store. But getting new bo...

Sugar Bowl Group Pass
Is anybody here trying to get a group of 25 or so together to buy Sugar Bowl Season Passes and looking for more?

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Quebec Board Trip - Where To Go?
Hello everyone. For those that have been to Quebec what would you recommend. I looked thru some history and can't find anything relating what I was looking for that was actually current. <...

OR Mitts
Has anyone tried any of the following OR Mitt models: Mutant Mt baker Pro Mitt and if so: Can you strap in/out with them on, zip/unzip your jacket, etc? ...

Burton SL-6 Boots??
I've only been boarding once before. By the end of the week I'd managed to carve some turns and stay on my feet (most of the time). This time round I decided I'd buy some boots - I really li...

Snowboard Designs, stylish snowboarddesigns...
Dear Snowboardfreaks, Following link will guide you to great Snowboard-Designs (to order in Originalsite as posters), great Shirts, bookmarks in boardshape, calender, accessoires...

Nitro Darkhorse
Hi everyone, Has anyone had any experience with this board. I am looking at buying a board soon and this one looks good. My friend has just bought a nitro and I have heard they ar...

Cap vs. non-Cap board construction ?
Ok, respond to this post if you have actually ridden cap contructed boards (like RIDE) _AND_ non-cap/standard sidewall boards (like Burton) and can compare them. I've spent most o...

Lense Colour for Goggles?
Im looking to buy some goggles. Being new I have not had a chance to actually play around with dif. types etc. I am looking for a lense color that will block sun during the day, yet not be...

Ive got a board no what do i do?
im looking for some online instructions on how to snowboard for a beginner. any help is appreciated.

Your Opinions On Ride LS Bindings Please!
Hey all, Ok I am pretty new to this and finally bought all my equip. I ended up buying Ride LS Bindings as I was able to get them on sale for $150 Canadian. When I went to the R...

Atomic Don, Samonon Definition, Rossi Myth - any comments
I had been on Ride Control 157 with hard boots (Shimano) and K2 clickers till last season. The board has a bit too much sidecut for the type of riding I like to do (groomed or powder runs w...

Board sizing...
I'm 6'2", 195 lbs, with 11.5-12 size boots. I currently ride a Ride Mountain and like it because of its width but want a board that is a bit quicker turning (faster edge to edge) and more a...

LLBean Snow Boots for Sale
I have some excellent LLBean snow boots for sale - never worn. Please have a look at: Thanks Ry...

Verbier Off-piste
Any good links to web sites where is some info on best tracks.

Suggestions on a bag for flying?
I'm going to be flying up to Park City early in January. Unfortunately, I don't have a bag for my gear. I've been looking at the Burton Gig Bag (cause I don't have a whole lot of money to ...

Suggestion for beginner or intemediate board?
I've been skiing for many years and now I'm thinking of trying snowboarding. I've tried it last year with rentals but I'm thinking of getting my own gear this year. I'l...

RFD: create unmoderated newsgroup uk.rec.skiing
-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- REQUEST FOR DISCUSSION (RFD) This is a formal Request For Discussion (RFD) for the following changes in the uk.* Usen...

FR vs FS Am I Correct...
As a new rider I am about to buy my first board. I am in a toss up between a freeride and freestyle. I don't really plan on hitting the pipe at all. Maybe the odd time for kicks. I plan ...

Rage board for son?
My 12 year old wants to try boarding this winter. We were in Sports Authority and they have a clearance on last years gear. He found a board he liked for $99 labeled Rage Dare with a red win...

what happened to cappel
is the cappel clothing brand still around? had some great trousers from them, but need new ones. can't find any website. maybe i'm just being incompetent ...... anyone? ch...

FS: Helly Hansen Luxor Pants, Arbor Woodie 154cm
Sold the Vans Fargo BOA boots, couple more things to go, pictures at links below: Helly Hansen Luxor Pant Pants are 01/02 Helly Hansen Luxor size medium. Bought and never used. Fu...

Which is better? Burton AK glove or Pinnacle?
I am trying to figure out 2 things: 1) Is the Burton AK glove a single piece glove without liner 2) Is the Pinnacle glove just as good as Goretex is Goretex.

Quick Advise Please
IM VERY NEW. Want to buy a board so I can start this. I guy I know is selling a Liquid Board, K2 Bindings, and Ryde bootes. He is going to let me know what style/model board it is as he d...

please recommended snowboard range size according to my weight and height ?
Sorry if this question has been asked and answered a thousand times before in this newsgroup but here goes: I was thinking of buying a snowboard. What size should I look for if <...

Flow Bindings this year?
Anyone want to comment on Flow Bindings this year? When ever I go to a place that does not sell them, I am told they suck. When I go to a place where they are sold, I am told they are...

Snowboard holiday in Tsjech republic, probably around Spindleruv Mlyn, any experiences?
Hello all, I'm wondering if there is anyone aroud willing to share his/her experiences on a wintersport/snowboard holiday in the Tsjech Republic? I read on a few site that...

Sun Peaks
Has anyone got any major gripes against Sun Peaks in Canada? Cos if not, I'll book a holiday out there for the end of February.

Vintage Burton Snowboard
I collect vintage snowboards and I am looking for a specific Burton to purchase. I am not sure exactly what year it is, probably eighties, but it has a Ouija board on it. If anyone has one...

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