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I'm selling my almost new gear: Sims FSR900 board + Flow fbindings
Hello people! I am selling my 1-month ridden (I snowboarded during my winter break in Copper Mnt and Frisco area) board and flow bindings. It comes with a free Lamar board bag.

freesurf snowboard circa 1993
greetings fellow rippers, any of you old-timers out there ever seen or owned a freesurf snowboard? my buddy and i rented a pair of these '92-93 season and ended up buying them fr...

Please help: Need old-style bindings for awesome Grateful Dead board
I just bought an awesome K2/Lunatic Fringe board from 1995. It has 12 front foot holes, a central one, with 3 pairs about an inch or two from the edge of the board. I think there are 5 hol...

motorized skateboard rides like snowboard 2 wheels Wheelman
I saw this awesome motorized skateboard that has 2 hubless wheels and rides like a snowboard pics and a cool video check it out at

Anyone with ELAN snowboard?
New snowborder need help I 'm planning to buy new Elan snowboard with bindings. I'm thinking about Elan Quantum 158 with F8 bindings ( 280 EUR ) or Elan Rise 158 with F1 bindings ...

Documentary on Option Snowboards
This is my latest documentary on Option Snowboards. Please give me some feedback. or http://static.zed.cbc....

Sand Boarding
Does anyone know of any beaches in the UK that have large enough sand dunes to go sand boarding, I'm not thinking enormous, but large enough to enjoy ... there must be somewhere ? ...

Sunshine AB
I will be heading out to Sunshine Alberta in Apr 2004, late seasons. Are there any great hotel deals or places to stay which are cheap. Do they have shuttles to the hill or do you need a c...

Ever boarded in Alaska? (Alyeska in March, actually)
Came across a good trip to Alyeska Resort, Alaska. Has anyone ever been there? It isn't very high, but it gets a buttload of snow, 782 inches, a year and has 1000 acres of t...

boots in extra wide sizes ?
I need a little bit of extra space across the ball of my foot. do any makers tend to be wider ? Do any makers produce boots with differents widths ? Thanks, Bill

Courchevel in early December ?
Is the snow looking good this year ? Looking at some historical reports here: Nov December January February March April Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20

HotWax Need some clarification
Hey there, im new and bought last seasons K2 spitfire board. Decided that being its been sitting in a shop id give it a hotwax. I have read tons of info on this board and found many websit...

snowboard videos???
anybody work in the video productions field, peferably with snowboarding?? im tryin to get some feed back check out my site , ive been working o...

Camping and snowboarding in the Southeast.
I'm interested in camping while I snowboard and wonder if there are any places to do so around the ski areas in the SE. -- Mick Davies

Learning in Cataloochie/Maggie Vally what to expect.
I've been told that since I've never boarded I'll never no the difference and learning on the type of snow there, manufactured and hard, I'll actually ski better when I go out west to more p...

Ski challenge of my Life
On 13 March 2004 I will be taking up the challenge of my life. I am going to Austria to take part in the White Peaks Challenge for Scope. Joining 80 other people gathered from all walks of l...

5150 Tru-flex core?
Is this a foam core? Its a 5150, 163cm, Cyclone board. The price is right but... If it is foam, what are the drawbacks? Any opinions would be appreciated Thanks, ...

Check out this retard
.. <...

Sport Bikers wanted
MSBC going National Come join sportbikers from all over Canada.

stylus vs. rmp
Hello, i have got duotone rpm borad now, but i can trade it in Stylus model. which one is better? is it a good deal? btw. i`m closer to freestyle riding. thanks ...

Morrow Blaze ?
Anyone have any info on this board ? I couldn't find it on the Morrow website so I guess the one I'm looking at is probably last year's model. I'm looking at a Morrow Blaze 158 wide. <...

Post-ACL recon: soft or stiff setup?
Hi all, Thanks for everyone's encouragement after my surgery this summer. By the time I get to ride this winter I'll be 6 months post-ACL reconstruction. I absolutely realize I...

Opinions on Elk Mntn lodge , Crested Butte ?
Hi , I am thinking of going to Crested Butte and staying at a B&B called Elk Mountain Lodge . Has anyone been there and have any opinion on it . Rustic charm is allright with me . I j...

Fleet Maintenance Pro v9.0.19 Enterprise 100 users, STRACfast
Fleet Maintenance Pro v9.0.19 Enterprise 100 users, STRACfast Maintenance 2.5c, Auto Maintenance Pro v9.0 Professional Incl Keygen, various other AUTO and BOAT Maintenance progs ... wee...

Which new board ??
Hey guys - I am in the process of buying myself a new board, I currently ride a Salamon Driver 160 (which was their wide model) but as I have UK 8 feet, I don't want a wider board than ...

Snowboarding in Italy
We're planning a trip to Italy....any suggestions where to go? Val Gardena looks interesting. Has anyone been there?

Grenade snowboard gloves
Can anyone tell me if Grenade gloves work well in the cold like -25 degrees C?

M/L Binding? Is there a huge difference?
Hello again all. First being pretty new to all this, thanks for all your usefull feedback. Didn't realize there was so much to this sport. Second my wife bought a board and...

"Pop" etc
Hi Is there a glossary of terms such as "pop"? I have my own idea about what words like this mean in relation to board characteristics, but I may be completely wrong. C...

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