Where to buy clothing in UK?
Hi Does anyone have any good sources for *cheap* clothing in the UK? Either online, or shops in Essex would be good. I was able to get some nice ACG kit from Sport Soccer in...

Salomon boots
I am looking for a stiffer soft boot, and have heard good things about the Salomon's. Specifically, the Malamutes look appropriate. But, what are the F series boots about? The info o...

Chorus snowboards. RIP??
Anybody know if Chorus is dead or not? Last time I talked to Leslee she said they were looking for a buyer, but the website hasn't changed in a *long* time and I don't see any new chorus pr...

Not another board length question
Hi, I'm a beginner/intermediate snowboarder, have about 10 days under my belt. I learned to ride in Hunter Mtn. in NY when I was interning there last season. I have an ...

Nitro Suicide or Nidecker Blade/Platinum
Hi! I 've been to a shop today looking for a new board. I'm three years riding by now and I want to have my own board. Like to take the slopes with some speed and take a jump some...

Munich to Mayrhofen
I'm taking a trip to Mayrhofen on Jan 3rd and am finding trying to organise transfers between Munich and Mayrhofen a nightmare. Does anyone have any tips on what to do for tranfers? I was lo...

Important: Avalanche snowboards online where????
I can't read the reply sent some days ago by someone to my post. There's a technical problem on Google's server, so please repost it directly to my e-mail address at: [email protected] or ...

Expired Echo Listing
Hello, The Zone 1 Backbone only carries echoes listed in the EchoList. It seems that the listing for this echo has expired. Thus, it will be necessary for someone to assume th...

Silverton Mountain?
Anyone have any stories? I am very intrigued after reading the article on it in transworld...

Ride Boots For Sale
If you are in the market for some decent snowboard boots, please check my auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3629205327&cate gory=21249&rd=1 To...

Snowboarding prejudice continues...
Take a look at what these assholes over at Mammoth Lakes Condo rentals have on their webpage (taken from http://www.mammothcondos.com/infosheet.htm): Start of quote- --...

Nidecker Project TM
Anyone owns it? Thoughts? I'm looking at that and their new Big Mountain board. -- Posted via Mailgate.ORG Server - http://www.Mailgate.ORG

are evol snowboards any good??
hi. i'm seeing good deals on Evol boards from www.the-house.com, just wondering if anyone has experience with this brand? thanks.

Burton step-in boots with strap-in bindings?
Hi, I have a pair of Burton Step-in boots, and was wondering if I could simply take off the support ratchet across the top of the boots and use strap-in bindings instead? The issu...

Where can I get lace locks for my boots?
Hello everyone! Quick question... I bought this pair of boots on ebay, but they don't have lace locks. Does anyone know where I can get them? The manufacturer is Liquid Snowboards, bu...

Hello Could someone tell me what town Donek operates out of? Thanks Jonathan

bd board design contest
for those who are interested to have their own design on a board. in october we have an international school contest on http://www.boarddesigner.com good luck bdmaster ...

SB Boots - Should I buy in the moring or the afternoon?
Right guys and girls, I'm looking to purchase a new pair of SB boots before the coming season and I can probably still get some discounts this is all because I'm finally feed up with gaffe...

best snowpark austria/france
Hi! I'm lookin' for a place to ride this winter and I'd like to know your opinion about best snowpark in Austraia and France. Where is best Austrian and where is best French snowp...

kids on boards
I'd like to take my son out for some snowboarding. He is 6, weighs about 60 lbs. Any advice on a board, equipment, teaching techniques, etc is welcome and appreciated. I've flex...

Avalanche boards online: where????
I would like to buy an Avalanche board (model "Standard") but apart from www.snowboarddepot.com, which does not ship to Italy, where can I find an online shop to order this item???? Tha...

I'm 5' 6" 125 lbs Would 135 cm be ok for me?
Well? Also I'm looking at a liquid board with sims bindings for 100 can...Is this a good deal? I've been boarding for almost 3 yrs but just whenever I can get out, never owned my own equipme...

MDP's Gameshow Video
Well, I bought my first video of the season yesterday, Game Show, which is a compilation of of contests from last season. Contests include the US Open, Red Bull Heavy Metal and the Arctic ...

Wanted to Buy or Build Rotobrush Handle and Brushes
HI All I need but cannot afford to buy a new roto brush handle and brush set. So .... if you have a used one, please advise as to make, model, age, condition, cost and shipp...

Please read the FAQ
New readers of the group should read the FAQ. This saves the same old questions being asked time over. It will make you cooler, and you'll get more girls/guys. Vast riches will be found...

ski/snowboard dvd's forsale
Mind the Addiction - TGR films(ski and snowboard) - one viewing $15 Clockwork - The Gathering Collective(snowboard) - one viewing - $12 Brainstorm - Kingpin Productions(snowboard) - brand ne...

Board Length
I'm 6'2", 200 lbs...what would be the ideal length for me? I don't do the park although i'm into some jumps and not really into the pipe. I had a 162 that faired well and now I have a 164 ...

New Boardwear
Team Snow+Sk8 are proud to announce the arrival of their launch t-shirt, the Miyagi. Beanies will be with us shortly and can be pre-ordered. I'm sure you'll like the look of our l...

European Weekenders
Hi, Can anyone recommend a decent European resort thats suitable for a long weekend away riding. Looking to take a group of about 10-12 out, riders of all standards, so nothing ...

snowboarding video doc input
hi everyone, i made a 6-min video for wannabe snowboarders. i'd like to have your input on this video clip. if you have the time you can watch it at: http://zed.cbc.ca/...

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