Coloured sunblock?
Yeah, I know it's very eighties but does anyone know where I can pick up a coloured sunblock in the UK? TIA

grass (skiing)
Anyone know of any grass skiing centres in the US/Canada? Bryce, Camelback and Catamount used to provide facilities.... Pete

Spare Time Strategies
Time is the coin of your life. It is the only coin you have, and only you can determine how it will be spent. Be careful lest you let other people spend it for you. --Carl Sandburg ...

Any experiences with
Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with booking holidays through It seems to be a trading name of Online Travel Corp. Any help appreciated T...

Burton custom 166 with boot size 11
Hi, I'm thinking about buying a burton Custom 166 ( the new one) but I have boot size 11. My stance is 15 front and -6 back. Does anybody know if this is going to be a problem (...

No More Clicker HB bindings from K2...
I'm not sure if anyone noticed (or cared) but K2 got rid of their HB (highback) Clicker bindings this year. They now just have straps and the original flat clickers. I think this...

Re:Monthly newsletter
Hi, I`m looking for someone to help me write a monthly newsletter on all aspects of skiing.I wiil publish a bio at the end of the piece detailing that you were the one who wrote the article or wh...

difference between hard and soft boots
Hi guys, This may sound like a silly question but what is the difference in a soft boot and hard boot... i live in australia and all the boots i have seen... which is not many.. s...

Your help needed for Snowboard research
Hi, I am doing a PhD in Snowboarding and I need your help. My PhD is all about why people snowboard, and what they get out of it. Would you please do two things ...

Im trying to compile a checklist for things to cover when planning a ski / board holiday I wonder if anyone can add to the list any that I have forgotten or if there are any links to such on...

any experience with atomic boards?
Hi all, i'll be buying a new board and i am thinking of either a burton indie or an atomic. does anyone have any experience, good or bad, with atomic? can anyone reccommend a bo...

Heatwave closes Mt Blanc
Article in one of the UK's national newspapers, The Observer, has the following article:-,6903,1020327,00.html Having r...

rusting edges = big problem??
how do i get around this :S

Im trying to compile a checklist for things to cover when planning a ski / board holiday I wonder if anyone can add to the list any that I have forgotten or if there are any links to such on...

Cedar Ridge, Whistler
I'm looking at renting a house in Cedar Ridge in Whistler at the end of next March, and was wondering if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions/tips? All help gratefully recei...

Snowboard swivel devices
I've recently seen some devices (e.g. Swivler and SpinU 180) which say that they let you spin your front binding round for easier walking. Has anyone got any experience of these, cos they s...

Burton Custom vs. Option Vinson
If anyone could help or share experiences that would be awesome. I'm 6'2" 200 lbs and been riding for 3 years in pretty sketchy conditions in ontario. I consider myself an intermediate rid...

Earn $500 to $700 per Week Downloading FREE Software
We know it sounds TOO good to BE true, but its REAL! Our International Technology firm will pay you hard cash each time FREE software is downloaded. Best of all you will only have to download ONE p...

Everest/Seven Summits Attempt
Thought I'd mention this for those of you who aren't aware of it: Seteven Koch is on Everest now, in his second attempt to climb and snowboard Everest to com...

Newer Higher end boards
I am looking to replace my Burton Custom with a new board this year. Any pre-season reviews or opinions about some similiar all mountain boards J

03-04 retail websites
Does anyone know if there are any retail websites besides that wave 03-04 gear? I kind of want to order something from there but it looks like all their product shots are ...

Oz or NZ at short notice
Hi there, I'm off to Oz at the end of the week for a couple of weeks, and I'm vaguely tempted to lug my boarding kit down there with me. Can anyone recommend any Oz resorts, or su...

Freebord, Flowboard, ?
I've heard talk about skateboards that feel like snowboards. I dug up info on Freebords and Flowboards. Are there others like these? Any comments on either of these boards? What are the ...

sidewall construction
I was wondering if anyone can explain to me the differences between the different types of sidewall construction. Like the pros and cons between cap, slanted, and i guess the regular st...

Have you heard about "The Extreme Adventurer"?
His reports are real "Boys Own" stuff, amusing, very "tongue in cheek" but very informative and great fun. You can subscribe for free here: ...

Hello! planing to go spend this season i Whistler and woundering if I have to arange my living before i go there or if its like bigger resorts in europe , u just go there and start lo...

Best Carver?
I'm starting to exit my park years and enter my hard carving years. A bad windsurfing crash and a torn MCL this summer is no good for freestyle. I am looking for anyones thoughts...

Level Gloves
Does anyone know who sells Level Snowboarding gloves in the US? After breaking my wrist last year I found out it seems to take the old bones a lot longer to heal so I am going to be doing th...

buying epuiment
Hi i am supposed to be heading out to canada this winter to do a season, thing is though i sold my snowboard at the end of last season and i need a new one, do you think its best ...

ACL recon update
Its been four weeks today since my ACL surgery. My second post-op follow-up was yesterday, and the surgeon is very pleased with my recovery. In rehab I'm walking without brace ...

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