30 Dec 2003 02:22:45
Bruce Chang
Discount lift tickets?

Hey Everyone.
I'm going to Keystone/Breckenridge/Arapahoe Basin/Vail in a coupla weeks.
I'm looking for discount lift tickets. Anyone know of any good discounts
that I can get?

The PEAKS price at the mountain and pre-purchase through most board shops is
$57/day. Of course any additional money I can save, the better. For those
of you who are going, hope this helps. Also a season pass is $299 for the
three moutains: Key/Breck/A-basin.

This is the one site that gave me anything better.


01 Jan 2004 06:08:58
Chet Hayes
Re: Discount lift tickets?

There are people selling discount tickets on Ebay.

The best source I've found is the Denver Entertainment Book. These
are the books available for many parts of the US with discount dinner,
movie, etc coupons. The Denver one has great discount ones for places
like Breck, Copper, Vail, etc. Typical deal is like $39, there are
various coupons, with few restrictions.