11 Dec 2003 12:56:52
Chester Bullock
Chester's Somewhat Daily Report - 12/9/03

[Repost for those of you that don't go to rsa anymore]

Good morning. Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking a mid-week day
off. The morning was spent at my step-son's school for their version of
Tiny Tim's Christmas Carol. I confess, it is disturbing to me that
they do musicals instead of plays. When I was in elementary school, we
did the whole Christmas Carol production. Guess I am just biased
against musicals. Oh well. This kept Jen and I occupied until 10:30am
(a half hour longer than it was supposed to). Then we went home, got
changed, and were off to the mountains. Copper Mountain to be exact.

The roads weren't too bad. I-70 was icy in spots, but the Jeep handled
it just fine. I bought a set of BFG AT's this summer, and was totally
impressed by them with the recent snowfall we had in Denver (on Monday).

We were on the mountain by 1pm, with free tickets courtesy of the Warren
Miller movie Journey. It was at this point that I made a very poor
decision. I seriously misjudged Jennifer's ability to jump right back
on the skis where she left off last season. I took her up the Super
Bee, and we started to go down Upper Andy's Encore. The steep face on
top, with bumps, was a bit much for her on her first run of the season.
Unfortunately the other options for getting down were all closed. We
had to get down the face, then Collage to take Easy Road down to the top
of the American Eagle. From there we took Rhapsody and Main Vein down.
She did really well the whole way, but that first pitch took a lot out
of her. We did some runs off the American Flyer after that, then called
it a day. She did really well on these runs, and I think she has her
skiing legs back under her now. But I really screwed up by putting her
on Andy's right away. Valuable lesson learned here.

As for the general condition of Copper and the snow, it was pretty nice.
As you would expect in early season, there were some spots that were
getting scraped through. I didn't see any huge patches of dirt though,
so that's a good thing. The mountains are supposed to get snow this
weekend, so I think they will be in good shape. It was one of the
colder days I can remember up there, even under the clear blue sky.

The new camera seemed to work fine under the cold temps (my hands were
failing before the camera!). I am processing the pics now, so I'll let
you know where to view them when I get that done. Work comes first
today sadly. The powder was skiied off well before we got there, so I
doubt there are any bite-me pics in the batch anyhow. Although, given
the fact that I got out for mid-week skiing, that may warrant a bite me

Have a good day.
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