Wahhhh...whats up with www.snow-forecast.com today?
For some reason, I'm just getting 404's today..... (& I'm one (a mug?) that actually PAYS for the service) :-( Well probably no point... to check the joint... Hey-ho... ...

Has a lot to answer for! -- Mike W

cheap shovel!!!!
http://www.theoutdoorshop.com/Outdoor/ProductDetails.aspx?language=en-GB&product=1149201 No snow so may aswell do some gardening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Encamp Funicamp, Andorra
Hi Does anyone have any reports on getting the Funicamp from Encamp to the Ski slopes of Pas de la Casa- Grau Roig? Any info would be much appreciated. Than...

Ski Servicing
Does anyone service their own skiis here? If so, where is the best/cheapest place to buy equipment online in the UK? I need a new edge file, some base repair products and I might...

Weather readings looking good for 3V
Humidity shot up since midnight last night, we can but hope http://www.merinet.com/weather.php http://www.merinet.com/weather_weekly.php :o)

Single American Expert Looking for Advice on Where to HookUp
Hi all, So I fell totally in love with real European skiing at La Grave a few years ago. Having skied pretty much every run here in the Western US I'm craving to go back to ski t...

Canadian property
Take a look at this acreage in B.C. that is within a few hours many excellent ski hills . Why not live where it's at? http://mypage.uniserve.ca/~ewashen/

Opinions on Goggles
I got my goggles from last season out for packing and noticed a horrible red streak across them. They seemed ruined so I attempted to take the mark off, now they're really ready for the bi...

Travel between Modane and Geneva
Does anyone know how to go about this on trains? I've just tried www.raileurope.com, but it couldn't help me. I need to do this journey and the return in a few weeks.

Fritschi Diamir Freeride Binding Failure
After a relatively minor tumble (OK, I admit I may have hit a covert rock quite hard) on the side of the piste under the Herse chair at Grands Montets, my ski detached (as I would have wishe...

Slovakia: Best resort?
Hi I'm looking for a good resort in Slovakia, what about Tatranska lomnica? thanks Mnemo

WetterOnline: The Future
Just came across this site: http://www.wetteronline.de/eurovor.htm It's in German, but all you need to know is: Höchsttemperatur = Max. temperature Tief...

Lets change the subject!

If your an adult make your own decision, if you have kids make a decision for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

On route Hotels
Driving down to Avoriaz(from Calais) later in the season. Any help on suitable places for an over night Hotel stop..approx 4-5 hours from calais. Many thanks

Tignes info please!
Going there end of January, staying in Les Brevieres - Most in our group are mid-intermediate and above, however a couple of beginners too...are there any decent nursery slopes, and if so wh...

Conditions in Alpe d'Huez?
Hi all, Anyone know how the conditions are in Alpe d'Huez... we're going next week! Thanks, C_S

Salomon X-Scream Series - Replacement Prolinks?
I have a pair of Salomon X-Scream Series which have given great service. During a weeks skiing at La Plagne over Christmas I found that part of one of the rear (V) Prolink arms had detache...

rossignol open 500
Hi I am about to buy some rossignol open 500 skis - however whats the latest position on length ! I am just under 6' around 13 stone and I suppose a reasonable intermediate ...

Courmayeur (Post-Holiday Review)
I've just arrived home after a week in Courmayeur (and 2 days in La Thuile). Here's some of my thoughts on the snow conditions and also the resort in general. Courmayeur had blue ...

just back from Val d'Isere
Got back from Val d'Isere yesterday. We went by train so caught the Eurostar to Paris and had a rather frantic trip on the RER to Gare du Lyon to catch the TGV to BSM with luggage...

'Nother dumb question...
Okay, just about to start packing my ski bag for the first time. It's one of those where you can pack in all your clothes and stuff around the skis. It advertised itself as padded but ther...

Snowboarder Dead :-(
From www.tagesanzeiger.ch - a summary translated by myself. "Snowboarder in Italien nach Zusammenstoss mit Skifahrer gestorben" BELLUNO - A 38 year-old snowboarder died after a c...

Ski report for Flaine and Grand Massife
Got back yesterday from Flaine and the pisterres are closing down the resort, stopped the 8 man 9 AM Sat 3rd and closed the DMC because of winds. The cascade run was oipen Sat AM but 2 drags...

Skiing for teachers and friends: Folgarida & Chamonix
SETAFS, the non-profit making club for teachers is arranging ski trips to Italy at Half Term and to Italy and France at Easter. Prices are lower than operators prices and the whole tripis s...

Where are all the posts?
Just got back from a week away (Val d'isere, more later...) and there are no posts here older than 30 December 05. What's going on ?

Hectares vs. Km of Piste
The US resorts tend to use skiable area as a measure of the size of the resort, making it difficult to compare with the length of runs used by almost of all of the European resorts.

Need advice on Lech eating
Hello, My girlfriend and I are going to Lech in a few weeks and it will be our first trip there. The place we are staying at offers breakfast only, so we are on our own for...

I aready sent this but it seems to have got lost in the ether....(so sorry if you got it twice!) Taking girls with us to Cham this year....what's the legal position regarding sk...

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