i have some atomic rs11s and yelow salomon race skate boots but im
if i should consider upgrading to some liter carbon boots or better skis(although im not sure if there is much out there better than rs11) ive had this stuff for 3 years..any suggestions

Swix HF & Swix HFBD Question
Due to the cost involved would the Swix HFBD be good enough to use only, or do you really need to have the HF waxes too?. I'm curious to know if the HFBD would perform that poorly if t...

Championship of Finland - tomorrow live on finnish tv!
Today in Kuusamo was ski jumping competition during championship of Finland. Tommorow there will be 30k women and 50k men races. http://www.yle.fi/urheilu/suorat_lahetykset_netissa/ - here i...

Big News
Please see the attached link for news about XC skiing in WNY and NE PA. Allegany State Park has purchased equioment for trail grooming. http://www.madbbs.com/users/jandy100/ASP.htm

Modify/stiffen your own skis?
Has anyone ever tried to modify or stiffen their own skis? I didn't do any head to head tests but it seemed to me that my new touring skis (Fischer Country) were too soft in the tail a...

FA: Roller Skiing gloves - Medium *NIB*

NYSEF Nordic and ORDA Season Finale
It's official... SUNDAY 3/30/08 10 AM Hello from the 1980 Olympic Nordic Ski Venue in Lake Placid, NY! The Cross-Country skiing at Mt. Van Ho couldn't get much better. ...

Last ski, best ski... now what?
We got decent snow in mid-Michigan this season but even so I'm not all skied out. The Easter snow dump we got a week after everything else melted was most welcome. My first day out on it was...

quality used skis/boots for sale
Hi, I'm selling some good quality used stuff as I don't need it any more. Check it out. Thanks for looking. Brian Fischer RCS Skate skis http://cgi...

Exel Suspension Tips?
Not sure if this is "new" news, but exel now offers rollerski tips with some sort of spring inside them for absorbing shock. Has anyone tried these and care to offer feedback?

exercise physiology question
Hey all, a question for anyone out there with an exercise physiology background. My wife has recently embarked on a weight loss/exercise plan at "Curves" here in our home town. ...

norwegian birkie
So, where are the results of the norwegian birkebeiner?? I tried birkebeiner.no and couldnt get the results to load up ... top ten? JKal.

how long is you kick zone???
I think my kick zone is too long. Seems as though a large portion of my ski is kick zone !!! A long kick zone means MORE drag right -- less glide area ... ?? 27.5 inches (70 cm) ...

Huge variety of winning styles: Ian Harvey in new Master Skier
I just read the new Master Skier. It has a cover story by Ian Harvey that says there are lots of very different ski techniques that winners use. ...Straddling or total weight shif...

Salomon Equipe 10 Ski Bases?
I'm considering picking up a pair of Salomon Equipe 10 Classic Skis. However after reading some recent posts about Salomon bases not being up to par with other brands I'm concerned. For exam...

Shame on shades
For my xc-skilady's birthday, I bought the best shades my dealer holds at my ski shop: the Adidas Evil-eye Explorer with all the Climacool and SPX technology and what else for greater v...

The world cup finals
Hi Does somebody found the torrent of the races of this week end in Bormio? I mean the finals of the world cup!! I have tried to found them, but no r=E9sults. I would apreciate if ...

Birkebeiner (Norway)
Anybody know if there's any good stuff online about the just-run Birkebeiner? I see from the results that places 1/2, 3/4, and 5/6 were all decided in sprint finishes. I'm hoping there's som...

Whining about WC team suit design and big "smock" bibs...
In the recent vids I've watched the suits seemed design to CAMOFLAGE the racers. I never really did know who Newell was while I watched his race! The amount of major color in the suits plus ...

skate rollerski length question
Hey all - I'm currently rollerskiing on a pair of 53 cm rabbits with slow rubber wheels. I'm 5'11", 172 lbs, and an "advanced recreational rollerskier". Am I making a mistake by not being ...

Spring skiing snow type?
I was skiing some wettish snow Saturday, glide being only fair, but still pretty firm and got to wondering: Once the snow and air warms up , and at least the surface becomes soft, ...

"Good skis" seem to determine the podium: recipe for low popularity?
Just wondering... Does any other sport have this much MYSTERY behind the podium? I mean, mysterious to EVERYONE involved. Even the top skiers and teams aren't sure from race...

Swedish championships
Hi Does somebody have the videos/torrent of the swedish cross country skiing championships? The competitions was last week and i would like to see them. If somebody know something ...

FA: Summer Roller Ski Gloves - Medium *NEW*

Andy Newell featured on NRK: Big Air!
http://www1.nrk.no/nett-tv/sport/spill/verdi/45261# Try that link! (required Internet Exploder, unfortunately. :-() Doing backflips with double rotation is pretty heavy duty, tha...

Bormio WC Finals
Here's what must be an official write-up posted on fasterskier.com. Not exactly world championships, but more than the normal weekend. Is anyone going to be grabbing the races? RM...

looking for royal gorge soda springs gold rush race wax suggestions
supposed to be 20 to 26 degrees F 70% humidity with fresh snow falling the day before. race starts at 0900. any help/all comments appreciated on wax /base prep. TIA.

light roller skis
Hi, What are the lightest roller skis out there? Brian

Alpina TCS Skate Boots (42) on ebay

Torrents from Sapporo '07 available?
I see that some were put up last year. I've only ever downloaded one torrent before, but when I tried getting anything from last year's links nothing happened. I don't really know what torre...

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