curious whats it like to skate at 34-40 degress spring time?
i mean if you had a choice you probably would ski below 32deg...but what is spring sking like...does any body do it or do we all put away the skis

Korea Sprint biathlon
the second half of the men's sprint race is at the women's sprint race is at

OT: X-files What are your theories?

Economic strategies for trail systems...
I just read the new issue of "Cross Country Skier" magazine. It has a story in it about the economics of various ski areas---sm, med and large. Interesting stuff! One of the lesso...

Drills to get Classickers out of the "toilet seat"...
I recall skaters having trouble with the "toilet seat" posture. But I just saw a serious case of it with a classic skier. What drills are most helpful? The skier is ve...

Ontario North of Toronto Is Cross-Country Nordic Heaven
A variety of resort destinations North of Toronto offer cross-country skiing. This is one sport that provides an exhilarating winter outdoors experience and lets you burn lots of calories. M...

kids & x-country
Dear All, looking for some ideas on how I might give my kids some X-country experience.

wax question
i'm am very new to nordic skiing and am currently paying to have my skis waxed as i know nothing about wax. how important is it to learn about the wax yourself or at least have a ...

How's your winter? Mid-Mich has been interesting...
Here around Lansing we've had two or three 5-6" dumps a month it seems, getting close to zero then holding at 20 for a few days. Then a week later it goes up to 40F and rains. A few days aft...

how does rossland bc compare to winthrop?
i like winthrop...should i even consider rossland bc for skate?

curious if rendevous area at winthrop wa might be better than sun
seems like mazama and rendevous is much nicer trails than sun mountain..which is harder...lower half of the coummunity trail didnt seem as nice as the upper 9? miles

Bonk-proofing a marathon?
I've always been a little shaky about being able to avoid bonking at marathons. When I last raced much I did figure out how to do it right---eat and drink at every station. ...

WJC races
Hey, Has anyone recorded the races at the world junior champs? I'd love to see Alex's races. 4th at the sprint, 2nd in the classic race and 4th in the skate is very impressive!!...

Wow, Ivan! ...and skinny classic Birkie winner...
The site has a few nice Birkie pics... Ivan looks like he's doing a 1km sprint. The pics of the classic winner show an awfully skinny/tiny skier--- nothin...

Stockholm sprint
If you can, someone please record the sprints from Stockholm. Gamla Stan is one cool place ! JKal.

Full-length vs. Mid-length Ski Shoot-out --- (it's a blowout)
I'd really like to demo some mid-length skis sometime. So far I only have 4 datapoints for the mid-lengths. 1: a top ski media guy says they're great for his hilly conditions

2008 Birkie
Ok, didn't anyone ski this? It's been pretty quiet around here. They had probably the best conditions I've seen in 17 years of skiing the race. Really good and considering how cold it ...

Hunter on skis
This message is in MIME format. The first part should be readable text, while the remaining parts are likely unreadable without MIME-aware tools. --8323328-909116917-1203986084=:7...

What's on Bauer's skis?
Hi group, Have you noticed Lucas Bauer superior glide in almost every WC races this year (by the way many thanks to Oscar, Terge and all for posting the WC races!!!)? Every time L...

classic ski flex
I broke my old faithful - an old Kneissel Ultra classic - and am looking for a replacement. While my RCS classic cold is great for hard packed tracks, I found that I need to really exert my...

Elevation gain?
Just got a new toy: Garmin Forerunner 305. I went on one of my favorite skis and came up with the following data. Distance: Total ascent: 885 m (2,900 ft?) Of...

Salmon Hills - Where to eat?
We're heading up to Salmon Hills (NY) for a couple of days, and having never been there, wondered if anybody could recommend any good restaurants for dinner within a reasonable distance of...

"watching" the men's race live splits online right now ... EXCITING !! I also just downloaded the last race at Liberec - GREAT VIDEO QUALITY !! thanks Oskar !! I have a new computer now wi...

Anyone need a lift from Boise to McCall on Saturday 23 Feb?
Hi everyone, I'm driving from Boise airport to McCall, leading up to the Masters World Cup, leaving the airport about 1800hrs, this Saturday, 23rd Feb. If anyone needs a li...

90km Steamboat race --- 4:15 hrs winner -- that's fast
There's a 90k race in Steamboat --- last year the winner took 4 hours 15 minutes. Whoa, that's fast. And long. --JP

Best Cold Weather Kick Wax
I'm returning to skiing after a few years injury-leave and was just wondering if there is still a consensus that Rhode Special Green is the best cold weather kick wax? Or, is there a new fl...

Norwegians: Hotbed of Skiing?
From Aftenposten ( article2269555.ece) "A public opinion poll conducted by research firm Norstat for sporting goods retailer Anton Sport indicate...

Vasaloppet This year
Wondering how many folks are planning on heading to the Vasa this year? I'm registered but having second thoughts. Crazy work schedule in January threw me off my training and not sure if my ...

Registration is open for the 32nd annual The Great Ski Race, March 2nd, Tahoe City to Truckee
The Great Ski Race is a 30 kilometer (~18.43 miles) adventure from Tahoe City to Truckee, over Starratt Pass and along Sawtooth Ridge, with spectacular views of Lake Tahoe and the Sierra C...

Snow Conditions for Birken?
Can anyone provide first-hand snow reports from the Lillehammer area? Thanks in advance. G. Wright

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