City of Lakes Loppet wax ideas
With the race right around the corner, what is being kicked around for wax ideas? Looks like the forecast is a looking a bit cooler now. Mike

Cold weather respirator/humidifier
I've seen both World Cup and a few national level athletes use them. They come in the form of a mask or something that looks like a scuba regulator. I'm not sure exactly what they are calle...

When Is Rex Blue Glide Wax Fast?
I bought Rex Blue Glide wax several years ago when I read it's unbeatable in certain conditions. However it's always slow when I use it. My other skis run faster. Does anyone have experience...

NM 10/ km skate womens torrent
Todays NM-races in Norway womens: mens: /o

Czech Mountains
Hi Neil I can't help you with your choice of centres but the following pages, if you dont already have them, may help you to track the incoming snow.

Czech Mountains
Dear All, We are off to the Czech Republic, initially Nove Hamy near Krusne Hory, in the Ore Mountains. I have been watching the snow disappear at this site.

Lake Placid Loppet - hotel room share
I've got a hotel room for Feb 6-9 with 2 beds. If someone wants to share and split costs for a couple nights, contact me. M, NS, no cologne or other strong scents. I'll be on the road w/o ...

white area on black base
so i have a pair of RCS classic fischers that are 2 years old. Whenever i ski on them (after a fresh waxing mind you) i get an area of "white" developing just behind my kick zone. Obviou...

Group for nordic ice skaters
There is now a yahoo group for nordic ice skating (tour skating) on Vermont and vicinity lakes: It seems that Lake Cha...

Mounting Pilot classic bindings
Just wondering whether I should mount these with the front bar on the balance point, as with Profil bindings. Before anybody suggests I should get a shop to do it, there isn't a shop in the ...

Flagstaff Nordic
Hi all, I will be in Flagstaff for a conference during the first week in March. I will have one afternoon of free time. Would people recommend using that afternoon to ski at Fla...

Drugs, Performance and Health
The NYT has an article today (Sunday) about a critic of the steroids-as-power-enhancer argument with regards to baseball:

Find An Outdoor Adventure Partner Community
Outdoor Eyes was recently mentioned as one of the top websites for finding Outdoor Adventure Partners in the new BackPacker February 2008 issue.

Marcialonga 2008
The Marcialonga is being run on Sunday, 1/27, with quite a bit big names in it. The race website says ( marcialonga_it/www/wo_news/Storage/00000472) that the...

Trouble With Salomon Pilot 2 Classic Binding
I had some problems with my Pilot 2 binding yesterday. Snow must have gotten trapped inside the opening which houses the the kevlar strap. The strap wouldn't return to the retracted positio...

Canmore Torrents
Hey Everybody, Sorry about the delay but I'm having a few technical difficulties wit the Pursuit races right now but I they will be up shortly. In the mea time here are the classi...

Proper foot position over ski, boot width and Pilot versus NNN
I only learned how to skate ski last year at Lake Placid ORDA, and am very dedicated to getting better. Recently I had a chance to participate in a NENSA clinic at the Von Trapps x country ...

Canmore reports from Nathan Schultz
Lots of interesting stuff -- for example:

biathlon torrent Last weekend's men's mass start. Let me know if there are any issues, I had to reinstall windows last week, as well as all the othe...

new: Snowmaking canon for low budget xc projects
Just for info: there is a brand new system for low budget snowmaking for xc projects. All you need is a tractor and a water source. No major electricity source og digging. Made in ...

Classic Sprint - skate skis & classic poles
The Norwegians used skate skis with classic poles to sweep the Canmore classic sprint. "the three Norweigans confirmed that they raced on skat...

Toko riller bar question
Hi, The Toko riller that comes with two bars comes with the following description: Toko Nordic Structurite 2 Riller Same as the Toko Nordic Structurite 4 Riller but wi...

What's the one best how-to drill for beginners?
For helping beginner skiers who are floundering, who just don't get the concept yet? Let's move on a step to include those who are "working" along, maybe some kick and glide, who ...

It's not video or pictures but you can 'watch' live splits at the following.

Kick waxing for a stiff camber
I have a pair of '06 RCS Classic Cold skis that I've barely used becaus the flex seems too stiff, however I've had them flex tested both where bought them and another place and both s...

Learning to Telemark turn
Since the snow here in Rochester,NY has temporarily gone away, I am going to a small training ski slope (where they make snow!), very close to my house, and using the bottom area to start ...

For Sale: V2 Jenex 105SRX Skate Roller Skis + Brakes, Speed Reducers,
These are among the best skate skis that you can get and come with the best brake and speed reducer on the market, as well as mudguards. These were drilled once but are NEW. These...

For sale: New pair of Ibex Men's Silas Backcountry Pants, Size Large These pants were a holiday gift and are brand new with the tags still attached. I'm a lon...

Raphael Poiree still running
Raphael Poiree is now running mass-start marathon and world loppet races. He announced his participation to the french Transjurassienne, Feb 10th. He just finished 2nd at today's ...

Sledge, Pulk?
I've built a sledge for an overnight trip in February but the place we are going to won't let me take it on tracked trails unless it is on skis and won't damage the tracked trails. Soooo, I ...

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