Tour de Ski Torrent: Men's Freestyle Pursuit (Nove MEsto, 12/29/07)
Offered experimentally (not having done this successfully before):

Hi all...does anyone have any info on the pros/cons of waxless skis? I am interested in info on skis for both (racing) kids and adults. On a related note, what would be a good selection of ...

Trip report from Houghton
I spent the past five days up in Houghton on a little family ski vacation. Sadly, I had to leave to be back at work just as things were getting lively. The snow is fabulous in ad...

Snow in Norway?
From Vegard Ulvang's blog 12/29 at the Tour de Ski site: See you again after the sprint in Prague tomorrow. I wish I was there. Oslo can report +5C, rain and green grass. Even my fathe...

Why no US skiers in TdS?
I didn't see any US skiers in the TdS results. What's up? I guess it's not a priority, or something. ?? This brings up a thought about XC organization. The team aspect is big in X...

Asnes skis in the US
Does anyone have information on Asnes skis in the US or in English? I interested in getting a pair of Combats or the equivalent civilian ski but all of the information is in Norwegian. They ...

NRK has live transmission of Tour de ski over internet! That's the link to live tv during the races of Tour de Ski! /o

RS9 Carbon busted cuff
Hey - I busted the tab off the medial side cuff on my right RS9 Carbon boot a couple weeks back. These boots are only 6 months old and a local shop is graciously handling the ret...

Old Great Bear Chase (Calumet, MI) Results
I'm getting back into ski racing this winter, and as such am wishing I had saved my results from back in the day. In particular, I'm interested in the 1991 Great Bear Chase in Calumet, Michi...

XC ski injuries... hams, delts...?
I might as well pile it on with the XC ski injuries. First, my hams act up. Not my lower back, thank goodness. Also, I notice that my deltoids get strangely weak during ski seaso...

Turning Corner In Classic Tracks
On a down hill where there is classic track, I am having a hard time turning corners. Does anyone have any suggestions about the technique to stay in the track? Such as: Weight distribution...

Trak Pinso Bindings and wedge heel piece
This probably won't bring results but I'm looking for a Trak Pinso Binding and large wedge heel pieces. It is a Delrin plastic three pin binding and a substitute may work.

A Ski Bum Diary
Ran Adini lived the life of a ski bum in Utah, Colorado and New-Zealand In his blog he shares the experiences that he's had: wildlife in th sin city of Queenstown, colorful ski bum ch...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 25 Dec 2007
I didn't ski on Monday, so today was my first chance to see what the conditions would be like after the first weather crisis this season (Sunday's rain). I skied on groomed trails today (T...

Grumble; the snow went away!
Rochester, NY After a great December of early snow, now that we have vacation/holiday time, we had a big ((50 degree F) warm up day and rain, which killed most all the snow. So then i...

Woo Hoo!
Skied on my first pair of waxable classics! Just an old pair of Elans with three pin bindings and hardly the best waxing (my first). Remarkable glide compared to my crusty backcountry waxle...

replacing rubber plug for Solomon Profil binding
The rubber plugs in my Solomon Profil bindings keep falling off after about 3 years. I have replaced a few of them but the new ones also fell off after a few months. That makes me feel tha...

Maxiglide "Speed Powder"?
I've still got a jar of it, leftover from the 80's or early 90's. I've never actually used any of it; as I recall, I picked it up for cheap at the annual Gart Brothers "Sniagrab" sale. A...

Hamstring troubles for skiers?
Does anyone notice that xc skiing puts an unusual strain on hamstrings, that it uses this muscle in an unusual way? I find that I have to be careful in this regard. --JP

new pole type?
I noticed in the Rybinsk sprints Mikael Oestberg using some very weird looking poles. They weren't bent in any way i've seen before (such as the actual grip). It looked like the shaft came o...

Find A Partner Forum
Outdoor Eyes was recently mentioned as one of the top websites for finding Hiking Partners in the new February 2008 issue. A NEW Outdoor Eyes Forum for "FINDING A PARTNER" has been launched...

This Really Helped Me
I downloaded this spectacular book as a free gift. It is at under the 'free downloads'. There are over 250 motivating quotes in there.

Skiing in Tahoe
Went for a ski at Tahoe Cross Country ( today in Lake Tahoe. The skiing was awesome. Unbelievable views of the lake. Skied classic in the morning on blue hard wax, then skate...

Mt. Shasta Nordic (California) opening Saturday!
Mt. Shasta Nordic is preparing to open this coming Saturday 22 December 2007.

Rossi Factory Grind
I picked up a pair of Rossi Delta NIS Skate skis this season, and I'm wondering about the default factory grind. Out of the box, these skis scoot really well in temps over 20 degrees, but h...

Pokljuka womens relay redo
I don't know where the glitch is, but the original file works fine. I've redone the torrent in hopes of fixing the problem. It's at

recommendations for all-round ski to multi-task between commuting and
Hi all, I've been skiing many years but haven't bought new gear in over a decade. My old touring skis have delaminated and I'm looking for replacements. I have perfectly servicabl...

Old videos - ski jumping
Many old cross country skiing torrent files are available - even from 80s like Oslo 82, Seefeld 85 and Lahti 89 - but it's really hard to find some ski jumping videos. I'm searching for vide...

Capturing Ski Tour?
I'll be in the mountains (Rauland) from tomorrow until after new year, skiing every day, but that means that I won't be able to capture any of the tour races. :-( Terje -- ...

New midlength skis---glide as good as full-length?
Has anyone used the new midlength skis? Do they glide as good as full- length? How about their float ability in ungroomed or soft conditions? Thanks, JP

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