Timex's "Workout Watch"
Hard to know how to write this without looking like I'm trying to market this thing, but I just came across this watch "Workout Watch" (workoutman.com) that's based on a Triathlon watch but ...

Fractured Metatarsal
Hi, I fractured a metatarsal last year overdoing the skiing. Anyone got any ideas on supporting it when I get back on the skis in December? My foot has definitely been a lot better rece...

Greg Christies Ski and Cycle in Ottawa area?
Does anyone in the Ottawa area know if Greg Christie's Ski and Cycle Works, in Chelsea Que., next to Gatineau Park is still in business. The website has been saying "down for mainte...

Snow Czech Republic -?
Dear All, I am thinking of going to the Czech Republic for some cross-country, in Moldovia. What will the snow conditions be like? Are there any sites that will give information on th...

Biathlon torrents
Hi, Anyone interested in recording and uploading the World Cup biathlon races this year. I know that they are on Biathlonworld.com., but it's nice to have them to watch at a ti...

FIS anti doping news
http://www.fis-ski.com/uk/newsinformation/pressreleases/press-releases-2007/doping-panel-torino-athl.html What annoys me is the length of time its taken from the last Olympics to reach this...

(Older) Cross Country Videos
Hello everyone, Sorry to come here and ask this already on my first post, but I am reading here for a long time and grabbing as much info as I could get. Is it possible for anyone...

Anybody with a Mac have difficulty with the recent race downloads? I got the download but all I get when I try to play it back is audio, no video, despite decoding and converting with variou...

Skiing in New York!
All - I shoulda posted up a week ago, but was too busy. We are skiing at Mt. Van Hoevenberg! ORDA opened it for business this past weekend, but we've been skiing there for about...

Relay videos now online
mens: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3908880/ womens: http://thepiratebay.org/tor/3908871/ /o

seeding Tour de Ski
Hi! Could someone seeding the file with whole tour de ski? I'm at about 68% and it's going on slowly. Thank you! Ale

http://www.mininova.org/tor/1010181 It's from NRK. /o

Marit B had a relatively bad season last year (just a few World Cup victories etc), but last weekend she won all three races in the Norwegian season opener at Beitostølen. Today...

Waxy Build Up Tips?
I got an old pair of waxable classic Elan skis at the thrift store. Can I take them to my favorite nordic outfitter and have the gnarly wax build up removed and the base set up for new wax? ...

What's the best Snow Sled?
I want to get my kids a nice snow sled for this Xmas. Is there a good one out there these days? They've had---and destroyed---the plastic Torpedos. They're not bad. We glue a foam...

Three Pairs Of Salomon Pilot 2 Classic Bindings $30 each
Each pair is "like new" condition. They were placed on skis but not used. Any other questions email me privately.

recording Biathlonworld?
Hi, Sorry to repost this, just didn't want it to get lost in the non- skiing posts it was buried in. Have any of you computer skiing Gurus figured out how to record the ...

Beitostolen World Cup
Is anyone going to be able to record and make a torrent of the upcomin world cup races in Beitostolen? It would be much appreciated -- xcskier09

Skiing near Venice
I'm going to Venice for the month of December and was hoping to get in some cross skiing. Any suggestions for where to go for weekend trips. I will also need to rent equipment, just too ...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 17 Nov 2007
I skied this morning on the Mountain Road (Vermont route 108) up to the top of Smugglers' Notch, at elevations roughly 1550' - 2170'. Conditions were fair up to the Stowe town line (roughl...

biathlonworld video recording
Hi, Have any of you computer skiing Gurus figured out how to record the streaming video that Biathlonworld puts on their website? It's great that they put up the live races,...

Family XC skiing in Quebec
Hi, I would like to come to Quebec for Christmas vacation with my family (incl. 13 yrs old son and friends kids - 16-18). Could you recommend a good place for cross-country ...

altitude tent bologna
So... just saw that altitude simulating machines can be bought for $1800 - no tent, just a very uncomfortable face mask to wear. But, now i read they don't work - http://www.fasterskier.c...

roller ski poles
Have any of you tried to make a "take-down" set of ski poles? Perhaps using a threaded joint at mid-pole? (Maybe like a jointed pool or billiards cue?) I've just changed vehicles and no...

Anyone seen this video? - http://www.x-country.se/ (trailer 2 works) rm

Hello, Does anyone know if there is skiing at Mt Itasca (MN) ? I know they usually make it up there early. Thanks for any info Roger

Any women skiers that are size 8 or medium
Hi! I sell Nils skiwear and sportswear season introductory samples for Women. They are all size 8 and mediums (except for the hats and scarves). I am looking for some buyers for my eb...

Not much
Since there ain't much happ ning here, I'll blab a little. Rollerskied today with the group. We used to have 20-40 people show up for rollerskiing and the problem was too many people a...

Tour de Ski Videos Posted
Hey everybody, I just re-uploaded a big torrent with all the races from last year Tou de Ski. There were some requests so I decided to share the wealth tha was shared last year. <...

For Sale: V2 Jenex 105SRX Skate Roller Skis + Brakes, Speed Reducers, Mudguards
These are among the best skate skis that you can get and come with the best brake on the market. These were drilled once but are NEW. The V2 Jenex 105SRX Skate Roller Skis are Made In...

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