One winter race
The board seems slow at the moment so, in an effort to push the MI5 posts down I offer this for discussion: I will likely have time to compete in only one big event this winter. I...

FA History of Ski Jumping
The History of Ski Jumping by Tim Ashburner ,in as new condition, large format 120 pages. Superb and very thorough history of the sport with some lovely period pics. http://c...

Roll Out Start?
Does anyone know of a ski race that does a roll-out start similar to those done with bike races? A race I help organize has thrown this idea out there as a way to utilize the same start a...

Haig Glacier Skiing For Citizen Skiers
Is the Haig Glacier near Canmore, AB accessible by hiking to it than skiing, or is it a fly in deal? Any info would be appreciated.

Lets all help, up and Coming Pro (and Madman) Justus Meyer get some more sponsors
Come check out Justus Meyers videos he's out of his Gord and from Boston none the less had to always drive to the snow, come vote on his vids and give him some good comments. http...

aukland running
Anyone else see the article on Anders Aukland placing 2nd in the Norwegian Nationals track finals 5000m race? He went about 14:30 or so - pretty fast for a skier. Justin ...

Rec.skiing.nordic skiers unite! - report abusers of this forum to Google
Hi Everyone, Google takes abuse of its services very seriously and provides a way to report abusers, such as the person posting the MI5 Persecution messages. To report abusers,

Harmar rollerski races
Is there an article anywhere showing the results or who participated in the rollerski races in Harmar, Norway recently (this past weekend?). thanks. rm

Mt. Frontenac Ski Area near Red Wing Minnesota?
>From what I understand this used to a nice ski hill with a lift and now the lift is gone. The golf course people who own it no longer support/sell winter activities there. An...

Winter must really be coming!!!
A sure sign of it; I got both a Ski and a Powder Magazine in the mail! (pretty pictures , but I am not a downhill guy, (just mentioning so no one thinks I have become lazy and gone to the ...

Your Late Summer Video fix has Arrived!!
"Subject: Rollerski races with the worlds elite skiers Now ready for torrent download! Both cross country and biathlon skiers. Rollerski competition for xc and biathlon elite skie...

Confused about Rossi X5 boots - are they skate or touring?
Hi, I'm looking to replace our (mine and my wife's) old Alpina touring boots. Both REI and Backcountry list Rossi X5 Saphir (women) and Rossi X5 (men). REI represents both as tour...

chest pain after exertion?
A cardiogram a year ago revealed that I have athlete's heart. It's not angina -- no pain during exertion and doesn't subside with rest. Yes, I've made a doctor's appt. No, I'm not going t...

Help me become A Star - Rock Star

Worldloppet News There is news of an official designation for "Global Skier", and a long overdue book about that race series in the news section found at above URL. <...

Nordic Running Pole Plant Question/Observation
Yeah, it's me again. I am still enjoying my slow running with the poles. Sunday I had a goal of "run or more than an hour" which was much easier than I had thought it would be because it w...

Yellowstone Ski Festival
I'm thinking about the Yellowstone Ski Festival for this coming November. (Hard to believe that good xc skiing on real snow could be only three months away!) Unfortunately my wife is recov...

rec.skiing.nordic scheduled for sporge flood
Sporge flooding of rec.skiing.nordic will commence in a few hours. This will render rec.skiing.nordic useless. For an example, see Sci.Crypt. Supernews filters out this sporgery...

XC Oregon Skier Beats Western States Ultra-marathon winner in hill climb
Brayton Osgood, XC Oregon skier, beat the Western States 100 mile Ultra-Marathon winner to the top of Mt. Ashland, a 13.3 mile /5600 feet uphill run. XC Oregon skier Eveland Dong is the fir...

Rollerskiing in UK
With your permission I'd like to give publicity for UK readers to this email I got from its not spam and its on topic. > We've got hold of a rather special coach to...

Training Secrets
What if you knew the same secrets as the most successful Olympic athletes and their coaches? What could you do with their Gold-medal winning programs in your hands, and had the secrets decod...

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