V2 Aero speed reducer spring
Just lost the spring and the bolt it was attached to - probably got loose and fell off. Is the spring a specialty item or can I get one at a hardware store? Thanks!

GracefulEdge.com Goes Live! A website for active women.
GracefulEdge.com Goes LIVE! Two Washington D.C. Women Launch Sassy Website for Active Women April 24, 2007, Washington D.C. - - Graceful Edge (http:// www.GracefulEdge....

light boot covers to protect boots while learning to roller ski
Can anyone recommend LIGHT boot covers to cover my new Salomon RS Carbon boots to protect them while learning to roller ski? Several roller ski buddies told me that the first few weeks on r...

Wheel drop/ski direction problem - UPDATE
Guys, Thanks to all for your comments. I've acted upon some of them (the rubber band part) could sure use more advice. Since I couldn't bring myself to take a drill to my bo...

X-C Skiing in the movies
It's rare to see cross-country skiing in a standard flick, so I thought it worth mentioning that in a new Canadian film, Away from Her, striding across a lake on Fischers plays a central and...

Biathlon 7-4 Rifles Are Rarely In Stock But We Have 2
Dear Fellow Biathlon enthusiasts here in rec.skiing.nordic, People are always asking me to let them know when we get the Izhmash Biathlon 7-4 competition rifles in. Well, today we just...

Roller Ski Pole Grip with Toko Gloves (unpadded suede) versus Padded Bike Gloves
It was suggested to me by an experienced roller ski buddy to pick up Toko roller ski gloves to protect my hands in case of falls and prevent blisters. I was wondering - I have excellent ful...

S-Lab boot on/off?
I've been trying a pair of Salomon S-Lab skate boots and am having trouble getting them on and off. I've been using a pair of Active Pilot boots in the same size, and while the S-Labs fit a...

Roller ski clinics in the Northeast?
Does anyone know of any rollerski weekend training events that I can reasonably get to from NJ? Thanks, Larry

Not Too Late for Bans
The season's over, but Austria's biathlon and cross-country skiing teams just got whacked: Olympic chiefs have banned for life six Austrian Winter Olympians for possession of doping equ...

Really Neat Thermometer
Just purchased a really neat non-contact pocket thermometer. http://www.harborfreight.com/cpi/ctaf/displayitem.taf?Itemnumber=93983 Point it at snow and it tells you the snow tem...

Biking in Boston Area
I'm going to be staying in Wayland, MA from May 23-June 12, and hope to be able to bring my bike with me. I know a few rsn members are from around that area, and I would love to go riding wi...

Re: Wheel drop/ski direction problem
On Apr 23, 9:36 am, Larry <[email protected]> wrote: > Hi, > > My setup is 150 Combies with NNN R3 skate bindings (red flexors, the > stiffest). With 150ies be...

Re: Kickbikes
On Apr 22, 11:07 am, "Jan Gerrit Klok" <[email protected]> wrote: > Hi John, > > On my skateboard I lacked the coordination to switch legs, and indeed ...

Santa Fe, NM XC this weekend?
I'll me in Santa Fe for the weekend. Anyone know of any grooming going on within an hour of there? Bob only 23 days on snow this season :-(

Wheel drop/ski direction problem
Hi, My setup is 150 Combies with NNN R3 skate bindings (red flexors, the stiffest). With 150ies being as heavy as they are, there is considerable rear wheel hang. The problem that...

Petter Northug Video 2006-2007
Hey Guys, After downloading all the the races uploaded by you guys (thanks agai by the way) I decided to do something with the material. So I made compilation video of Northug fo...

Usefull gimmicks for skating?
I know all these infomercials are for useless product, but this one intrigues me a bit in it's simplicity. So simple, it may even be home-made. http://www.bestdirect.tv/currency/EUR/br...

Nordic walking
Hi - Am looking for a NG or other resource on Nordic Walking -- thought maybe you-all could direct me... TIA Janine

Good old fashioned skiiing
I found this on r.s.backcountry http://www.watra.pl/rozne/kalatowki/kalatowki2007.html

Nordic Track redux
I read in a recent post in another subject about older posts critisizing Nordic Tracks for promoting bad technique, so I went back and read them. I agree and disagree.. Nordic Tr...

I finally bought one: www.kickbikeamerica.com If you live in or come by the Minneapolis area you are welcome to take mine for a spin. Ed V.

Classic Roller Skiing and Difference between Jenex V2 Aero 125 and V2 105SRX
I'm interested in finding out more about stable 3 wheel classic roller skis. Do people enjoy classic roller skiing? Which models of 3 wheel classic skis do people like? Also, ha...

Salomon and Their Own NIS Plate?
You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize the benefits of the Rottefella NIS plate. No more screw holes, ability to find sweet spot for binding in different conditions, ect. As a Sa...

NNN3 classic Vs. Skate binding
I just got the last pair of NNN3 classic bindings that REI had on sale, and I need a couple of more pairs. I have some spire NNN3 skate bindings around. Can I use them with a classic ...

Is flex good in a roller ski? Has anyone tried the Ski Skett Flex Skate roller skis?
I had read of Ski Skett Flex roller skis made of carbon fiber and was just curious - is flex generally a good thing in roller skis? Does it help simulate skiing on snow? Has anyone tried t...

best wheel shape and speed for beginners -using Ski Skett Elite wheels in the Jenex V2 105SRX
My wife and I have 105SRX roller skis. We read (and heard) that it could be easier to swap our wheels with the Ski Skett Fire rubber wheels, which are wider and thus potentially more stable...

Proper/Optimum placement of bindings in roller skis
I read the following in Len's V2 Technique and Binding Placement instructions that came with new 105SRX roller skis and wonder if our bindings have been mounted too far back: "Jim Galanes, f...

3" in Northern WIsconsin
Went out and classic skied today on my rock skis. Had them waxed for early winter and didnt bother to change....great to be out again. Probably the ONLY time I've roller skied and snow skie...

Clap Bindin fir Skiing
http://www.cascoeyewear.com/go_faster_clap_binding.html Gary Jacobson Rosendale, NY

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