Big Man Skate Rollerskis
I have a ski buddy who weighs about 200 pounds. He needs to get some skate rollerskis. Terrain is primarily asphalt rails to trails. What skate rollerskis should a Big Guy consider ? <...

Brian McKeever in the New York Times

selling off all my rollerski gear
After a couple scary falls and a trip to the emergency room, I'm giving up on rollerskiing. I want to get rid of the stuff below, all of which is in good shape. If you're interested, email o...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 17 Mar 2007
The St. Patrick's Day storm gave most of Vermont a foot or more of much needed powder. So skiing was great on Saturday. Lighter snow is continuing to fall, so skiing will continue to be ...

Trip report - Stowe, Vermont - 17 Mar 2007
The St. Patrick's Day storm gave most of Vermont a foot or snow of much needed powder. So skiing was great on Saturday. Lighter snow is continuing to fall, so sking will continue to be g...

Best balance training aids for improving one-legged balance on X country skis
Which of the following would make the best balance training for each leg to improve proper one-legged balance on a X country ski? The 2 Trac Balance Beam http://www.performbetter....

Birkebeiner-Rennet cancelled - wow -- JT **************************** Remove "remove" to reply Visit ****************************

Video from holmenkollen online!
I missed the first kilometers but the rest was captured! It's all taken from NRK. Womens race: Mens: http://www.mininova....

holmenkollen LIVE then click on NORWAY then NRK has someone posted this before? maybe i missed it. JKal. i'm watching right now !

Drammen pics
wow -- JT **************************** Remove "remove" to reply Visit http://www.j...

Eurosport live audio stream
We are having problems with the English language version of Eurosport live audio stream when trying to listen to the Paris-Nice cycle race. This is their apology >If you've been hav...

Cooked after 3-4 races
During that past few years, I've found that my best races are usually #3 and 4 (into the season). Usually #5 I'm tired but ski ok, and I'm cooked after that. This season was better. I did a ...

Einari, or anybody, Okay, so I downloaded the program file, the codecs, and the skin like the website instructs for Mplayer. However, I can't seem to get this to install when I...

torret trouble anyone?
Hi, Is anyone else having trouble hooking up to mininova through the links that our uploading friends are posting? My connection keeps getting "refused", yet I can download oth...

worldcup drammen torrent drammen's sprints semi finals and finals, men and women.

Drammen video?
Oh man, I would love to see Odd-Bjørns crazy run in the small final again. Does anyone record the Drammen sprint? Please put it online! /o

Sapporo Mens Relay- I'm finally putting it up for everybody.
Ok here's the long awaited Norwegian broadcast of the World Championship Relay. I had problems as usual hanging on to the data stream during the final leg, but I was able to piece togethe...

Sore achilles from missed kicks?
My achilles tendon is sore. I think it's from missed kicks. It's happened before. I recall that it goes away with use---correct use, that is. But I'm not positive. Anyone else get...

Salmon Hills Outdoor REcreation Center, Redfield NY
Hi, I am the one now conducting the grooming at Salmon Hills and trying to help Hans Karlsen (new Owner) to get Salmon Hills back on the map once again, so to speak. Hans has hig...

NEUNER!! The Princess of German Biathlon
Can I make it official, Magdelena Neuner is the new "It" girl of the biathlon world. After completely dominating last weekends Holmenkollen meet, her closest competitor in this mornings...

You guys in EUROPE--Please record and post this weekends Holmenkollen Races! I GIVE UP!!
This morning I tried to record the NRK video stream of the Drammen Sprints. I could only get the first 25 mins of the broadcast before the data stream started to fall apart. I can still...

Stokely Creek sold to logging company
Folks, Stokely Creek, generaly considered the best single cross country ski trail system in the midwest has been sold to a logging company. The Stokely Creek employees will be ...

French Junior Sylvain Bailly
I see Sylvain Bailly came in 10th in the World Juniors 10k skate today. Is he related to Sandrine? rm

Nordix Aero 125 SR
Got a birthday coming up and am thinking real strong about asking for Nordix Aero 1225 SR roller skis for use on rail trails, and maybe some packed earth hiking trails. Any comments or exp...

Help Improve the Keskinada!
Hi Skiers, The Keskinada Worldloppet is one of the jewels of Canadian cross-country skiing. It has a lot to offer, and for good reason it has become the most well-attended cross-c...

Sapporo 15km skate race torrent.
I had to do some splicing and cutting to create the race recording. I had a hard time keeping a steady connection--too many viewers in Europe broke up my data stream before it could reac...

4 x 10 at sapporo and biathlon in holmenkollen
Is any one going to post the videos for the 4 by 10 relay in sapporo, and the recent biathlon races in holmenkollen?

Resources for the newly-hooked!
Hi there...did my first ever 20km race this past weekend and am hooked on this sport now. I have a history of Ironman races and triathlons but I think I like this sport even more. I am loo...

Sapporo 10km womens skate torrent
Whoever has the T1,T3 or high speed corporate connection download and seed first, then the rest of you can connect later. Hurry up and get it so I can make room on my harddisk to try and...

Two Italian Races to Consider and Advil warning
There's an earlier post below about the fine skiing in the Dolomites around Cortina. This is certainly true. There is a yearly weekend of races in the Dobbiaco-Toblach area that is great fun...

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