Thanks To All Who CAme to Garnet RAce
The course was great and everyone liked it. Thanks to JT for driving from NYC to suppoprt the Johnsburg Team . Thanks to Mike Wynn for the email addresses. Thanks to Garnet Hill for letting ...

Looking for some mountain hikes
I got some good skiing in this season after we finally got some snow in Minneapolis. I am back to running stairs and thought it would be nice to hike some mountain trails this summer for my...

Sapporo 4x5 womens relay torrent file posted
I put this on Mininova You should be seeing 1 seed right now (that's not me).

Roller Skiing, and Link to Every Currently Made Roller Ski ?
Not that I am necessarily training for next year, but I took a roll on a recently acquired pair of Pro-ski Varios. Does anyone know if these are the same as C-2 roller skis? I didn't like...

Garnet Hill Course Has Awesome Base
Skied Yesterday and there is still tons of snow. Course will groomed day of and is clearly marked. Local ski team is doing the timing.

Fast Skiers Coming To Garnet For Race On Sat.03/31/07
Confirmationa are coming in. Paul Allison NYSSRA and Empire Stae Games Champ is racing. Mike Wynn winner of a lot of local races in NY is racing and a contingent from Peru Nordic Ski Masters...

Expert instruction needed to maximise my seeding.
Hello fellow XC true believers: You all know I've been putting up a few race videos for download this past season. And I just know that I'm not choosing optimized seeding parameters ...

roller ski length
In a discussion a few years ago Jay Tegeder was comparing Elpex F1 and Marwe 610 rollerskis and wrote: "In my opinion, you can't go wrong with Marwe 610s for skating. The Elpex F-...

Garnet Hill Ski Race 20km 03/31/07 $10 Entry
We are holding a mass start 20km freestyle race at Garnet Hill XC this Saturday 03/31/07. DOR Ski Shop Lodge. Race begins at 10:00 am. $10 entry fee which allows you to ski th...

Seeking V2 Aero 105 SRX rollerski feedback
I'm seeking user feedback on the V2 Aero 105 SRX skate rollerski. The 105 wheel is supposed to have greater longevity than the previous 100 wheel. Is that the case? What kind of mileage are ...

Odd-Bjorn speaks Japanese
In keeping with Lars Berger's excellent interview skills, Odd-Bjorn learns the local language.

Magazine articles 1893-1900 about skiing
I found some online articles from the outdoor/sport magazine "Outing" . These are probably some of the earliest articles in North America about skiing. They are in PDF format. ...

Ski repair
Hi group, A couple of weeks ago, I felt badly and my knee hit the ski directly, embossing it profoundly; now the ski has a major weakness at this spot - about 40 cm in front of th...

Neat Ski Boot video!! gr

Rollerski pole tips?
Anybody know a good way to buy or make or cobble some tips for std xc ski poles so that they have a flat or rubber bottom on the end (so I don't dig up the dirt trails!). Akers did not hav...

Falun relays
NRK streamed the men's relay with only one early stop. 5F at start, afternoon spring condtions. After Joiner and Vylegzhanin broke open the pack, Petter Northug crossed the gap and outspri...

Website for athletes with heart ailments
If you are a heart patient who has gone on to make such a good recovery that your doctor/physician has agreed to let you return to your favourite sport "so long as you don't over do it!", th...

How soon do you start ski specific training?
I usually start biking around now and continue until Labor day and then roller skiing, hiking with poles, etc.till the snow flies. This year I may do a day, or two at the most each week, of ...

Update on Stokely Creek
There is an update concerning Stokely Creek posted by Dieter Hohnke, President of the Stokely Creek Ski Touring Club, on Howard Feit

Next time you see a moose on the trail

quick roller ski question
I'm considering another try at roller skiing. I have waded through the posts on this group and have a sense for what the options are, but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I'm...

Stockholm sprint video online!
Ok, so I recorded it in ASF and then after I was able to cut it down to the actual length after converting it to MOV (H.264) format. I compared the quality of the source and my MOV a...

Junior Olympics 2007 Photos Available
Hi All, Thought I might post a message here to anyone associated with this year's JO's at Soldier Hollow (coaches, athletes, families, etc.) that there are some great photos of ma...

Dream snow in Austria for my XC christening!
I got bad and good luck : car broke down after 113km/910km. Had to leav it behind, it will be taken apart, it`s a wreck. Good luck : all other students cancelled, I now have 5 days of ...

Glide Wax Area
Dear All, checking an old book on waxes and it made this recommendation about determining glide area. You place your fingers behind the bindings and squeeze the 2 skis together until...

Stockholm Sprints
Following the qualification rounds online ( sports/cc/cc.asp), it looks like it must be a slushfest around the Royal Palace. The women's qualification ended up wit...

Roller ski question
Just a real newb question on roller skis. I have a wonderful pair of Ski SKett combis, really love them for what I do. But of course you're pretty much limited to the paved areas of the

Semi OT: LT measuring and improvements
Hi All, This year has been such a miserable ski season in terms of usable snow that I have not made a specific effort to train in any particular way. I have just been happy to get...

new skis
For about 20 yrs (eek) I have had some TREK tour skis- 190s. This year, mostly because I needed new boots, I tried out some new skis- Salomon 160's with SNS boots/bindings. ...

Road ice skating! (Youtube video)
I found this video on Youtube, people ice skating on Susitna Ice Road in Alaska: -- David Dermott , Wolfville Ridge, N...

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