Bjørndalen loses out on relay spot?
On a video clip at NRK mens coach Morten AA. Djupvik dumps four pieces of paper out of his hat onto the table. They have four names: Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, Eldar Rønning, Lars Berger and Pett...

Another kind of glide
Is this the ultimate glide? Maybe for the off-snow season? gr

Bjørndalen loses out on relay spot?
On a video clip at NRK mens coach Morten AA. Djupvik dumps four pieces of paper out of his hat onto the table. They have four names: Odd-Bjørn Hjelmeset, Eldar Rønning, Lars Berger and Pett...

fischer cold vs warm skis
Could anyone please tell me what the differences are between the warm and cold bases? I am looking at the rcs skating series Thanks for any and all replies -Martin

Bad glide on classic skis
I am new to waxable classics this year and used them for the first time at the Canadian Ski Marathon and the Keskinada. I seem to be able to wax well for a decent kick (at least I was able ...

15 k: It has started to snow!
I'm following the men's 15 k, and after nice weather for the first 70 starts, it has now started to snow heavily! Lars Berger leads, he got through most of the first lap before the snow, b...

What's going on with Bjorgen?
She looks done this season. Is there anything in Norwegian papers about what's going on with her? I had high hopes for the Norwegian girls - Bjorgen, Steira, Guro Solli, Gjomle. OK, Ste...

Lat reminder for the Great Ski Race, this Sunday March 4th
The recent storms in Tahoe have guaranteed this Sunday's race will once again be the race not to miss. You can register on-line at until Th...

American Birkie
Looking at the elite results, there were very few Canadians, one German and no other non-US skiers. Did the others decide not to come, given the iffy conditions or, given course conditions ...

Tour of Anchorage
I'm traveling to Anchorage to ski the 50K Tour this weekend and have a bunch of questions. What is the course like? I've never skied the course and don't know what to expect. Ac...

pursuit 15k+15k torrent?
Was anyone out there able to capture the pursuit men's race ? I'm dying for a torrent here since the American TV stations prefer to show bull riding, car crashes, basketball, and Anna Nic...

Any seeds for the 30Km or the team sprints? Jeff

world cup point update
BellSouth in the lead with 25 points !! Two first place picks. Doogiski in second with 22 points Tassava in 3rd with 17. that team sprint result with Czech republic in there mess...

Discovery rider scores stellar TT with XC Ski
Discovery rider Jason McCartney gets third place at Tour of California time trial against world class field with mainly XC skiing. From the team's website, "Anoth...

Sapporo curse on Norway?
I've been replaying my NRK recording multiple times tonight trying to figure out whether Petter Northugg trips himself up by first planting his left pole basket inside his left ski or whe...

Recommendations for semi-fitted X country ski pants and tights for VERY cold and windy weather
My wife and I have great workhorse pants that work for cool to cold conditions (the latter with a baselayer) which we use for hiking, snowshoeing and skiing, but don't work well for ve...

Notchview, Massachusetts?
Has anyone skied there recently? -- JT **************************** Remove "remove" to reply Visit ****************************

Are cap skis strong?
I'll try to ask this another way. Weaker or stronger than woodcore? By how much? Suitable for touring. They seem perhaps lighter---that true? Light is good ...

Score! $10 carbon skis, $5 carbon poles!
I just got a score on ebay! They arrived. They look sweet! A pair of NOS Fischer "RCA" carbon skis, classic, soft, 210, from the Ukraine---$10. A set of Ukraine carbon poles...

sapporo team sprint vid problem
Tried to record NRK stream tonight/this morning showing the team relays and the same damn thing happened at the end of the womens final as when I tried to record the Davos relays a couple ...

waxing 101 per camilo
Camilo just pointed this out in a post below and i've not seen/heard this before. From Zach Caldwell " " I've been of the ...

Vermont Ski Report
I had previously asked people for advice about touring centers near Burlington. Well, I'm afraid that I ignored everybody's advice and did my own search with favorable results. Since we ...

vids sapporo sprint Worlds
here are today sprint races (except women quart of finals, sorry)

Birkie Decision
Saw the message from the Birkie folks. Seems kind of crazy to wait until 9:00 pm the night before the race to make a decision but I know they are doing this in hopes of having a race. If t...

If cancelled, informal birkie race on sunday
Time? probably 9:30. Logistics are bit of a problem, but I assume that everyone can find a ride back from hayward??? A bcc'd email will be send through peter hanson's emai...

Convex Ski Uppers
Has anyone considered making a ski with a convex top to shed snow buildup? When breaking trail forest skiing I often found a build up of snow on the upper surface adding to the weight, worse whe...

Convex Ski Bases
I have had a pair of Madshus Hypersonic skate skis for about 4 years They are fast skis but the past couple years I've been noticing when scrape or iron wax that the base is becoming ...

Hayward, WI Wed Feb 21
Sunny and 49f The thin snow is dying Winter storm is forecasted to blow thru town the day afterwards At what point does one consider not going ?

The FIS web page says 'TV footage will be primarily filmed with cameras from Norway’s state-run broadcasting station NRK'. Does anyone know which European TV Stati...

Nordic ski shops in Stowe
Hi All, I'm going to be in Stowe, Vermont this coming weekend and would like to pick up a few ski items. Living in NYC I don't get a chance to actually try on things (using web shopping). Do...

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