Classic ski bindings
I just got a pair of Fischer SCS classic skis and need bindings. As recreational skier, I am planning some long ski races at a recreationa racing pace. Does anyone know if I would n...

Salomon Classic Boots-No More Foot Pain!
I finally figured out why I could never wear the Salomon classic boots when they went to the 2 part sole. After trying the original Bumble Bee (Yellow and Black) Salomon Classic 9 I would ge...

Ski boot sizing
Hi, I am a newbie at this sport and have a question.When I ski I get very sore heels...rubbed raw.This of course limits my time x-country skiing.I wear about a size 11 mens shoe and hav...

Hi All, Last night I was minding my own business, having a nice late night ski, when all of the sudden while in a crouch at the fastest part of my loop, both skis simultaneously c...

Skating Video
I'm looking for a used copy of The NEW Simple Secrets of Skating video or DVD by Lee Borowski. If anyone would like to part with one, please let me know.

Hand structuring and file-card
Following Zachary Caldwell's "hand structuring guidlines" (thanks to=20 him), I bought a filecard last years and used it occasionnaly, at=20 first.( A file-card is a tools with very stiff me...

Hand structuring and file-card
Following Zachary Caldwell's "hand structuring guidlines" (thanks to=20 him), I bought a filecard last years and used it occasionnaly, at=20 first.( A file-card is a tools with very stiff me...

Dressing for current Lake Placid conditions - your suggestions
Hi All, My wife and I would sincerely appreciate your advice on dressing for current Lake Placid conditions. We'll be headed up for 4 days. We are experienced winter hikers so...

Vid torrent for you 3 Pinheads out there. Tele racing!
Check out the lifter plates on these comp tele ski set-ups!! Things sure have progressed since the days of flimsy Asolo Snowfield boots and Karhu XCD backcountry metal edgers. ...

otepää world cup video torrents-your wait is over!
All...riight... You now get to see what all the noise is about concerning our mens sprint team. One thing I know Terje is jacked up about though is how great the rookie girls for Norway ...

swix 10155 brush
hi. i bought this brush with some other wax related things. any idea what purpose this one serves? i cannot find it on the net. thank you.

Roomate wanted for Birkie
I'm posting for a friend. Roomate wanted to split a room at the Americinn. Thurs, Fri, Sat nights. Email me for details and contact.

Ken Roberts-Great Job At Lake Placid Race
Ken, Great job at the Lake Placid freestyle race. For a guy who doesn't race much you sure can hold your own and probably the fastest skier from New Jersey.

protecting skis
We hear about covering the gliding surfaces of skis with storage wax, but what about when you wax up a pair of skis, scrape and brush them, and then don't use them. How important is it to p...

Bruce Freeburger is back
Folks, This is a test. I dropped Comcast and switched to WOW. I should be able to post to USENET again. Cheers, Bruce Freeburger

Can anyone comment on Lake Placid conditions and suggest skate ski Instructors, lodging and bars/restaurants?
Planning a 3-4 day X country trip with plenty of instruction - can anyone comment on current conditions at Mt Van Hoevenberg, Lake Placid and can anyone suggest good instructors there, wor...

City of Lakes Loppet outlook
Just wondering what the readers takes are on the course condition, race outlook. About a 400 mile trek for me to get there. Kind of making a plan.. Thanks Mike

otepääl race videos to come
I got Sat races recorded but haven't had time to get them organized and create torrents yet. I hope I can get a decent stream tonight for the sprints. In the meantime all you people havi...

MICHIGAN: Supercool Event Coming Soon! --The Stinchfield Rally!
HEADS UP FOR A SUPERCOOL EVENT!!! This is a pre-event announcement. In the next few days or week or so, we're going to announce a new Lower-Lower Michigan SuperEvent! It might b...

Lack of snow on Vasaloppet Course [english, long]
Lack of snow on Vasaloppet Course [2007-01-11] Vasaloppet's organizers are waiting for snow and cold weather. Today there is not one meter of ski track between Sälen and M...

The Marcialonga is set for Sunday, 1/28. Some big names are skiing the shortened 57-km event: "The competition shall be held in classical style and the winner is difficult to predict, t...

Blood volume?
Hi All, I have a very serious set of varicose veins in my calf, and I have recently started using a tight support stocking occasionaly. I have not used it while cycling or skiing,...

Pole Length Recommendations
I call on the wisdom of rec.skiing.nordic! Can anyone comment on what is the latest thinking on the length of poles for skating. I'm really looking for more than the usual "up to your must...

Swedish Vasaloppet age group results?
I'm probably just incompetent at searching, but seem not to be able to find them. I'd be interested in previous years, as well as the most recent. The reason is that I am trying to upda...

legal action by Inge Bråten? -- JT **************************** Remove "remove" to reply Visit ****************************

good XC near Portland OR
Going to be visiting Portland OR in early March. Being from Michigan, to see a mountain is a treat. What is closest quality XC...something to give me a nice experience. Not a

Snow report, Trapps in Stowe VT
We spent Monday-Wed skiing there. Pretty good. Some scratchy parts, as they groomed with the cat and some places were too thin, and some rocks got stirred up (I stopped and threw...

Mt. Van Hoevenberg Conditions & Race
All - We began skiing in earnest last weekend and now all 50 km of trails are open and trackset. In typically ADK fashion, we are receiving new snow every day - a dusting up to a...

Inappropriate glider?
Hi All, We finally have some snow again. We had some earlier in the season which was cruelly rained away, but now we have some that looks like it will stay. My skate sk...

Norwegian Nationals vid torrent-1st attempt
Alright everybody if this thing works you finally be abe to see what the 2 "Terje's" have been talking about in the previous threads. I hope I got this set up right using Azureus? I post...

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