Nordic Skating on Lake Champlain
There's an article in Conde Nast Traveller, Nov 2006: "The Rush of Black Ice", by Amy Engeler. It should be on newstands now. It is about skating across Lake Champlain with Jamie Hess. <...

use mininova site for race video torrents
Since the denness tracker seems to be shut down, we should try to learn how to post to the minova tracker. There seems to be a lot people uploading all kinds of mainstream sports torrent...

Where are the skiing posts? The World Cup season has started!
The subject says it all: This weekend saw the Düsseldorf sprint races, but there's not a single post about them on my news server. :-( Terje -- - <[email protected]

Lower Back Issues
I have persistent problem with muscle cramps and occational minor pain in my lower back. It'e been there consistently for most of this year. It's not really painful, and doesn't prevent me f...

ski trabs
Has anyone own or skied on skitrab skis? Are they rockets or dogs? What do people think? or should I stick with more of the main stream brands?

For Sale - Fischer RCS Skate Cut 192cm
2004 - 2005 stamped as Race Cut. Flex tested 160lbs skier. Light use - always waxed. No bindings but drilled for Salomon Pilot. Make a reasonable offer.....retail ~$425.00 ...

New boots, old bindings... or not?
Hi, Just got Aeros with Profil bindings. No boots so far. After a brief search, it looks like Carbons and Race 9's are made for the Pilot binding. Is it a problem or are they OK t...

The null hypothesis and a heretical suggestion about brushes?
I've read several threads about how good or bad various brushes are. What I haven't seen is any evidence for those claims. If readers know of any such tests, please let me know - while I f...

New Toko Waxes
One of the things I've always liked about Toko was the simplicity of their glide wax line - 4 choices w/ a forgiving overlap. I see now that they have two new LF & HF flavors on their websi...

17" snow depth reported on Mt. Mansfield, skiing in Lake Placid last weekend....anyone skiing?

"One Way" Brand Poles?
Anyone have experience with these? I saw them at Hoigaards in Minnesota, but I'd never heard of them.

any XC WorldCupRace tapes on internet this season?
anyone? any clue?

Swix Liquid Gliders
Does anyone have any feedback on the new crop of the swix liquid gliders. (Comes in three flavors for cold, moderate, warm) They appear to be new this year, though I've seen reference to t...

newer bindings release?
I just read a little info page on a Scottish club web site that mentioned that the newer binding styles release under extremes. Any truth to this? Which ones in particular are made to do t...

Cheap and good travel to Worldloppet races
I made this for Norwegians but it can also help others too: it names hotels, bus companies and all the details you need for good ...

Atomic Bindings Pre-release Issues?
Hey, guys... Has anyone here had pre-release issues with "older" Atomic bindings, say from the 2000-2002 era or thereabouts? In my case, I'm talking about a Centro 412, but ...

Registration - Masters XC Ski Camps
XCZONE.TV services - ski instruction - camps Clean Oxygen Fed Sport and Natural Fitness Instructional and Lifestyle classes and certification Intermediate to Elite Fast-...

DP on skate rollerskis with classic poles?
I use Marwe 610's for skate rollerskiing, and really like the way they handle the rough roads around here. I have some classic roller skis with a metal frame that get bounced around like ...

Nordic skiing URLs
Hey guys just getting into the sport, as a winter addition to my cycling. Can you guys shoot me the sites you regularly read? I read, but w...

Swix Hot Box
All - If I had a spare $ 3000 to spend, I'd run right up to Inside Edge and pick me up a 20 pair Swix travel hot box! <

Chester Bowl Ski Area In Duluth Info?
I heard from a Duluthian that you can ski a cross country trail up and ski down on a groomed Alpine run. Anybody from group know this place? Sounds like fun. www.exploreminnesota....

Cool off road skates 8 wheel skates, that clip on ski boots, 4 v-brakes on middle wheels. tell me what you think we are nearing production that have been allot of fun for us, looking fo...

Jenex Aero 100 SR - Experiences?
Could users comment on long term use of the Jenex's Aero 100 SR roller skis? I am particularly interested in tire wear. Thanks, Joe

Its getting nearer

150 combis for skating?
Hi, Looks like I'm ready to take the plunge for the Aeros. I think this has been mentioned here as a possibility, but I don't recall anyone actually sharing their experience using...

Audio XC book? Road trip! ...Pete's book on tape
I'm going to try to get Pete to read his book into a computer so we can publish an audio version of his "Momentum" book. I think it will include new stories as well. Does anyone t...

New Google Groups layout
Does anyone else find this as annoying as I do? Very, very annoying? Leland Yee

Advice Please for Winter road trip SF to Denver and lot of National Park Skiing
Having visited the US National Parks from Australia a few times in summer - and hiked with amazement we are planning a trip in Jan2007 to see them in all their Winter beauty. We ...

Running vs. Classical Skiing Speed
With the coming of fall I started pulling out some ski race videos. Coaches on the uphill sections near timing check points often run along side their racers to communicate information. Thi...

Another question about rollerski bindings
I'm a little confused after reading a recent topic about Pilot bindings on the Aeros. My understanding is that to fit the boots on a pretty short ski (V2 or not), the pivot ends up pretty fa...

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