Lactose vs. Lactic Acid?
Is there any connection between dairy product consumption (milk, yogurt, etc.) and the amount of lactic acid your body produces? I have no background in chemistry, biology, or physiology, j...

FA: Enduroski rollerskis
Enduroski rollerskis up for auction on Ebay:

VO2max versus technique: bicycling vs skiing
I've been working on improving my pedaling technique in bicycling, started researching buying some devices for measuring or developing specific stroke phases or muscle groups -- and found ...

finding true VO2max in Classic skiing: With poles?
I was reading some old posts by a very smart physiologist on another newsgroup which said that lots of exercise physiologists have come to think that most people are likely to be able to a...

Hand injury due to straps in first RS outing... rats...
I went skate-RSing for a half hour for the first time this season a couple days ago. Carbon poles. Swix cork grips and SR2001 straps. It's been hard for me to pick things up ever since...

RENT Any Ski/Snowboard domain name for $40/month
You can rent any of these Ski/Snowboard domain names for only $40 (usd) per month on a one-year contract ($480 usd total). There no hidden charges. usd = US Dollars You receive t...

HR double-poling
I have observed something odd. When I do an easy run or bike, my HR gets up into zone 1 target range in the first minute and a half or so. When I do an easy d/p rollerski, my HR goes up to ...

pushing though the outside edge
Camilo wrote > ... I've never heard of landing on the outside edge and > my gut feeling is that this wouldn't be effective. That was my gut feeling too. Not just a feeling, ...

Help! Salomon Active Pilots a good choice? Size?
These will be my first ski boots ever. I found an online source in germany for Active Pilot skate boots 89.95 They sell SNS Pilot Equipe Skate bindings with them for 44.95 ...

Ice skating and X-C ski skating.
Anyone ever study the differences in these disciplines? I gave up serious ski skating as it was effecting my knees. However, now I'm back ice skating regularly and am having no troubles. <...

First Rollerski of the Season
I did my first rollerski of the season on Sunday. It keeps getting later every year as I get older. Until the snow starts falling (if it does...) I'll alternate between riding my cyclocross ...

Viewable videos on the web
There used to be a link to free downloadable or viewable videos of World Cup and Olympic races and more thats now a dead end. Is there anywhere I can find race videos or clips on the web?

Rollerskiing in Toronto?
Hello fellow RSNers. I will be spending the next two weeks in Toronto (Markham specifically) and I need to find a safe place to rollerski. Preferably with some elevation gain but ...

MISSING Nicole Lucia Cook (a.k.a. Nicole Brun del Re - Cook) Lara Marie Cook Cristina Adriana Cook (a.k.a. Cristina Brun del Re) My name is Wayne Cook, Father of Nic...

Rollerskiing in or around Lake Placid
Hi, I'll be in Lake Placid for a few days and am looking to roller ski while I'm there. The tougher the better! Is there a rollerskiing course on the ORDA facilities, or d...

Lodging and skate skiing near a train station in Europe?
Looking to plan a learn-it-yourself, low-budget ski holiday for the winter. I'm based in the Netherlands, don't own a car, so would like to explore the option to travel by train. There...

New Date - Lake Placid Loppet
All - The Lake Placid Loppet has been moved - it is now scheduled for February 10, 2007. This is not the official announcement, but it is pretty solid info. The NYS race calenda...

Cadence for xc-skiing?
I've been using the Cadence rate monitor for rowing since it came out a few years ago. See The new version is like a watch and measures ratings up to 150 stroke...

mila headlamps
I am not happy with my current NiteRider headlamp. It's bright, but it's heavy and unreliable. Also, running with it is uncomfrotable: it does have a headstrap, but the desing of the strap i...

Longer frames, pneu wheels, many questions
Hi, I'm thinking about buying skating rollerskis (I have a pair of classic ones) and have a couple of questions: I think they come in lengths of 53cm and 60-something cm, wi...

Which Autumn Camp?
Nathan's camp, or Yellowstone? Nathan's gig is right here in Colorado (easy, and cheaper to get to); Yellowstone is the "grand daddy", with all those famous coaches, mfg's reps, demo equipm...

recommended lodging for Swedish vasaloppet
My wife and I plan on racing the Swedish Vasaloppet this year. Does anyone have any recommendations for lodging? -- Bill Callas

New XC bumpersticker! $1!
I have a new run of my classic "XC Ski! Anywhere there's snow!" bumpersticker --- it has an image of a skate-skier on it. It's more compact than before: 2.75" x 11" instead of 4" tall....

How much force on each pole?
I was recently talking with a flatwater/seakayak coach friend. He said that canoes have hullspeeds of about 5 pounds resistance. So that if you paddle with about 5 pounds of force the boat g...

Poles swinging way to the sides while skating
I'm annoyed by my own technique. Looks aweful on video's. As I recovered the poles forward, I need like 3m total width to not hit anything. Often I'll land the poles futher apart than is pro...

Fischer's Shortcut technology
I'm looking for an opinion about the performance of the Shortcut technology that Fischer uses on some of its Sport (Light Touring) classic skis such as Superlight Wax. I've searched the arch...

Lost muscle mass, high HR
Hi All, This post is not entirely related to XC, but as there are a fair number of excercise physiologist type folks here, I thought this would be the best place to ask.

Best roller ski locations in and around Cambridge/Boston area
Anyone know of any good places in and outside of Cambridge? Particurarly in Cambridge? Is the running path on both sides of the Charles River wide enough? How is access to t...

hot wax box
I have started to build a hot wax box for xc skis. I am having trouble to find a heater that goes to 55 degrees Celsius. The one I have is a 4 foot baseboard heater made by UNIWATT 750 W.

bikers (OT)
Hey all you bikers - or just adventurers in general. Check this out. THese people are biking from a remote corner of the Northwest Territories to Alaska. Pictures and blogs galo...

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