American Birke Classic
Read on skinnyski this morning then got an email from the Birkie about classic plans for the future. THey hope to copmplete a new section of trail that will give classic racers their own ...

Jenex advises V2 150 SC combi for long feet
I called Jenex today to get ready for ordering my copy. When asked whether I should consider the longer combi version for my long legs, the nice lady said she was just hooking up a 6'4...

Canadian Ski Marathon
Although we won't be able to ski here in the Midwest for a few months, my mind is on snow today. I've skied the Keskinada (skate and classic) a few times. Next February, I may ha...

Vasaloppet 2007
Long range forecast (reliable as they are) for Mora actually mentions chance of snow on Friday, Sept. 8

torrent - download question
So.... I've finally gotten around to figuring out how to download videos again through torrents. I used the bitcomet program and downloaded the vasaloppet 2006 video. But, ...

Buying roller-ski experience
Hi, I went to a shop to get myself new rollerskis. The man, fitter of the bindings, managed to fit one of the bindings 4 or 5 mm in front of the other binding. I refused to buy t...

Vasaloppet DVD The DVD format is international, no? Trailer available at URL above. Gary Jacobson Rosendale, NY

I can't get no Motivation I can't get no Motivation But I try And I try And I try And I try I can't get no No, no, no Hey, hey, hey T...

fluorinated wax hazards
We've all heard that breathing smoking fluorinated wax is not good. I've been recently doing chemical experiments involving teflon, where a piece of teflon was used as a holder for glass sli...

Active Board
If this board is as active as it is in the summer when people are skiing, I'm going to love it. However, I suspect you are just filling in the time until ski season.

Yakima Cargo Box FS

Timing software for Palm Pilot and now also mobile phones?
A few years ago, when I was coaching XC skiing a lot, I found a superb little XC timing programme for my Palm Pilot. I think it was called 'Lickerty Split' or something like that(?) ...

changing V2 Aero 150 tires
I have V2 Aero 150 roller skis. One of the tubes just blew and I am trying to replace it. I have broken one tire lever trying to get the tire off. Any hints / suggestions on how this is most...

changing V2 Aero 150 tires
I have V2 Aero 150 roller skis. One of the tubes just blew and I am trying to replace it. I have broken one tire lever trying to get the tire off. Any hints / suggestions on this is most eas...

cheap mammoth, CA lodging?
It was impossible to find lodging at Mammoth, CA last Christmas, so I figure I will book now. Anyone knows of affordable lodging there (affordable is defined as <$100 per night)? We staye...

Re: benefits of wasted motions
Talking about creative ways to use up excess lactate, I said (months ago) that the brain could not help, because the brain only uses glucose as fuel (or sometimes ketone bodies) -- a belief ...

Add money to your Paypal account with OPRAH o1Ojm
Read this message until the end, and you will find out how the money flows in easy !!!!. Follow the steps and it WILL work. Trust me !!!!!. It's NOT illegal and it is NOT a scam !!!...

XC in New Mexico
I will be in New Mexico this winter and I'm trying to find some ski areas that groom for skate and classic. My web search only turned up a couple of places (Angel Fire, Enchanted Forest)Does...

Elite Rollerski Show XC & biathlon out now
WorldCup racers from Norways and Sweedens national XC and biathlon teams competing on rollerskis. Both biathlon and xc sprint races. WC racers from mostly Norway and Sweden but also some oth...

Summer Biathlon LIVE on Eurosport NOW!
I can't believe it. I've never seen any rollerskiing on TV before. Some short city course with all the big Biathlon names. This to me looks like soooo much more fun than just rollerski...

Nordic Walking advice
Has anyone else seen "Nordic Walking - The Ultimate Fitness Experience", [by Bernd Zimmermann (Master Coach - American Nordic Walking Association]? I thought of purchasing the DVD but I am ...

Raffle to Benefit Lake Elmo and Wirth Park lights and snowmaking
Hey, all you Twin Cities skiers. My ski club has been running a Raffle to raise money for lights and snowmaking at the above named parks. The drawing will be Aug 15 during our monthly Time...

Google Earth animations of Worldloppet races
Google Earth animations (kmz files) of well know Worldloppet races and others. In addition to animations, a compilation of profiles, track layout and some images from race day.

Has anyone ever adapted skate boots for summer rollerskiing with holes/mesh
Has anyone successfully adapted a pair of skate boots for summer, by just punching out neat holes or putting in mesh windows, to keep the boots cooler in hot weather?

classic rollerskiing hand blisters?
Maybe this has been covered here before? I was wondering if anyone has any solutions for blisters from rollerskiing. I rollerski twice or three times a week. The blisters just seem to build ...

Any news about the Austrian skiers raided at the Olympics?
It's all gone very quiet. There was supposed to be an investigation by the IOC. The last I heard was this, in April, which says that the coach, Walter Mayer had been cleared by t...

skiing and Polar footpod
Does anyone have experience with using the Polar footpod (Polar S625 Heart Rate Monitor) while skiing. As I understand, it works on velocity and acceleration and I wonder how that would wor...

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