Torino videos - please reseed
if any of you happen to have theTorino torrents and would be willing to reseed them, please do(if you have the 06 World Cup vids i'm looking for those as well). i know somebody has got seeds...

Pacing, training, and the nature of fatigue
Hi, These threads about lactic acid and all the insightful observations and the illuminating explainations have been almost overhwelming! The theoretical and more abstract ...

book No Pain, No Gain? by Richard Taylor
In the last couple of months I've been reading Richard Taylor's 2002 book about cross-country ski racing -- and liking it. I remember reading some shorter articles which didn't work for me...

world longest ski tunnel opening in 3 weeks
June 16th:

new Worldloppet race
Finland is next year intruducing a 50km freestyle race. the day after the classic 62km race. So classic Saturday, freestyle Sunday. Fr...

Long lasting winter this year
is it true for other nations too? the snow lasts longer this year? At altitudes of 600-1600foot there was snowing this week: This is ou...

skate tecnique V2 alternate vs V2 and speed
I've been doing a lot of no pole skating latlely on fairly flat terrain in an effort to improve both my balance and leg strength. It's great fun to glide effortlessly without poles, and in ...

Swedski rollerskis
I'm looking at a pair of used Swedski rollerskis being offered for $100 Canadian. Does anyone know if this company still exists or if replacement wheels are available? General thoughts abo...

benefits of wasted motions
One strategy to try to improve technique is to eliminate wasted motions. But it strikes me that sometimes there could be benefits to making some "wasted" muscle moves: (a) ...

Lactic acid is good? need more mitochondria?
There's been some news articles in the last month or so saying that lactic acid is actually a very effective fuel for muscles during endurance performance, and that many previous beliefs tha...

AFter my paranoia with the Skett Ski combis, I'm happy to report
Skated with them twice yesterday and once today (damn work anyways!) Horrible rough pavement, which is why I got the rubber tyres. Almost no vibration, effortless glide. Seems to be a minut...

CBC Olympic DVD set is a waste of time
I bought the CBC Torino Olympic DVD set, to watch all the sports of interest which got littel coverage here in North America. What a disappointment!! There is: NO...

Rollerski suggestions
Hi All, I tried out my Swenor Combi roller skis today. I've had them for several years but have never used them due to fear and discomfort. I skied so much this last winter I figu...

SKett Skate ski warnings
Just to let the group know...I ordered a pair of Skett Skate skis from Nordic Skier THREE weeks ago, and all I get are excuses. They only have store hours M-F so they're n...

Profil or Pilot bindings; Race Skate 9 and Carbon Pro boot fit; Best sources for V2 105 SR; Type of socks; Leg brake; Poles
First, thank you to all of you for sharing your experience on this usenet. I've picked up some great tips. I'm new to roller skiing, about to pick up my first pair of roller skis...

Salomon skate binding switcheroo....
Could someone please give me some directions on how to remove the skate bindings from my old rollerskis and mount them on my new ones? The holes have been pre-drilled on the new skis. Many...

OT: Internet cover of Euro Cycle races
Giro D'Italia at present Try

They are still skiing in Oslo!
I see that Oslo's Ski Federation is still giving out ski reports for Oslomarka. For those who can read Norwegian, here is a page with ski trip reports (with photos) for the first week...

Too many glide waxes?
I've wondered if some of us (such as myself) aren't carrying more glide waxes than we need. Especially living in the midwest, do the "less-than-elite" need more than 5 or 6 glide waxes? Fo...

Inline skating with chariot, should I push or pull?
I just got this new pair of inline skates and man they're fast. I also have a 2..5 year old I have to take with me on weekdays. Question is, should I pull him along in the chariot or push ...

carrying the gear
I'm curious about what kinds of storage boxes people use for their waxes, waxing tools, even possibly irons or butane torches, etc. A fishing tackle box crosses my mind, but I'm wondering...

Nordic Inlines
Anyone ever tried the Nordic Inlines available from Nordic Skater? How were they? Jonathan Scheuch

Boots for roller skiing
Hi, Just got my first ever roller skis and am having a blast. However, my boots are killing me. They are Alpina touring boots, and at least one size too big even for basic classic...

Jon Torsteinson Rue
I've digitized some more slides from my 2002 bicycle trip of Norway and Sweden. List at: Getting back to skiing t...

Photos of Iceland's Big Marathon: Fossavatnsgangan 29 apríl 2006 Maybe some day this will become part of the Worldloppet. It would require at least one variance to join that race series as I think that th...

Aero V2 150mm : replacement tubeless wheels?
Hey group, I am in a (long) proces to build my own rollerski's as stock ones are just too spendy for what I get. Using Crosskates with 240mm air tires now (got them for free), wan...

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